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The Best Purse Organizer: IsWas

I have written before about a different purse organizer insert, but now I have found one that I like even better.  The Iswas handbag organizer comes in multiple colors and has nice variety of pockets for organizing your stuff. In fact, it is so cute, that it could act as a stand alone organizer purse if you wanted it to. I like the neat outside pockets an the fact that it has an attractive contrasting liner.

L p0014327551 The Best Purse Organizer: IsWas

Iswas is a Korean company, and the handbag organizer can be purchased at YesStyle.com, which in one of my favorite shopping sources for Japanese and Korean items. The site sells fashion, shoes, bags, cosmetics, jewelry and more. Shipping to the US or other countries is fast and easy for them, and they often offer free shipping once you meet a certain spending threshold.  If you want to find unique Asian items, YesStyle is a great place to look!

Untitled The Best Purse Organizer: IsWas

Here is another views of the Iswas purse organizer. As you can see, it fits nicely in the average sized handbag, but is big enough to carry a good number of items. Of the various handbag inserts around, I do think this is the best organizer.

Untitled2 The Best Purse Organizer: IsWas

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