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Verseo eGlide Review

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The Verseo eGlide is a fairly new and rather affordable ($89) permanent home hair removal device. It works through the use of a galvanic current, which over time deadens the hair follicles, preventing further hair growth. Unlike laser hair removal devices, which require fairly light skin and darker hair in order to be effective, the eGlide is safe for use on all skin tones. Also unlike laser devices, it is safe for use on facial hair, which is what I most recommend it for, although it can be used on the legs, underarms and bikini area as well. For people interested in larger area removal, Verseo has yet another new device, the ePad, which might also be of interest. There is more on that at the end of this article.

Note to Australian and International visitors:  The eglide can also now be ordered through Verseo.


Verseo eGlide
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When I initially wrote about the Verseo eGlide, the post got a good amount of attention, comments, and questions (view previous post), so I decided to purchase on in order to do a full eGlide review. I have been using the Tria Laser on my legs with very good results, so I decided to test Verseo’s product on some facial hair. I have several thicker hairs that grow out of a scar on my chin and I was curious if the eGlide would permanently remove them. My results were not perfect, but were generally quite favorable.

Using The eGlide

Using the eGlide is easy. The device fits in the palm of the hand and is about the size on a large razor (such as the Schick Intuition) or a smaller epilator. A conductive gel is applied to area to be treated, and the product is slowly rolled over the area for up to 10 minutes. I used my roller every few days for a period of about 14 weeks for this review. It is important to note that full results might not be seen with this product and that it could take as long as 6 months or more to see results (laser hair removal is the same or longer). However, a number of people have reported much quicker results and I too saw some results fairly quickly.

Use of the gel is imperative and, while using the product, your fingers should remain on the contact points on each side of the device. I had no issues with use of the eGlide. There was occasionally a very slight tingling sensation from it, either on my fingers or around my lip area, but it was not disconcerting to me in any way. Other user reviews have reported similar or no sensation. With that said, one of the consumer eGlide reviews that I received on my previous post did report being burned on the fingers from the device. It turned out that particular device was defective and it was replaced. I have not seen any similar reports, so it appears to not be a normal concern for the product. Needless to say, if you purchase an eGlide and experience anything unusual in terms of sensation, stop using the product and return it.  Verseo offers an unconditional money back guarantee and Hammacher Schlemmer, which markets the  product as the Home Electrolysis Roller (usually at a higher price), tends to have very good customer service.


It took about 8 weeks for me to see some results. Initially, what I noticed was that peach fuzz type hair in the area was lessened.Not permanently gone, but definitely lessened, maybe around 50% or so. That moved up to 60% or so by 14 weeks. I expect this to continue to move toward being full permanent removal over more use. The tough hairs that I really intended the device to work on gave mixed results. One has completely disappeared. But another hasn’t budged. A couple of others are coming in now much thinner and slower. Considering that it has only been 14 weeks, I think that is perfectly acceptable as results. This stuff does take time and it is not for those looking for a miracle quick fix (sorry, but there is no such thing).

As a side note, a few consumer eGlide reviews have noted that use of the roller on the face caused skin dryness, and one reported that it really helped her acne. I too did notice some initial drying, but then, after continued use, I think my skin adjusted because I no longer notice it. I can see where it might actually assist with acne, but please note that the device is not developed for acne treatment and is not marketed for that purpose. If you have dry skin, it is perfectly fine to apply moisturizer after use. I recommend any gentle facial moisturizer that is not heavily perfumed.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I am happy with the eGlide and will continue to use it. I do note though that it is a bit time consuming to use, which that is fine for a small area such as the face. On the legs, I think it would be effective, but it has to be used for some time over a small area with each treatment. That would get rather time consuming, and I lack the patience for that.  Because of that, I prefer home laser hair removal for my legs, but home laser devices are more expensive. I use the Tria Laser and love it, and I also recommend the Silk’n Sens Epil. For more see our buyer’s guide: At Home Laser Hair Removal.

The New Vereso ePad

Finally, Verseo has yet another permanent hair removal option out that is related to the eGlide, but is meant specifically for use on larger areas, such as the legs. The Verseo ePad works on the same principle as the roller device, but sends the current into removable adhesive pads that are placed on the skin, which makes the process much easier to use and much less time consuming. Each pad is good for 8 treatments and then must be replaced. The initial system is often on sale at $59 (normally $89), but with pad replacement over time, it would end up costing more than the eGlide. So, the trade of there is efficiency over cost savings. However, it still ends up much cheaper than laser hair removal.




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