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Contest! Win a Six Piece ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set.

This contest is now closed. Congratulations Erin M and Justine, you are the winners. I have sent you email!

Last week, I wrote about ecoTOOLS, a line of affordable and eco-friendly makeup brushes. Now, you can win a six piece eye brush set. I will be giving away two of these.

etools thumb Contest! Win a Six Piece ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set.

How to enter: ecoTOOLS has produced several short videos demonstrating how to use the makeup brushes, which are posted below.  To enter, watch one or more of the videos and leave comment stating your favorite tip or something that you learned from the videos. If you are a blogger, you can earn another entry by posting one or more of the videos to your own blog. If you do so, come back and leave a comment with a link to the post.

The contest will close at noon central time on February 19, 2010. At that time, I will randomly draw the winners and notify them by email. Winners must respond within 5 days or the prize will be redrawn. One entry per household (two if you comment and do a blog post).  Open to residents of the United States and Canada. Good luck!

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video95e902843ea31 Contest! Win a Six Piece ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set.
video52ad68561333 Contest! Win a Six Piece ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set.
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pixel Contest! Win a Six Piece ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set.


  1. Nicholina Harding says:

    I actually tried the smoky eye one after watching the video. It would work better with the right tools, though!

    nik_har at yahoo dot com

  2. Mellissa C says:

    I love the cat eye look, it is so easy to do.

  3. Louise Gilbert says:

    I learned that you don’t need more eyeshadow to touch up you just need a ecotool brush and just go over the eyeshadow you already had on your eyes:)

    great tips:)

  4. Love the smokey eye and can see how with the right brushes how much easier it is to perfect

  5. I’ve always been scared to try a cat eye because I’m not that makeup savvy, but this video really broke it down and tomorrow when I go out I’m going to give it a try and be bold!

  6. susan varney says:

    the cat eye look mverno@roadrunner.com

  7. I Love the Smokey Eye Look!

  8. love the cat eye look

  9. Linda Peters says:

    The Smokey eye look is a favorite of mine

  10. I love the smoky eye. Blending is key – I don’t have any very good blending brushes so every time I’ve attempted this look it doesn’t have that soft smokiness. Now I know to blend blend blend!

  11. Karen Pochodowicz says:

    I like the smokey eye video because I have always tried to do smokey eyes and can never seem to figure it out. I need all the tips I can get.

  12. G. L. PENROD says:

    looking for eco tools they were recomended but can not find them so i will try to win some an keep looking

  13. I liked the tip on how to create the smoky eyes look.

  14. Pam Robbins says:

    Loved the cat eye look and blending the shadow you already have on is all you need to “touch-up”.

  15. I watched the Flawless Face video and learned how much better foundation looks when you apply it with a brush.

  16. Anna Cheung says:

    I love the cat eye look too. I learned that to get to the inner corner, look down and to the opposite direction.

  17. I didn’t know that the smudge brush worked so much better than the rubber one connected to my Annabelle smudgeline. It actually looks like it works.

  18. I like the Smokey Eye Look.

  19. i liked the smokey video where i could see the brushes in use :) i can never quite create this look so her tip about lightening underneath the eye to offset the dark above the eye is good to know.. i think thats where ive been going wrong :)

  20. tracy davis says:

    I learned that you don’t need more eyeshadow to touch up you just need a ecotool brush and just go over the eyeshadow you already had on your eyes

  21. i learned to touch up your eyeshadow, you don’t even need to add more color- Just go over it again with the ecotools brush and it will blend out those creases!

  22. I watched the cat’s eye video and it is amazingly easy to do. Get close to the mirror, keep your eye open and draw your line.


  23. The cat eye video was interesting. I will have to try using a cream liner and an angled brush instead of a pencil.

  24. the touchup tips one showed how to use the highlighter brush to put lighter shades in the corners of the eye

  25. The smokey eye look was awesome

  26. Jessica Anderson says:

    Smokey Eyes! Also, any touch up tips are good.

  27. I watched the How to Create a Cat Eye. My favorite tip is to add the wing.

  28. I like the tips on touching up make up. I like how they recommended using fresh make up sparingly so you dont’ get cakey.

  29. i learned the smokey eye look!

  30. I’m still trying to use those little sponge thingies. >_<
    I could really use these.

  31. I watched the smokey eye makeup tutorial. I learned that the key to gorgeous eye makeup is … BLENDING!

    So true!


  32. I watched the Flawless Face video and I learned that for facial blemishes you should actually add the concealer AFTER the foundation. I’ve NEVER done that! Can’t wait to try!

  33. I’m not that makeup savvy but trying to do the cat eye, this video really broke it down

  34. I would love to experiment with both the Cat Eyes and Smokey Eyes looks. The video instructions are VERY helpful! Now all I need are the right tools / brushes!

  35. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I didn’t realize the difference good brushes can make.The make-up artist makes it look so easy.

  36. I watched the Smokey Eye video and learned I was not doing it correctly and that’s why it never quite looked right for me.

  37. heidi donahue says:

    i like the smokey eye instructions..cant wait to try it once i get a good set of brushes!

  38. Happi Shopr says:

    I think I could actually pull off the smokey eye look with this video

  39. I watched one of the videos and learned that concealer should be applied after applying foundation.

  40. I learned that when doing a smokey eye, you should apply a bright, pale colour in the corners of your eyes to make them pop.


  41. Amanda Barnes says:

    I watched the how to create a flawless face video. I though it was really nice how they broke it down into steps! I was also a fan of the concealer step, and how she showed putting the concealer on both the top and bottom areas of the eye. These brushes like fantastic! :)
    Amanda Barnes

  42. I learned that you can get an even look by applying liquid foundation with a brush. Neat!

  43. I really liked the smoky eye video, I’m looking forward to trying that out myself next time I need to get made up!

  44. I really liked how to do a smokey eye video.

  45. I am 50 and still not good at putting on makeup so I learned a lot from all the videos. I like the Smoky Eye tips and will try it when we go out for our anniversary. My husband will be so surprised!

  46. melinda smith says:


  47. I like this video.Now I prepare to make it.thanks

  48. prizehound7 says:

    Something that I learned from the videos is: How to Create a Cat Eye.

  49. I learned in the one video to Apply your blush to the apple of the cheeks.

  50. Veronica Garrett says:

    My favorite tip was to lighten under the eyes to offset the dark above the eyes.

  51. I learned the important roles that different brushes have on laying foundation, sealers, blush etc. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  52. I watched the cat eye video, and noticed that I’ve been doing it all wrong! She made a sweep with the angled brush first that lined very close to the lashes, THEN she filled in the rest of the cat eye look, keeping the eye open when doing the lift on the outer corner. Good to know.

  53. kathy pease says:

    i loved the video How to Create a Smoky Eye and my fav tip was the secret is blending and smudging and having a good set of brushes

  54. I learned that it is important to have a good set of brushes.

  55. Flawless Face.. I didn’t know you were supposed to add a concealer until after you put on the foundation. Whoops!

  56. I watched the first video and I learned how to make a ‘cat eye’…I wear a lot of makeup but I never knew the correct way to really create this look, thanks for the vid!

  57. Michelle H. says:

    I watched the smoky eye video and was interested in how she does it completely different than I do. I will have to try it.

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