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The Best Jeans For Your Body Type


Allison Evans is a writer and editor for the health and beauty website Fit&Fab Living and the Fit&Fab Living blog, Running With Mascara.

Jeans are one of the most quintessential fashion pieces!  They’re extremely versatile—from laying around on the weekend to wanting to look your best for a night out, they’re perfect for almost any occasion.  Because there are so many styles of jeans, they have the potential to flatter every body type.  Purchasing the wrong pair, however, can accentuate your trouble spots.  With this jean guide, you’ll never have to stress over jeans shopping again because you’ll know exactly what to look for to flaunt what you want and hide what you don’t!

Apple – This shape is “top heavy,” with a wide torso and full waist and upper back. Apple shapes have a noticeably larger upper body.

The Jeans For You – While skinny jeans are all the rage right now, it’s best to avoid them.  If you have a pair that you love, the most flattering way to wear them is with a long tunic shirt or sweater over them. Apple shapes tend to have great lower bodies, including legs and hips, so don’t be afraid to go for hip-hugging jeans. Wide leg and flare jeans are also good options to give you a more proportional look.

Rectangular – This body shape has little to no curves.  They are often considered slim and athletic-looking.

The Jeans For You – Straight leg jeans are your best friend. If you want a curvier look, find jeans with lighter shading on the thigh area. If you want to accentuate your butt, pick jeans with flap pockets or fun embellishments.  Stay away from baggy jeans as these can make a woman without many curves appear boyish.

Pear – This shape is the opposite of the apple shape.  They are “bottom heavy” shapes with smaller upper bodies and larger lower bodies. They have round hips with a defined waist. The hips and thigh area tend to collect weight resulting in a curvier bottom.

The Jeans For You – Stay away from high-waisted jeans, skinny jeans or jeans lacking shape. Go for mid-rise styles, with waistlines that sit just below your natural waistline. To make your butt appear smaller, look for jeans with larger back pockets. Avoid pockets with flaps or embellishments, as these will draw attention to your rear end. Boot-cut jeans are your best option because they offset wide hips.  Straight leg jeans will also give you the appearance of longer legs. Wear jeans that skim the thighs, not hug them, which means that although stretch material is comfortable, it’s probably best to skip it.

Hourglass – The hourglass figure is the most desired body shape by woman.  This shape has proportioned curves. Hourglass shapes have well defined waists, with hips and shoulders that are well-balanced.

The Jeans For You – Since you’ve got a great waistline, flaunt it!  Wear jeans that accentuate your waistline. Look for mid-rise jeans with larger hips and a smaller waist.  Straight or wide-leg jeans will show off your curves. A slight flare of the leg will balance out slightly wider hips.

Round – This shape has most of the weight concentrated around the stomach area.  The waistline is not well defined, and the shoulders and hips appear narrow.

The Jeans For You – Jeans with flared legs or boot-cut is the best style for you. Avoid skinny jeans and anything with a tapered leg. Pick a mid-rise jean that will lie across your stomach, not above or below it. Also, keep in mind that darker washes will make you appear slimmer.

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