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MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches

The 2010 MAC Holiday Makeup Collection, A Tartan Tale,  hits the stores on October 28. Included are four eye shadow kits. Each kit has six shades. The covers of the palettes all have a soft tartan top. As is usual for MAC, the shades are well tinted and wear very well. Obviously these kits would make great gifts. Shown below from left to right are:  Six Twists of Tartan, Six Beauties Play It Cool, Six Dashing Lassie, and Six Reelers and Rockers.

ATartanTaleCh16TwistsOfTartanEyeShadows300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches ATartanTaleCh16BeautiesPlayItCoolEyeShadows300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches ATartanTaleCh16DashingLassieEyeShadows300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches ATartanTaleCh16ReelersRockersEyeShadows300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches

I received a sample of the Mac Holiday 6 Twists of Tartan eye shadow kit, which is swatched below and shown in evening outdoor light. The shades in the eye shadow swatch are: Lady’s Prince (Matte Clay), Rolled Gold (Gold Luster), High Spirits (Shimmer Avocado, )Vainglorious (Metallic Maroon), Set to Dance (Matte Dark Royal Blue), and Bow and Curtseys (Metallic Hunter Green).

022 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches

Also available are matching MAC holiday lip lips kits, eye kits with tartan bags and MAC brush kits with tartan bags.

ATartanTaleCh1HOL10Ambient2300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches ATartanTaleCh1LipAndEyeBags300 thumb MAC Holiday A Tartan Tale Eye Kit Swatches

You can find the MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection in MAC stores and at Nordstrom

Disclosure: This post is based on products sent to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.


  1. I wonder if MAC is trying too hard to reinvent itself — I’ve not been feeling it from their Venomous Villains line and now a tartan one?! So strange looking to me…

  2. Re: Astrorainfall’s comment:

    So many girls I know who love Disney were just thrilled with the Venomous Villains collection. I am not a Disney fan at all, but even I thought that the art & design used for this collection could have been better realized & not so sketchily done. I’m with her on that!

    But unlike Astrorainfall, I’m so glad they decided on a collection with a tartan theme – and I’m DEFINITELY feeling “A Tartan Tale,” plus it looks like they have some fantastic colors for me in the Eye & Lip Kits! (I only wish they’d come up with a better story & color concept for the tartans!)

    Tartan is popualrly used in Xmas decorating (at least here in the U.S.) and can be very, VERY festive, pretty and even romantic & elegant – when done well! But even done imperfectly, MAC’s A Tartan Tale looks fresh, festive & has energy (in my opinion, of course). I can’t wait to get mine!

  3. I’m sort of mixed on the tartan. Being interested in various Irish and Scottish activities, I generally like it, but I wish they had done the colors a bit differently for the bags and such. I’m getting nit picky with that though! In regard to the makeup, there are some very nice color color combos in the palettes. MAC always does a nice job with that in their holiday collections.

    With the Disney collection, I would like to see a heroine collection now. It seems like that could be a nice spring collection, and I would like that better than the villain theme.

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