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MP3 Flat Iron, What Will They Think of Next?

MP3 Flat Iron

OK, what will they think of next? Here is a new flat iron from InGlam, who specializes in such things, that includes an MP3 player: The InGlam Onyx Ceramic Digital Flat Iron. So, now you can listen to your favorite tunes while styling your hair. At first I thought the idea was a bit silly, but the more I think about it, the addition of an MP3 player really isn’t a hindrance in any way and the price doesn’t seem terribly out of wack for a good flat iron. So I don’t think the MP3 upped the cast all that much. So, what the heck! If you need a new iron and like tunes, you might as well take a look at it. I could see professional stylists without access to other music systems having an interest in this as well (but who doesn’t have access to other music?).

Here are the basic features of the MP3 Flat Iron:

  • The built in MP3 Player has 2GB of memory  and holds up to 500 songs
  • ONYX Ceramic plates make Negative Ions and the iron uses Far Infra Red to seal in moisture, repel humidity and increase shine. Onyx Ceramic Heat also works against  static and can reduce frizz
  • MCH Heating elements allow for instant heating and keep an even temperature up to 420 degrees
  • Squeeze Sensitive Floating Plates work to grip hair for better and even control on all types of hair textures, the iron also has Anti Slip Grip and Beveled plates to assist with hair control
  • Professional Swivel Cord and hook for hanging
  • 1 Year warranty with a USB cable included

If anyone picks one of these up, definitely leave a comment and report on it! I’m a bit curious about it! Is an MP3 flat iron really worth it? You can find it at Ulta.

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