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Verseo eGlide: Innovative Permanent Hair Removal for Only $89

Note to Australian and International visitors: The eglide can also now be ordered through Verseo.

The new Verseo hair removal product, the Verseo eGlide, also sold at Hammacher Schlemmer as the The Home Electrolysis Roller, leads the way in affordable permanent hair removal at home. Before the eGlide release, the best options for home permanent hair removal systems were the home laser hair removal products from Tria Beauty and Silk n’ Sens. Both are nice products, are safe, effective, and easy to use, and the Tria has personally worked very well for our testers, but both are a bit pricey.  The home laser systems also cannot be used on dark skin. If you want to learn more about them take a look at our buyers guide, which also includes the eGlide: Home Laser Hair Removal.

The eGlide is  a really nice alternative product.

 Verseo eGlide: Innovative Permanent Hair Removal for Only $89

The eGlide is a good alternate choice to the more expensive products and is safe for all skin tones. Priced at only $89, and coming with a full money back guarantee, the eGlide is not a laser system. Instead it is an easy to use, compact, home electrolysis roller, that is used with a conductive gel to deliver a painless galvanic current into the hair follicle to deaden it. Over time and with multiple uses, this will retard hair growth and permanently remove hair after a number of treatments. It is important to note that all such systems, including all laser systems, normally take a number of months before results are seen.  Verseo reports that some users start seeing results in as few as three weeks and promises noticeable results in 90 days.  Developed over a period of several years, the Verseo eGlide has no pain or other issues normally seen with electrolysis needles. It also can be used for permanent face hair removal, while lasers are not appropriate for facial hair removal. It is about the size of an electric razor and is just as quick and easy to use.

Verseo offers an unconditional money back guarantee on all their products so, at only $89, giving the Verseo hair removal system a try seems like a great idea if you are looking for affordable permanent home hair removal. You can also buy it at Hammacher Schlemmer, but it is cheaper at Verseo. Also of interest to those looking to remove just a few facial hairs might be the Verseo ePen, which is another popular Verseo hair removal product.

Review Note and Update: Since publishing this article, I have tested and written a full eGlide review. The short version is that, over 14 weeks of testing, I found that it lessened peach fuzz facial hair by about 60% and it permanently removed one hair that grows out of a scar on my chin. But it also had no effect on another such hair. It lessened two more hairs. I think that, over more time, it will be fully effective. Thus, I do like it for facial hair removal. For legs, I think it would work just fine, but would be quite time consuming. I prefer my more expensive Tria Laser for that, or the similar Silk n Sens Epil.  Also, Verseo has a brand new product, the Verseo ePad, which is also quite affordable, uses the same technology as the eGlide, and is developed to be more efficient for use on larger areas. I haven’t tested it, but think it would be a good product for use on legs. It would cost more over time because it requires replacement pads, but it would still be much cheaper than laser hair removal. For the full eGlide report, plus a bit more about the ePad, see  my full eGlide Review.

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pixel Verseo eGlide: Innovative Permanent Hair Removal for Only $89


  1. This is very surprising to me that a home electrolysis system can permanently remove hair. Beauty salons with laser hair removal must be quaking in their boots!

  2. I was thinking the same thing! If it really works as promised, I imagine that the salons won’t be happy. I know many are not amused by the two FDA approved home laser hair removal devices. Those cost more than the eGlide, but are still much cheaper than the full course of salon treatments. I’ll be doing a full Verseo eGlide review in January.

  3. I have one of these and in three uses have gotten bad burns on both of my thumbs. I felt a tingling when using the “body” section but I had no idea that I was getting burned/injured. It has been a week and both of my thumbs are still not healed although the pain is now minimal. I don’t know why this happened to me but wanted to warn others if you feel tingling/pain on your thumbs STOP what you are doing. You have no idea how much you use your thumbs until they are both injured, just opening my morning creamer for my coffee hurt!

    Love to hear any suggestions or ideas on why this happened, and if it is user error….


  4. Kathy, what you describe does not sound normal for the product. I know one person who recently purchased the eGlide and she has not reported any such problems with it. I strongly suggest that you contact Verseo about this because it makes me wonder if you ended up with a defective product. It would be hard to imagine a user error that would cause such a thing. Verso states that they unconditionally guarantee their products, so I imagine that they would also refund your money if you desire. Please also keep us updated! I plan to purchase an eGlide myself soon too in order to personally test it.

  5. Kathy you are probably holding it by the part that goes on your skin. That should not be touched without having the gel between the skin and the Eglide. The gel is to conduct the current so that it is safe.

  6. Hi, thanks for your responses: Here is a status update.

    I’ve talked to both Hammacher Schlemmer (where I bought the product {they have absolutely fantastic customer service}) and Verseo (so-so customer service). HS told me I had a defective product and they are replacing it. Versio told me that if you stand on a rug this might happen (I was standing on a bath mat in my bathroom while I used it). First of all it doesn’t make sense to me that standing on a rug woulod make a difference, and if it really does make a difference and this is a know issue it should be noted in the user guide and it is not.

    Also I was not holding the roller portion with my thumbs, just the two little metal parts on either side of the machine as shown in the user guide. I am a little anal and I followed the directions to the letter, applied the gel, etc., etc..

    To update you, since I last posted, I was too optimistic about my healing progress, one of my thumbs got infected and became really, really sore (right hand) and that is now finally cleared up. Both of my thumbs are still sore and tender but I am hoping (fingers crossed) to be completely healed in another 7-10 days.

    HS is shipping me another product to try but at this point I am just a little hesitant. I will have to make sure I’m not on a rug and stop as soon as I feel any tingling. I am hoping my first product was defective because I am willing to spend the time get rid of the unwanted hair which unfortunately is too light for laser treatments.

  7. Jenniferous says:

    I like my eglide so far. I have had it for a couple months and haven’t used it long enough to know if it really works for permanently removing hair, but there have been no problems for me so far. I hope it works because it is so much cheaper than laser hair removal and I have pretty light hair for that to work well.

  8. since most of you have tryed the eglide. Are you suppose to tweeze every hair?? Maybe im using it wrong but after i do a treatment the hair stays? help plz!?

  9. Hi Marlene! The eGlide will not work instantly. It, along with other systems such as laser hair removal, work by slowly killing the hair follicals. This can take up to 7-8 months of treatments and some people never completely get rid of the hair but usually greatly thin it. Over time, the hair will come back thinner with multiple treatments. Be sure to read the instructions that came with the product. Also, since you mention tweezing, are you using the eGlide, or the ePen (the epen is an electrolysis tweezer sold by Verseo)? Personally, I have used the Tria Laser and started getting really good results after about 8 months.

  10. Im using the eglide. so ill still have to wax or shave to get rid of the hair that is growing for a while till its thinner and hopefully goes away? i wish they would explain this in their instructions.

  11. Yes, you will still have to wax and shave for some time. Unfortunately, there are not any particularly quick permanent hair removal systems for large areas of hair. The laser systems, both for home and spa or salon, are the same way–they take many months of regular use. The promising thing about the eGlide is mainly its price. At around $89, it is much, much cheaper than the laser systems, which cost closer to $400 for home or thousands in the salon. Plus people with dark skin and/or light hair often can’t use the laser systems and the eGlide is OK for those people. The eGlide is still so new though that its effectiveness is not really known. Verseo points to tests that were conducted and offers a guarantee, but I haven’t personally dealt with them other than being in their affiliate program. I have been using the Tria Laser, I do like the Tria a lot. But it is pricier.

  12. I just purchased this item from as seen on tv. I have used it for 7 days and already see good results: it says you have to wait 60 for noticeable, but I am impressed so far. I have had no burns on my thumbs and no burns or excessive redness on my face. There is only tingling when the face is not thoroughly cleand and/or you use a facewash with alcohol in it. Just follow the directions, and make sure you keep up with it. I would highly recommend this:)

  13. I see my earlier post no longer displays although it is mentioned. If you feel tingling on your thumbs stop using this product. It has been 4 or 5 weeks since I first used mine (a total of 3 times) and felt tingling in my thumbs. Both thumbs were badly burned and today are not yet completely healed. there are still small spots on each thumb that hurt and are visible when you look. I’ve been told my product was defective and I now have a new one to use but I am waiting until my thumbs are completely healed. I’m surprised it has taken so very long, makes me think I should have seen a doctor because the burn had to be really deep if it is taking this long to heal. Be careful

  14. Kathy, your post is/was still here. I was experimenting with showing the first few newest posts and then a more link to show the rest in order to make the pages shorter. Then I decided that I didn’t care for it, mainly because the more link wasn’t very obvious, so I switched it back. Sorry for any confusion!

  15. I was just wondering how often I am supposed to use the eglide? I don’t recall reading it in the instructions and my husband threw them out so I can’t check it out. Also, I was wondering if anyone else had very dry skin after using on their face. It made my skin very dry and it’s pealing, BUT it cleared up all my blemishes so I’m ok with that! THANKS!

  16. I was thinking of trying this, but due to kathy’s burns I’m reluctant now. I have read about people being burned with the laser devices and with other electrolysis devices. Does it really even work for permanent hair removal? Does the hair come out after treatment? Why would you do this if you have to keep shaving anyway? Won’t that just stimulate thicker hair growth?

    I want to use this on my lower legs. I would not risk it anywhere else, but maybe even there is not safe. I have light, fine hair for the most part fortunately and I only shave my lower legs 2-3 x per wk usually, but I would like to get rid of stubble.

  17. Meow: Laser devices are not safe for use on dark skin because the laser targets pigment. In those cases, they could cause burns. The Tria, which I use, has a sensor and won’t work on dark skin to prevent that. Laser devices are safe for lighter skin with dark hair (they don’t work well on light hair). The Eglide is not a laser, so it can be used on all skin tones. All of these devices normally require multiple uses over months before permanent hair loss is achieved because they slowly kill the hair follicles over time. I started seeing no need to shave my test area with the Tria laser at about 7-8 months or so.

    The effectiveness of the Eglide really is not known yet. I don’t think it has been on the market long enough to get good consumer reports on that, although one person here reported results quickly and the Verseo site now notes that some people start seeing results in as few as three treatments. But I suspect that quick of results is not going to be the norm. They also promise noticeable results in 90 days with a money back guarantee.

    Since I have been getting many questions about the eGlide, I do plan to order one today so that I can personally test it and review it. I wouldn’t mind trying it on some chin hair I get and the laser can’t be use din the face area.

  18. Heather: According to a video on the Verseo site, here are the treatment frequencies for the eGlide:

    For Face: No more than two 90 second treatments per day and no more than five days’ week.
    For Body: No more than 11 minutes per day and no more than six days days per week.

    Here is the link to the page with the video: Eglide. It is part way down the product page and the video gives pretty good instructions for use. I think they just added it since I don’t recall seeing it there before.

    I’m ordering one today to test it on facial hair, so I’ll report back on if it dries my skin. The effect on acne is interesting, but not necessarily surprising. electric currents can disrupt acne. Now I’m curious how it will affect mine! I have oily acne prone skin.

  19. OK, I just ordered an eGlide so that I can do a full review of it! I’ll try it on my chin and also on the part of my legs where I haven’t been using the Tria Laser.

  20. Thanks for the info Carleenp! I’ve used it about 4 times on my face so far and I’m already starting to see some results. I didn’t shave any parts of my face since I just have “peach fuzz”. I skipped 2 days of using the eglide and when I used it again I got the dryness again. But I’m acne free!! I would even be happy to buy this just for acne treatment. It zaps it away in a day or two! I hope you have good luck with it too!

    Meow – it seems like the people who got burned could feel the tingling/burning sensation occurring. So if you started to get that you could just stop if you started to feel it. Just a suggestion.

  21. Hey everybody … have been trying to find an effective way to get rid of facial hair. Have tried everything up to professional laser treatments (my treatment center has closed down unexpectedly, screwing every single client by hundreds of dollars) and now I am at a loss of what to do .. not wanting to spend tons of money. I am interested in the verseo eglide, but am curious because I have not been able to find any information anywhere, in order to use this, does the hair on the face or body need to be grown out, or can it be used when the hair is shaven and not seen from the surface??

  22. I sure am curious about how it will affect my acne! With tingling sensations, my understanding is that a slight sensation on the area being treated is normal. The video mentions it and I get a slight heating type sensation from the home laser. But, based on Kathy’s report, I would be suspect of any such feeling on the hand holding the device or anything too strong. But I do think that she got a defective device and that what happened to her is not the norm. Hopefully such defects are rare.

  23. Hi Ayla! According to an eGlide video (scroll about 1/3 down the page to find it), you ideally should use the eGlide on hair that is basically stubble. So you don’t need to grow it all out to use it. The video also mentions being able to do daily treatments, so it must be OK on smooth skin too (I am not 100% clear on that). With the home laser devices (I have used the Tria Beauty Laser) you shave first and then use the device. Those are more expensive than the eGlide, but cheaper in the long run than salon treatments. I have a buyer’s guide that talks about the two home laser devices, along with a little bit about the No No and the eGlide here: Home Laser Hair Removal Buyer’s Guide.

  24. Hey Carleemp, it REALLY does zap away my acne fast! It dries it out, but worth it. Even the larger, deeper, cyst-like acne (I get them around my cycle) are zapped away in 1-2 days. At least it works for me that is. The meds the dermatologist prescribed for me didn’t work at all. I also think some of the acne was ingrown hairs since I have a lots of peach fuzz (I don’t really have any course or thick facial hair).

    I don’t really feel any tingling sensation when I used it on my face, but I do get a funny taste in my mouth when applying it to areas near the mouth. The funny taste stops immediately when it’s off or during the phase where the device is blinking for a few seconds during the rest period. I NEVER have had any tingling in my fingers though. I think the tingling the company is referring to is the sensation some people might feel on the area they are using the device, not on the fingers holding it. At least that was how I understood it.

    Thanks again for the info & link!

  25. I forgot to ask Carleenp – will you please let us know which device you feel gives better results once you have had sufficient time to evaluate the eglide? Thanks!

  26. I will definitely let you know Heather! I’ll be doing my full eGlide review in January.

  27. Heather…My bet is that Tria will be the winner, but looking forward to reading Carleen’s side-by-side review. (Have not tried either…yet)


  28. It’s strange that there are no reviews on Eglide…

  29. Ana, it is fairly new, which is likely why there are no blog reviews and such. I believe there are some consumer reviews of it on the Verseo site. Also, I don’t think they did any blogger outreach. Anyway, I purchased one and am in the process of testing it. I’ll post a review here on Beauty and Fashion Tech when I have a had a bit more of a chance to evaluate it. So far all was fine with my first try with it.

  30. Ya, I’m guessing the tria is probably better, but I’ve only tried the e-glide. Since I’ve only used it a few times I can’t fairly evaluate it yet…

  31. I do love my Tria and will say right off that the Tria is easier to use. There is no need for gel or marking out areas etc. Just turn it on and start touching it to the skin. However, the Tria can’t be used on the face or on dark skin tones. It also is pricey and takes some time before results are seen. So far the Eglide is not quite as quick and easy to use as the Tria, but it certainly isn’t difficult either and it definitely is cheaper. I haven’t used it enough to reach an opinion on results yet. I’m giving it a try on some annoying chin hairs that I can’t zap with the Tria.

  32. Hi Carleen, for quite awhile now I’ve been looking into purchasing a hair removal product, but am not too sure which one would be best. I’ve been looking into the no! no!, Tria and now the eGlide as you’ve mentioned. Considering the prices between those 3 I’m somewhat interested in the eGlide. But I was wondering which do you think would be best for the legs. And also how your experience with the eGlide has been so far? Thank you for your time! =)

  33. Hi Rox! Any of the products will be fine on the legs. The Tria is rather nice for legs simply because it is so easy to use and I love mine, but it is also the most pricey, takes many months to see results, and can only be used on lighter skin that preferably has darkish hair (for best results). I recommend the eGlide over the no! no! simply based on reports and price. I have not personally tried the no! no!. Both the eGlide and no!no! are OK for all skin tones and hair colors. So far I have used the eGlide once on facial hair and it went fine. I need to use it more before I can draw any major conclusions, but it is pretty easy to use. The thing about the eGlide is that you use a conductive gel with it and, for legs, they recommend marking out areas on your legs to show where you used it. That makes it a bit more labor intensive than the Tria, which is just touched to the skin repeatedly. But the price difference is huge. $89 for the eGlide (often with various coupons for 10-20% off available) v. $400-500 for the Tria Laser, depending on if it is on sale. But overall effectiveness of the eGlide is not yet totally clear. Verseo does state that they offer an unconditional money back guarantee. I haven’t heard from anyone who has tried returning it though. I hope this helps!

  34. Hey Carleen! Thank you for all the info, it has definitely helped me narrow it down to the Tria and eGlide. But I was just wondering, in regards to the eGlide, if there is anything else I would have to do prior to or after I use it. For example, would i have to shave or pluck away the hair before or after?

  35. With the Tria, you shave before you use it. With the eGlide, the directions say to shave or cut hair as short as possible before using it, but it also says to gently pull out hairs with the provided tweezers afterward. Based on that, I think it might work best on short stubble, which I also seem to remember from the video on the Verseo site. The video also mentioned tweezing only “stubborn hairs” if I recall correctly (I guess I should rewatch that). My understanding is that the current kills/damages the hair follicle, So, after a treatment or two the hairs will be easy to remove and then eventually not regrow. It also means that it definitely is more work than the Tria, which doesn’t involve any tweezing at all, but I think the eGlide would be effective much quicker and obviously is cheaper. So there are definitely different trade offs there. If you want ease of use and are patient and don’t mind the extra cost, go with the Tria, while if you want to save money and don’t mind extra work and some tweezing, the eGlide would be the better choice. Watch for my upcoming Verseo eGlide review

  36. Thanks for all the info Carleen, you have been super helpful! Looks like I’ll be purchasing one of these real soon. =)

  37. My two cents on the e-glide…
    I bought it for the price. They bill it as “home roller electrolysis”- which sounded great! From my understanding, electrolysis is the only permanent technique (vs laser). They talk about this 4cm roller- makes it sound like you just roll it on your face/underarms/bikini/etc and poof, the hair is gone.

    Well, it’s not that easy…

    First of all, the instructions aren’t great. It says to shave, but then it also says the gel works best if it works down into the follicle, along the hair.
    It says you can use it 6 days a week. But it says to pluck afterwards. So will it do anything if you’ve just plucked the hairs out of the follicles? Or do you need to wait til they grow back? Or should not pluck them, and zap them a few times til the hairs come out easily? None of that is clear.

    Next- using it is not as easy as I’d like.
    the whole marking/template/crayon thing is crazy.
    I realized quickly that I will never use this on my legs. If you can only do 10x4cm at a time, it would take forever.
    So I tried it on my underarms- figured that’s about the size of one template.

    Fresh out of the shower, damp skin, no lotion or anything. Applied gel (how much gel? a thick layer? barely any? after rubbing it in for 10 minutes it wears off…they don’t tell you any of that). Then put the machine in body mode, and started. I really didn’t feel anything- though towards the end, I could feel a SLIGHT stinging if I stayed still for a while. And a couple times I felt a brief zing in my fingers- stopped immediately if I shifted position.

    But I have to say- ten minutes is a LONG time. Especially considering that if you lose contact, you have to start ALL OVER. Now, I don’t know- if I just ran my own timer, and did ten minutes total, would that be the same? Or does it matter that it’s continuous? And you can’t even break contact when you’re on the ‘break’ in the middle- what’s the point of a break then?! And what about moving? Do you have to be in constant motion, or can you hold it one place for while? How fast do you need to be moving? it doesn’t tell you any of that. I didn’t think it would be so hard, but reaching across your body trying to stay in constant motion and not lose contact- ten minutes gets to be a long time.

    So, I did one side. Then I used my little epilator thing (the braun silk epil, that i’ve been using for years), and ‘plucked’ all the hair from both sides- figured I’d do one side the way i always have, and one side with the e-glide, and see if there’s a difference.

    The second time was fine.

    The third time, it kept stinging my fingers. Like a sudden sharp jolt, that makes you want to drop it- but then you’d lose contact and have to start all over.

    At that point, I decided it was too much of a hassle, and I would never use it regularly. They say you CAN use it 6x a week. And to expect results in 3 months. But what’s the minimum? 6x a week for 3 months? that’s a LOT.

    so, bottom line- It was awkward and hard to use, and after three treatments, I see ZERO difference. Granted it was only 3x. But that’s all I could do before I got sick of it.

    All that said- it might be different on the face, where you only have to do it for one minute. That might be more manageable. I didn’t try that.

    I might try to return it, but maybe I’ll hold on to it and try it again sometime.

  38. Thanks for the info A! I have used the eGlide on small sections of my face a couple of times now and like it fine for that, but I agree that on the legs it seems like it would be tedious. I don’t know if you have to keep contact for 10 minutes, I took it to mean just use it for 10 minutes, not worrying about slight losses in contact. I agree that the instructions are not very clear or complete. If I try it where I still have much leg hair, I’ll do as you do and epilate instead of tweezing after. That seems much more efficient and I don’t mind epilating. I plan to write my full review in another month or so, I want to give it enough time to see if it seems to work on the facial hair. But so far, I definitely like the Tria for legs over the eGlide because it is so darn easy to use. But the Tria is much more pricey.

  39. I was just doing a little research about other options-
    I know Carleen has tried the Tria- but has anyone tried the Viss IPL, or the Silk’n HPL? No!No! seems to have lackluster reviews…
    Again, they’re pricey- but if they work, it could be worth it… Sounds like they have a much larger head than the Tria, and thus could be used on larger areas…
    But, like the e-glide, it’s hard to find ‘real’ reviews online. I did find one thread where someone was claiming her Viss unit failed after a few uses, and she was having a hard time getting in contact with the company- to the point she thought it might be some scam company from abroad… but then other people wrote in and said theirs were working great.
    Their website looks great, and they talk about a 60d money back guarantee, and a 1 year warranty… I’m tempted to try it, but don’t want to just be a sucker to a scam.

  40. I haven’t personally spoken with anyone who tried the VISS. I do know of a couple of people who were happy with the Silk’n Sens. Between the two I trust Silk’n more simply based on it being FDA approved (the Tria is also FDA approved), while I don’t think the VISS is. The Silk’n also appears to be slightly cheaper (usually $499, sometimes on sale for a bit less). The VISS appears to be quite similar though and works based on the same technology, so I imagine that it is OK. the Silk’n does have a slightly larger head than the Tria. I’m not sure about the VISS, but it looks similar in size to the Silk’n.

  41. hey guys so i have been useing the eglide since october. i did one leg and one armpit so i could see the diffrence. i am very happy with the results. The thing i dont like is it takes to much time.

  42. Really marlene? you think it’s working… hmm. maybe I should give it another try. How often are you doing it? And what do you do before/after, as far as shaving/tweezing etc?

  43. Hi everyone! A few days ago I got my eGlide in the mail. Upon looking through what was part of the package I noticed when I tried to open the conductive roller protector but it wouldn’t budge. I was wondering if this happened to any of you.

  44. Rox, I’m traveling at the moment so I don’t have mine in front of me to refresh my memory. But I don’t recall having any problems with stuck parts. I’ll take a look at that with mine when I get home Wednesday evening! Anyone else have a similar problem?

  45. I am really interested in the Verseo eglide. So far it seems that those of you who have it and have tested it are doing so on legs and underarms. I want it for my upper lip area. From what I’ve read so far on this site, Verseo site and any other site I could find, it can take months for the results to really show ( but so can laser treatments) – I’m ok with that since I’ve been bleaching for more years than most of you have probably been alive! I read somewhere that they suggest you tweeze or whatever, so that you can see which hairs are growing back – but it is technically not neccesary. I am anxious to read Carleen’s facial hair test results. I read somewhere today that the Silk and Sensepil is NOT recommened for facial hair, don’t know about the Tria – but can’t afford either of those.

  46. Rox: I’m home now and got out my eGlide kit. I don’t think the part of the eGlide labeled on the box as the conductive roller protector is supposed to be removed (the small pieces of plastic on each side of the roller). I didn’t try to remove them and I don’t see anything in the instructions about doing so. I don’t have any other sort of protector with mine.

    Rosemary: Because they are lasers, neither the Silk n Sens or the Tria can be used on facial hair. It isn’t safe because of proximity to the eyes. So far I like the Eglide for facial hair, but I still really haven’t used it long enough to make a good judgment call. I do think it has lessened the hair I have used in on a bit already though, but it hasn’t totally gotten rid of it yet. I haven’t used it very long yet and, since I have been traveling a bunch lately, I haven’t been very consistent with it either. The Verseo ePen is another option for facial hair if you have just a few stubborn hairs or areas.

  47. Years ago I purchased an electrosis type tweezer – might even be an early version of this. It was only after I got it that I learned it takes about 3 minutes per hair and would take mulitiple -like ten – treatments per hair. Do the math – it’s way too much time. This is why I am more interested in the roller. At this point, especially in winter, I have to bleach my upper lip a few times per week. It’s not that I have a ton of hair, actually there really isn’t much- but it’s black and my skin is very very light so even a few dark ones bug me. It takes about 10 minutes to bleach.

    Per the Verseo video, it makes sense to do half of mustache at a time – 90 seconds per half = 3 minutes total. You can do this twice in one day = 6 minutes. Worst case scenario it’s still only about ten minutes time with washing and applying the gel, etc. Although I personally would still have to bleach or pluck – so that does entail more time. I wouldn’t expect 100% results, but if it cut the amount of hair by even 50% I think it would be a big improvement for me – even if it did take 6 months! So I’m crossing my fingers.

    What do you think would happen if you used the body setting on your face? I know it’s a timing issue – but if it doesn’t burn or harm your leg, why would it harm your face?

  48. Interesting info about the electrolysis tweezers. I have little direct experience with those. I have no idea what would happen if the eGlide body setting was used on the face, but I can’t recommend using a product in a manner that was not intended by the manufacturer. It could also cause excess dryness. One reader has reported that it dried her skin some. I haven’t noticed that on my skin, but I also have rather oily skin and am using it on only a small area (my chin area). Facial skin can also be more sensitive in general than the skin on other parts of the body.

  49. To A. i use it every other day. I dont tweeze or shave after each treatment. I do that for about two weeks and then i wax my leg. on my underarm it pain full for me to wax i have done it a couple times but ill shave it. Right now im trying hard to still keep doin it but im getting lazy. lol im scared that if i stop it will all just grow again n ill have to start all over. do you guys think this is possible? im also running out of the gel so i wonder how many times ill have to rebuy gel.

  50. Hi,

    i am rly interested in this eglide but i am not sure if it would really work? would the hair just fall off aft one time? or are we supposed to tweeze them out aft each time? hope someone can ans me. thanks!

  51. Hi Jess, the hair doesn’t fall out. Instead, over time the hair follical dies so that the hair won’t grow anymore. The directions say to tweeze after each use, but I know of some people who are not doing that, especially on the legs. I think the tweezing is to remove the hair at the root so that you can better see if it grows back fully or not after a cycle of treatments . However, I am not an expert there by any means, that is just a personal theory. I am tweezing after I use it on facial hair, but I am going after just a few bothersome hairs in a small area.

  52. Hi everyone. I am olive skinned and have dark hair. I can not dare to spend 500$ on Tria, so I am thinking about Eglide. I see Carleen and Marlene have used it. Does it seem like permanent? Does it reduce a good amount? How long did it take to do the legs each session? Thanks guys, any advice will be sooo much appreciated!

  53. I have not bought the Eglide; however, I have had numerous laser hair removal which has been very successful. One of the comments was regarding tweezing. I have been told by laser techs to NEVER tweeze because it actually encourages more hair growth. My advice would be to gently pull the hair and if it doesn’t come out easily you may want to use the glide again over it and try to pull the hair out again. All of the laser techs that I have seen have said to shave the hair which doesn’t automatically fall out after a laser treatment either. They also tell you to shave prior to the treatment as well because the laser is better able to attack the follicle. Hope this helps.

  54. Polly: So far, I am pretty close to being able to say that I have seen some permanent results, but I still want to give it a few more weeks to declare that for certain. I’m using it on some facial hair. I haven’t tried it on my legs. It would be time consuming there, but workable. I much prefer the Tria for legs, but your are right that since you have olive skin, it might not be a good fit for you since your skin could be too dark.

    Jackie: Verseo instructs users to tweeze after using the eGlide, while laser devices instruct to shave. The eGlide isn’t a laser and operates a bit differently by using an electric current instead of a laser. However, I don’t know that tweezing is really necessary for it to be effective and tend to like your advice of not pulling/tweezing hairs that do not remove easily. I believe Verseo’s video may have also suggested that. In any event, some of the concepts that apply to laser hair removal do not apply the same way to the eGlide. In particular, people with dark skin or light hair can use the eGlide, while they should not use a laser device.

  55. I have been using my Mom’s No!No! and think it works well. It is recommended you use it a few times a week and since I do not have my own I have not been using it as often as I should but saw results after the first use. I am actually buying my own this week. I was on here checking out all my options but honestly after reading all the reviews about the different kids I think the No!No! is the best option. Like I said I saw results after the first use. It is extremely simple to use, no pain at all, no gels and it certainly seems safer then the eGlide. Plus it is not very time consuming. I have a lot of body hair and I no to get really good results it will take me awhile with any product but it would take hours a day- and it seems you would need to use it 6 days a week- on legs. The No!No! takes less then 20 minutes. I will say they recommend the buffing pads and I do not use those I just shave. I had less hair after the first use and it is much finer. I normally shave every day. I shave my arms and legs and often pluck and sometimes use a razor on my face. I have only used the No! No! on my arms so far but since I started using it I do not feel the need to shave every day since the hair is so much finer. The down side is you do need some hair growth to use- which is kinda of a pain. I actually find the process relaxing. I was amazed that there was no pain at all and that it is rather soothing. There is a slight smell of burning hair but I just light a candle and it is not so noticeable.

  56. I’m thinking about getting the eglide instead of laser hair removal since I am mexican and samoan, I have darkish skin. I plan on using it for my entire bikini area, and maybe my legs. But mainly for the bikini, does anyone have any advice on that? Has anybody used it in that area? I’m just making sure it’s worth what I’m paying for it, I want to make sure I’m getting the results I want for what I’m going to buy. Thanks!

  57. I am thinking about buying the e-glide and read your comment that are helpful. Question- do you need to shave before using or after? I have hair on my face and tweezing would take to long to remove each hair after using the e-glide. Has anybody shaved after using the e-glide?



  58. Clear: There is no need to shave before use. Verseo does recommend tweezing after. I have done so, but I am using it on a very small area. I don’t think shaving after would really have any effect on how effective the device it. Tweezing, I suspect, is to help fully remove the hair from the follical so you can better tell if it comes back, I have a hard time seeing how it would change effectiveness, but that is my own theory. I didn’t get that from Verseo, so I could be wrong. I don’t want to lead anyone astray! A few people here have been epilating after use, which would have pretty much the same effect as tweezing. On the face, that might get a bit odd (although my epilator has a face setting). I use a tweezer that has a slanted flat side and find that I can tweeze a bunch of hair at once with it.

  59. Rosemary says:

    Carleen – any update on your opinion of eglide effectiveness? You wrote about a month ago – Feb 3 – that you wanted to give it a few more weeks. Could you commnent as to whether you think it is slowing growth, making hair finer, or % of hair oin the area you are treating that you believe might be permanently gone?

  60. Hi Rosemary! I really need to get my review written up! I’ll try to do that next week. I think it has the potential to permanently remove the peach fuzz type facial hair in the area that I am testing it on, but isn’t completely there yet. There certainly is much less/slower growth of that. It is hard to judge a percent, but I would say that it is over 50%. I mostly was testing it though on a couple of thicker hairs that always grow out of a scar on my chin that I always pluck. One of those appears to have not grown back now, so I think it is permanently removed, another has been seeming to grow much more slowly and is thinner, but is coming back, and the other is still going strong. So a total mixed bag with those! I have no idea if the presence of the scar affects things there.

  61. I just wanted to add my review of the eglide. I’m a 26 year old MALE and although I’m far from “wearing a sweater”, I’d still like to have a hair free chest and back. It’s a bit embarrassing resorting to female oriented products such as this but laser is the only other choice which is far from private.

    I’ve had my eye on the eglide for some time but with the $90 pricetag and the amount of time to see results, I kept deciding not to buy. I finally found the 20% off promo code AND the package deal which includes an extra tube of the gel so I thought I’d look into it again. Currently the eglide is already $10 off and free shipping so mixed with the promo, I felt I was getting a good deal. I also noted the 30 day money back guarantee incase I’m just not liking it.

    Been using it on the hairiest part of my chest for a few days now. Of coarse no results yet but I mostly just wanted to say there is NO pain from using this product. The most I’ve ever felt is a bit like when you rub the stubble the wrong way, not exactly pain. Sometimes I wonder if the product is really doing anything since there is no sound and the lights seem to just always be on for the 11 minutes it says. Anyways, I’ll continue to use it and see if eventually it works. It’s so quick and painless, even if it doesn’t work and I ask for my money back in 27 days-or-so I wouldn’t be too upset.

    Oh, and no burns or anything for my fingers…I’ve never felt anything on my fingers and I use it while sitting in my computer chair. I’m on carpet… so… yeah.

  62. Hi Adam! Thanks for the info and review! You are not the first man I have heard from trying the eGlide. Do let us know how it works for you over time!

  63. Really useful info. Its such a pain having to shave all the time. I am definitely going to do this. Thanks!

  64. I have posted my full review now here: eGlide Review. I also added a mini version at the end of this article for those who want the short and sweet version. Also, Verso has now come out with the ePad, which uses the same technology, but is designed to work better on larger areas. It looks interesting, and I would be inclined to recommend it more for those looking to remove hair on the legs because it would be more efficient. It is cheap up front (on sale for $59 right now) but would probably cost more over time because it requires that the pads be replaced after every 8 uses.

  65. I’m waiting too see what Adam thinks about his results because if the eglide can work for a man it surely can work for me ………….

  66. I have a question, can I know that we can use it on the bikini area but can I use it on my genitals? Does anyone know? I usually get brazilian wax so I was wondering if this product is safe for that kind of thing. Thanks.

  67. Hope, I haven’t seen anything specifically stating that it cannot be used on the genitals, but I think it would be very difficult to use in that area simply because of the size of the roller and the general amount of curves etc to the skin in that area. So it might not work real well for a Brazilian effect.

  68. Carleenp, I called asked and they told me that it can’t be used in that area. It’s ok to use on bikini area but not for a brazilian.

  69. Good info to know. Thanks!

  70. I have a question…someone please reply. I am sick and tired of shaving, to the point where I hate having to do it because 1) it takes FOREVER because I hate nicking myself and 2) I always manage to MISS HAIR! and go through the day in my jeans walking oddly in order to avoid pulling the stubble. Which hurts!

    If this eGlide can really PERMANENTLY kill the hair at the root, I am definitely investing in it. I want to get rid of all the hair on my legs, underarms, and bikini line, for a price that won’t leave me living on the streets…I’ve looked into laser treatments but as a 17-year-old with no job, I definitely can’t afford something like that.

    So my questions are simple…

    1. Will this really work on my legs as well as more sensitive areas?

    2. How long would it take, overall?

    I’m not afraid to invest time into it if it will seriously help (I’ll figure out some way to fit it into my college schedule), but if it won’t, I don’t want to pay $90 bucks for it. If someone has used this on his/her legs and gotten results, I would really love to know how it worked.


  71. I ordered the eglide sunday and it came today (tuesday)…
    I was very happy with the fast deliver and opened the packedge right away…
    I read the directions when to my bathroom, made sure not to step on the rug,
    i took off my earings glasses and chain just as a precaution and put the gel on my face after washing and drying…

    I put it on face mode, waited for the beep, put it above my lip and got the metal taste in my mouth which i found to be more cool then weird and continued… Then on the second set of 20 seconds started to get a little tingling in thumb, and then index finger…
    I continued because it was minor and thought it may be part of the process…
    Now after reading some of these im scared im going to wake up with sore fingers:(

    The tweezers were way to stiff for me to use so i used my regular tweezers, not all of the hairs came out smoothly, so i left the ones that were hurting to pluck without ease… I hope on second try they will come out easier, but i will only try if my fingers are okay in the morning…

    I let my friend test it out on one of his knuckles and he said he felt the tingling too… i told him to tell me if it hurts in the morning to tell me…

    im a bit scared to continue to use… has this happened to anyone?

  72. Cassie, I have often felt slight tingling on my area being treated with the eGlide and also some slight tingling on the finger contacts. But it was quite slight. If you are getting a strong sensation in your fingers, I suggest that you contact customer service about the product to be sure that it is operating as it should. As for the tweezers, I used my own too.

  73. Timothy Steven says:

    Hi, embarrassing question but I was wondering if you can use the verseo eglide to remove pubic hair? Is it safe on the testis? Thank you!

  74. I woke up this morning and my fingers are fine, and so are my friends…
    it was just like a vibration but nothing bad…
    im happy im not alone and not in pain so i will continue usage…

    oh btw did anyone else have trouble opening the e glide to clean the roller i did it once but i gave up the second time and just wiped off the remainder gel that was on with a damp cloth…

    and also Carleen how are the results going?

    thank you for replying:)

  75. Cassie, my results are still pretty good. I like it for peach fuzz type hair, but I can’t yet seem to get it to kill one of the hairs growing from the scar on my chin. It is possible that the scar itself has an effect on that though. I’m not sure.

  76. Hi Timothy, Verso states that the eGlide should not be used on the genitals. I’m afraid that for that area, that you are probably pretty much stuck with waxing. (major Ouch! but rather effective). It can be used in the “bikini area,” so you can work to remove hair generally there, but not on the genitals themselves.

  77. Okay
    i did my second treatment today on upper lip and face…
    my pain tolerance is pretty good, but most of the hairs i try to pluck after hurt ALOT…
    I can say only a few have slipped out on treatment #1 and #2 but i left the ones that gave a lot of tension and pain to pluck..

    Im wondering will the hairs fall out themselves if i continue treatments without plucking all of them out…
    Will using more treatments on area make it easier to pluck them out in the long run…

    I know its only been two treatments but i wonder if the pain from plucking them go away with more treatments/ and or will they fall out on their own after several treatments?????


  78. Timothy Steven says:

    Thank you for responding! Another question do you know how long the bottle of gel lasts and the price of each on after? Thanks again!

  79. The gel is currently $19.95. The tube isn’t very big, but I have stretched mine out for several months and now need to order another one. However, I am treating a very small area.

  80. Cassie, I think more treatments makes the plucking a bit easier, but I also have pretty much quit plucking. I question how necessary it is. With that said though, that is just a theory and perhaps I should be plucking more than I do!

  81. thank you:)
    third day treatment no tingling in fingers at all…
    i noticed when i dont touch the metal parts with my ring and pinky i does not tingle…
    so i just use my thumb, index and middle finger to hold…

  82. Is this safe to use on the neck (front of the neck)? It doesn’t say not to in the booklet, or on the website…but I am worried… thoughts anyone??

  83. Hi Ari! I don’t see why it couldn’t be used on the neck. It is fine for use on the face, which is generally equally or more sensitive. The only location I am aware of that they state it can’t be used on is the genitals. They also say that it should not be used on hair growing out of moles.

  84. Thanks for the reply, I guess face setting would work best instead of body setting on the neck since they are both similarly sensitive. I’ve had the verseo roller for a few weeks now…but I have been scared to use it thinking it’s going to act like a taser and render me unconcious/kill me etc. It’s probably a silly thought. I guess I just have to test this out once and for all and hope for the best because I stopped laser treatments due to various traumatic incidents, cost, and difficulty going to the center. I want this to work so badly because I do not want to go back to the lasering.

  85. Ari, give it a try. I have had good luck with it. Be sure to use the gel and expect to maybe feel a bit of minor tingling (it isn’t painful, or shouldn’t be). I agree that the face setting would be better for the neck than the body setting.

  86. so i been using it like every other day and the plucking hurts so i give up on it, im thinking of getting an epilator for it… can i wax or would it be best to leave it…..hmmm

  87. I think a couple of people have been epilating when using the eGlide on their legs. I have previously used the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive and liked it. Here is my review of it: Braun Epilator Review. It has a face attachment. It still hurts, but it is quicker than plucking.

  88. okay i been using this often and i noticed some hairs that i plucked are growing back thicker (on the side of my face)?????? i havent noticed much change on my face, but i have on my upper lip…? hopefully they will stop coming back soon

  89. Interesting. I haven’t had anything come back thicker. I have had much better luck with it with the lighter peach fuzz type hair than with the thicker hair that grows out of the scar on my chin though. It also took me at least 12 weeks or so before I could see noticeable results and I’m still working on it.

  90. Hi,
    So I’ve been using the eglide so far on my bikini line and my upper lip. I don’t mind the length of time that it takes to do my upper lip, but the body stuff is just very annoying! Eleven minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you’re just sitting there moving this thing around back and forth, it becomes very tedious. I am also not impressed that they did not mention that you had to tweeze the hairs out post treatment. Luckily I have a little epilator that I use after. Anyway, I’m hoping that all this hard work pays off in the end ‘cus right now I am kind of annoyed with it. Argh.

  91. Also, don’t they say that after repeated waxings that the hair will grow back thinner and less of it? So is there a possibility that even just pulling out the hairs just in itself could be giving us the results that the eglide claims?

  92. Hi Heidi! The tweezing is why I like the eGlide better for facial hair and prefer the laser for body and legs, although if I used in on the body I would epilate instead of tweezing like you are trying. I have read both that repeated waxing will eventually cause hair to come in thinner and just the opposite–that it doesn’t. So I don’t know the answer on that one! I did personally epilate for years and didn’t see any real thinning of the hair, it took the Tria laser for me to get that. The Tria takes awhile to do each treatment too (10 minutes per leg or so), but there is no tweezing or anything involved.

  93. Rosemary says:

    So here is a thought about plucking…I am pretty sure that womens facial hair and body hair only grows to a certain length and falls out on it own as a new hair comes in. If it didn’t fall out – we’d all look like bears! We don’t really notice this because most of us shave our legs and underarms – and of course it is random, they don’t all fall out at the same time. So I am thinking the plucking really isn’t going to help this process but for areas like the upper lip, it will potentially look better because it is hair-free. Again – just a thought but seems like common sense.

  94. This message is for CarleenP. I have been wanting to permanently get rid of unwanted hair for years and was thrilled when I heard about the Tria. There is one problem…I am a red head! When I first started researching laser hair removal I read that most lasers don’t work well on people with “light hair” and apparently red hair is considered light. The hair on my head is quite dark in terms of it’s shade and the hair on my legs looks like a medium tone reddish brown. You seem to know a great deal about these various methods and I’d love some help. Is it possible that the Tria could work for me? I also noticed in your picture for your blog posts that your hair is blonde and you’ve mentioned using the Tria. It sounds like it works well for you…I’m hoping that your hair is naturally the way it is in your photo! If that’s the case, maybe there can be some hope for me!

  95. Hi Liz! My leg hair is actually fairly dark, and my hair in my photo is dyed about a shade lighter than my natural shade, plus I have very fair skin, so I end up as the perfect candidate for laser hair removal and, indeed, I have had great luck with it. With red hair, I think you could see some success, but maybe not to the level that those with darker hair have. It really depends on how dark the hair is as compared to the skin because the laser targets pigment and contrast helps it do that. So, if your medium red hair is on very fair skin, you might have better luck than if your skin is a bit darker (although keep in mind that the laser also can’t be used on too dark of skin) or if your hair is more light (like strawberry blond). I do know of a few blonds who had some luck with a laser because their hair wasn’t white blond, but most don’t. I suspect you would fall in between, but I really don’t know for sure. I used to have a contact at Tria because I reviewed the product for them way back. I’ll dig up her email and try to find out more for you. Give me a week or so to see what I can find out!

  96. Liz: I inquired with a contact at Tria Beauty and got this reply: “This is a good question and a bit difficult to answer since neither of us know her hair color exactly. The best I can say is that the TRIA Laser is designed to work on fair to medium skin tones and medium to dark hair-it will not work on grey, blond or red hair (reference “is it right for me” section on the product page, http://www.triabeauty.com/tria-laser-hair-removal-system). I think it’s best to encourage your reader to call our Customer Care department, E-mail: customercare@triabeauty.com or Phone: 1-877-321-TRIA (8742). They will be able to ask your reader the appropriate questions to better gauge her compatibility with the TRIA Laser.”

  97. Caroline says:

    Do you think shaving before using the eglide will get similar results to plucking the hairs out? Plucking and waxing are a huge pain and I’d rather shave, but I don’t know if it will be the same since the hairs are still in the hair follicle if you don’t pluck or wax them.

  98. Melissa says:

    Will this work good on peach fuzz hair on your chest?

  99. Melissa, yes it can be used for that. I think it works best on the peach fuzz type hair. It worked pretty well on that on my face for me. One note, although it says to pluck after, I was kind of lazy with on the peach fuzz type hair that and still got OK (but not perfect) results. I did pluck, but I sort of did it quickly and I know I missed hairs. It does take awhile to see results too. So patience is key with it.

  100. I try the No No hair! but it was painful and left cuts on my chin. I just got my Eglide today. I am hoping that it works. I completed my first treatment today. keeping my fingers cross.. I just hate having hair on my chin and upper lip.

    Any tips?

  101. Hi Betty! Just follow the directions and do the treatments regularly. It can take some time. Let us know how it goes for you! I think the eGide is a better choice than the No!No! for most people.

  102. You last gave a update of the Eglide effectiveness in February or March. Are you still using it – and if so have you noticed any additional reduction in hair? Could you give a percentage of hair reduction at this point?

  103. Hi Rosemary, I would say that I am at about 70% or so now. More than my last update, but not 100% either. I also still have one stubborn hair on my chin that doesn’t seem to want to die! But overall, I am fairly happy considering that the product was rather affordable. I still would not prefer on my legs though as that would be too much work. I really love my Tria for that and am using it again on the upper leg areas that I didn’t previously treat with it.

  104. I know this may be an unfair question – but for treating the upper lip – IF IF IF the Tria was deemed save for facial use -which would you say is more effective – the Tria or the Eglide roller? It seems they both would take at least 6 months of treatments if I am reading everything correctly. Can you do a quick run down of run down of pros and consfor this use — based on if a person has light -medium complextion – dark hair that is average (medium) quantity and coarseness? Again – I know you have NOT used the Tria on your face – but am interested inyour opinions. Thanks!

  105. Hi Rosemary! First off, as you know the Tria is not approved for use on the face. The reason for that is that lasers can seriously damage eyesight even from use away from the direct eye area, so obviously the company does not want people putting that anywhere near the eye area, and certainly I do not recommend that either. As to effectiveness, I will say this: Overall, I think the Tria is more effective than the eGlide based on my comparison to using the Tria on my legs and eGlide on my face. The laser also does work best on lighter skin with darker hair. Both can take 6 months or more, but I think the Tria does better in getting rid of more hair overall. However, with that said, I really can’t recommend using the Tria on the face. I do think there might be professional laser services for facial hair removal. Those likely cost quite a bit more, but would also assure safety.


  107. There hasn’t been any discussion about the e-glide for quite some time. Do you have an updated opinion on it?

  108. Things have been about the same. It worked on light peach fuzz type of hair for me plus another more stubborn hair on my chin. But there are still a couple of hairs (one in particular) that grow out of the scar on my chin that are stubborn, and it seems to not effect those. So I pluck them. I don’t know if the scar has something to do with that or if the hairs are thicker and that is the reason.

  109. hello, I have done my thigh area fully. I have only done one treatment though. Hair is slowly coming back. Should I wait for it all to come back to use the eglide again, or can I do another treatment now?

  110. Hi Sarina! You can do several treatments each week with the eglide. I don’t think you have to wait for it to fully grow back between each one.

  111. Hi Carleen! Are you still using the eglide and gaining results? Your review and discussion is making me want to consider it. I recently bought the epen but question if the pads are really doing anything, but I do feel a tingling sensation with the probe function. FYI, if you still are using the eglide you can save on the gel by purchasing Spectra 360 (Parker Labs Electrode Gel) in a huge 8oz tube for around $5 (the same gel used in hospitals for EKG, ultrasound, and other electronic diagnostics), I ordered it from Amazon and apparently others are using it with their eglide and epen devices.

  112. I haven’t been using mine anymore. I got results on the area of my chin where I was using it. It took a while, but with the exception of one stubborn hair that I pluck, it worked fairly well. Good tip on the gel! Thanks!

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