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Skinsonic Skin Care, Sonic Cleansing Review

The Skinsonic from Sirius Beauty offers sonic cleansing at a much more affordable price than the more expensive Clarisonic. The products are fairly comparable in terms of features (more on that below) and, based on Clarisonic reviews and other Skinsonic reviews , it appears that the Skinsonic offers comparable results as well.


It is no secret that sonic skin cleansing is a great way to meet several skin care needs in one package. These devices work rather well at cleansing and exfoliating, and the Skinsonic has attachments for sensitive skin, hydration and massage, something that its rival does not have.

Using the Skinsonic

The Skinsonic works to cleanse skin by sonic technology through a vibrating sonic brush that removes dirt and makeup. It can also exfoliate, hydrate, or massages, depending on the attachment used. I like it best for cleansing. Sonic cleansing really does remove a lot of dirt. My skin always feels great after using it and, by using the product regularly, I can really see a difference in terms of skin brightness and acnes clearing.  The device is comfortable and easy to use.

I also like the product for sonic exfoliation. I previously used a spa sciences exfoliator that was discontinued, and the Skin Sonic is a good affordable replacement.   To use sonic exfoliation, you simply use your favorite light scrub or exfoliating cream with the sponge head designed for exfoliation. There is a similar head for hydration. I’m happy with the product for these uses, but I generally exfoliate with a home microdermabrasion kit now too (link is to previous review).

The system also offers hydration head and massage heads. I tried each and was fine with them, but they are not what I primarily use the product for. All product heads much periodically be replaced.

Comparison to the Clarisonic

The Skinsonic is fairly comparable to the Clarisonic in terms of results. At $49.95, The Skinsonic is superior in terms of price, given that the most affordable Clarisonic device normally is $149.  The Skinsonic also comes with multiple attachments that are not available with the Clarisonic.  However, the Skin sonic uses batteries and does not have a rotating center on its brush head, while the Clarisonic is rechargeable and does have a rotating brush—something that is kind of nice to have for even deeper cleansing.


Overall, I like the Skinsonic. I recommend it to anyone interested in sonic cleansing or exfoliation, especially those who are budget conscious since the savings with the Skinsonic make it a rather good value product.

Buy the Skinsonic Skin Cleansing System

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