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By Lauren Luke My Smokey Classics Palette and Swatches

I ordered the By Lauren Luke My Smokey Classics and My Glossy Lips Complete Makeup Palette on a whim and boy do I love it! This Lauren Luke palette will definitely be on my year end best of 2009 list. The kit is perfect for creating a classic look and is flexible enough for day or evening looks.  I found that the eye shadow shades were very pretty, didn’t crease, and lasted all day when the primer was used. The lip shades are also quite pretty and wear well. The blush is rather light, which was fine for my pale skin, but those with darker skin might find it too light. The primers work well, and the eyeliner is nice. Then, there is the lip gloss. It tastes like mango (I think), is super glossy, and not at all sticky. I love, love, love it! It is the best tasting gloss I have had in ages!

By Lauren Luke Palette

The palette includes the following:

– 2 blendable shadow primers – Nude Slip Dark & Nude Slip Light
– 3 flattering eye shadows – Antique Pewter, Twilight Ash & Cashmere Cream
– 1 defining eyeliner – Raven Black
– 1 contouring blush – Peach Glow
– 2 luscious lip shades – Plumberry & Cranberry Stain
– 1 My Glossy Lips lip gloss in Sheer

Below are swatches from the kit. From left to right: 3 shadows, black cream eyeliner, 2 lip shades, blush. As you can see, the shades are well pigmented:

By Lauren Luke swatches

As a bonus, Sephora has how to videos and tutorials for using the palette on their website. By Lauren Luke also makes similar palettes in other shades/themes. Shopping links for them all are below for your browsing pleasure. If you are reading this in the feed, click the title to come to the site to view the shopping links.

There are also versions of the palette without the lip gloss (click any shopping link to browse Sephora and find those), but that gloss is so darn good, that I highly recommend getting the palette(s) that has the gloss included. It is only $4.50 more.

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