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Hair Art Duet Brush

I love this straightening brush! The HairArt Duet Brush has ceramic plates that  will retain heat and provide shine while you used the brush and your hair dryer to straighten your hair.

duet thumb Hair Art Duet Brush

I found that the brush was quite easy to use—easier than a flat iron. Just like using a flat iron, it can get a bit tricky in back, but it was much easier for me to use in back than a flat iron is. I like the look better than that of a straight iron too. The brush allows you to straighten your hair without getting everything so stick straight that the hair is just flat. Basically, you can still have some bounce and body. The brush is also pretty effective for flipping ends up or under.

At $15, it is much cheaper than a flat iron as well!

Note: This review is based on a  product given to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see my disclosure page.

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pixel Hair Art Duet Brush


  1. This sounds like a great innovation. I’m always waiting for my girlfriend to finish staightening her hair before we go out. It takes forever, and then she is worried that it’s just flat. However, this sounds like it could really help her out. Do you know of anywhere I can buy it in person or online.


  2. Hi Mark. You can buy the brush through the link in the post. It goes to the product page on the Hair Art website. I have also seen a similar brush at Ulta, although I do not recall whether it was the same brand.

  3. Glad to see this post. I was wondering how well that brush worked. Thanks!

  4. After seeing your review on this, I decided it was worth giving it a try. I got the brush the other day and tried it out for the first time today. It is really easy to use (much easier than a flat iron like you said and easier than using a round brush with the blow drier too) and I like the look a lot better than what a flat iron gives.

    well worth the $15 +$5 for shipping.

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