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Can You Change Your Handbag Faster Than You Can Change Your Socks?

How long does it take to change socks. A few seconds? What about your handbag? For me, that requires some sorting and cleaning and moving of various objects. If I’m in a hurry, and want to use a different bag, it can be annoying. The Mytagalongs Purse Organizer changes that.


Available in several sizes, the Mytagalongs Purse Organizer allows you to keep all of your items in a single bag that you can then just lift out and place in another.

I seriously love mine (I have a small sized one). The nylon bag is attractive, sturdy, and contains multiple pockets, including a zipper pocket. The top also pulls shut with a drawstring to keep itemsfrom falling out of the main compartment. Anyone who often changes purses needs one of these!

Yay! Now changing bags is as quick as changing socks!

Disclosure: This review is based on a product given to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.

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