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Wen Hair Products

I haven’t tried Wen products, but had been thinking of trying the Wen Sweet almond Mint Texture Balm until I read the below article on the best and worst of Wen from Total Beauty.  Now I think I’ll skip it. But I might order some of the Wen Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner!

I also recently spoke with a couple of friends who have also tried Wen products and both were very happy with them. Each tried the cucmber line and reported that, after getting used to the process of using the products, they really loved the results that they saw in their hair. One reported much smoother and better looking hair overall, and the other reported much less fading of her red hair color when she used the Wen hair products.

so, I am definitely intrigued and might pick up a few Wen products. In the meantime, have any of you tried any Wen hair products? If so, I would love to hear from you!

For more, take a look at the Wen hair product article below that is syndicated from Total Beauty. I found it rather helpful.

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Best and Worst of Wen

Wondering if Wen products really work or if it’s all hype? See what the buzz is about

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You’ve probably seen a Wen infomercial, or if not, you may have heard of it. The all-natural brand was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, and is “a new approach to the way you cleanse your hair.” TotalBeauty.com readers share their six favorite Wen products, as well as two they won’t be reordering.

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  1. I have used Wen hair products for almost one year exclusively and I will not use anything else. Wen made my hair shine beautifully and bounce and suppleness. I use the Cucumber one. I use all Wen products for my hair and for my body. Nothing can compare, not even Paul Mitchell or Loreal’ or any Italian, Mexican products, which all I have tried. I must have spent two to three thousand dollars on hair products in the past four years and NONE can compare to Wen. Honestly. My hair was dull and limp and so damaged from coloring. Now, don’t get me wrong, the products mentioned did do some good, but my hair was still giving me trouble, after washing AND conditioning, my hair was loaded with tangles, (detangler used) it took me ten to fifteen minutes to comb out the knots so that I could blow dry. With Wen the comb floats right through. It’s such a relief. Combing out knots can be painful and creates split ends and rips the hair out of the folicle from the scalp. If I could only show a before and after. I have photos of myself without Wen and I look at my hair in the mirror now and it’s like two different people. My hair has come back to life. You must use it according to directions because it is not like traditional shampoo. It’s a pleasure to use it. It’s so thick and creamy, not sudsy and drying when rinsed. If you use it continually, you’ll see your hair transform before your eyes, I did. Thank you so much Mr. Dean.

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