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Win a Mystery Box Full of Beauty Items! (Giveaway Contest)


Katherine, I have sent you an email!

Here we are with the second of my mystery box giveaways!  Over the years I have ended up with numerous items that I never tested or used. Some are really nice products, but some are, well… a bit odd. I used to give this stuff to friends, but then I thought: “how about making mystery boxes?” And so here we are. Every month or two I am going to give away a medium flat rate box full of beauty products until all this stuff is gone. Here is what a box might look like.

 Win a Mystery Box Full of Beauty Items! (Giveaway Contest)

This is what it looks like with the bigger stuff that was on top removed.

 Win a Mystery Box Full of Beauty Items! (Giveaway Contest)

This gives an idea of the size of the box. It isn’t real big, but I can cram a lot in it! I actually ended up putting quite a bit more than this in the first one that was given away.

 Win a Mystery Box Full of Beauty Items! (Giveaway Contest)

This is not the box you will win. It is an example of the type of box and items being given away. What exactly is in the winner’s box is a mystery!   There will be some nice things, some odd things, and likely some things that just aren’t for you, but that a friend might like. There will probably be some packing peanuts or tissue paper. Not knowing what you are getting is the fun of it! I will ask for the winner’s basic skin tone and color preferences to try to maximize the relevance of at least a few items, but there are no guarantees on what you might get!

To enter, use the rafflecopter form below (give it a few seconds to load or you may have to refresh the page to see the form) to leave your email under the leave a comment tab. Also, please do leave a comment telling me your skin tone, skin type, hair color and type, and favorite makeup shades. You can enter once just by hitting the leave a comment tab and entering your email. But you can get multiple bonus entries for liking things on Facebook, tweeting, etc.–those are not mandatory but will give you extra chances to win.  Open to US residents only, must be over 18 to enter, void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Contest closes August 26, 2011, at 12:01 am EST.  I will post the winner here and notify them by email, and they will have a week to claim the prize. Have fun!

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pixel Win a Mystery Box Full of Beauty Items! (Giveaway Contest)


  1. Marilyn Wons says:

    brown hair, light skintone, I love Oil of Olay and Mabelline products. I also love anti-aging products.

  2. teresa g says:

    Brownish/Redish hair that is color treated and somewhat dry. light/ivory skintone that is mixed dry/oily. I love browns and purples and sometimes light pinks.

  3. Melanie T says:

    Medium beige skin, a little dry, long brown curly hair, a little frizzy, and i love purple, silver, and light pinks

  4. I have medium tan skin that’s very oily and acne prone. My hair is dark brown, and oily as well. I love pinks and taupes and browns especially, but I like to wear all sorts of colors!

  5. I’ve got a normal olive complexion, and fine chestnut brown hair (: I love golds and neutrals and pinks!

  6. Hi carleen. My skincolor is neutral medium, hair straight, brown, normal to oily.

  7. Wow, awesome giveaway :D
    skin tone: warm, yellow undertone
    skin type: dry combination and acne prone, sensitive
    hair color and type: dark brown, fine, very straight
    favorite makeup shades: my favorites are neutrals, but that’s boring! i’m willing to try any :D

  8. Fair-light, combo skin.Brown hair, thin, damaged. Neutral eyes and baby pink lips.

    Wonderful giveaway!

  9. Hi!

    — I’m a warm medium skin tone with yellow undertones.

    — I have normal/dry skin. I tend to have dry skin around my t-zone & my cheeks. >.<

    —- I have thick, long, dark brown/black hair.

    —- My fave colors: For lips, I really love bright & dark lips. I love pinks, corals & reds. I also love burgundy, wine reds & deep purples. I don't like frost in lipcolor. For eyes, I love golds, turquoise, oranges, reds & purples.


  10. Belinda W. says:

    My skin tone is light.
    I have combination and acne-prone skin type.
    My hair is black to dark brown and between straight and wavy.
    My favorite makeup shades are neutral colors on eye shadows. =)

  11. I am faired skin that is fairly dry. I have blond hair and blue eyes and tend to gravitate towards medium pinks, mauves, and browns.

  12. My skin tone is very fair and combination (oily in the t-zone, dry or normal in other places). I have thick, naturally wavy/frizzy blonde hair. My favorite makeup shades are earth tones (peach, orange, brown, bronze). :)

  13. My skin tone is fair and combination type, I have dry blonde , and favorite makeup shades are coral, pink and bronze.

  14. Oh my gosh – you are so generous and this would be such a fun surprise! I hope I win!

    My skin tone is a lightly fair golden and I have slightly oil/combination skin. I have fine/thin dark brown hair. I’m looking for a good undereye concealer/brightener and some of my favorite makeup shades are corals/peaches, shimmery golds, olive green and lavender.

  15. My skin tone is medium and I have combination skin a bit more on the dry side. I have curly dark brown hair that is naturally frizzy. I prefer shades of brown and pink.

  16. My skin tone is light and is acne-prone/oily. My hair is brown, long & wavy. I prefer browns & smoky dark shades.

  17. Michelle L says:

    I have fair combination skin, brown hair that is fine, and I like pinks and or browns for makeup shades

  18. My Skin tone is Warm Medium
    I have normal/dry skin.
    I have Long, Dark Brown Hair
    For eyes I love Grey, Brown and deep purple., For Lips I love Neutral Pink, For Blush I love Mauve colors

  19. Katherine says:

    Very fair, brown hair and I love the pink shades

  20. Angela Morales says:

    Skin tone = warm. medium-light color.
    Skin type = somewhat oily/acne-prone.
    Hair color = black (ok, it’s really brown, but it rarely shows!)
    Hair type = thick, frizzy, and maybe a bit damaged
    Favorite makeup shades = I love them all from neutral earthtones to wild and crazy colors!

    incorporealidol [at] aol [dot] com

  21. Gena Eve Viggiani says:

    skin tone: medium light
    type: normal
    hair color: Brown
    type: straight, normal
    makeup shades: bright and vibrant colors

  22. Christine says:

    I LOVE Surprises as much as I love to be beautiful!!! This sounds awesome!!!

  23. Strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, warm medium honey skintone. I’ve also tweeted and emailed your giveaway via the buttons on your page.

  24. Medium Beige toned skin, Dry hair type, Dark brown hair color, Long and Wavy Hair Type though I like to style it straight, Makeup shades – any warm based colors to go with my skintone :) Thanks so much!

  25. paige chandler says:

    My skin is ivory and oily. My hair is dark blonde and frizzy. My fave makeup shades are pinky/golden.

  26. jo hirzel says:


    medium skin tone, black hair, brown eyes, combo skin type. i love all shades and colors and love to experiment with them all.

  27. Joanne Mick says:

    I have light -med skin tone, combination/sensitive skin, naturally curly brown hair thats color treated and may favorite make up shades are neutral.

  28. medium/dark brown hair, light to medium skin tone, hazel eyes. I usually wear neutral makeup. Hooray contest!

  29. kathy dunaway says:

    My skin tone is very fair,I have combo skin type,long blonde straight hair.I like light shades of make up but like to play with dramatic colors every once in awhile.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  30. My skin tone is medium, I have OILY skin. I have brown hair with blonde highlights. I love natural looking makeup colors-light pastel colors. LOVE bright and dark lipstick though. RED is my favorite lipstick shade! Hope I win, would love to have a box of makeup goodies to try out!

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! :) Have a great day!

  31. I have medium skin tone with pink under – dry & uneven. My hair is (salon-colored) brown – prone to frizz. I like brown-pinky makeup and must wear sun protection every day.

  32. Karen Gonyea says:

    Olive, tends to be oily skin, dry hair. I usually do glossy colors or browns.

  33. Hi,

    I am dark complexion with yellow/golden undertones and oily skin. I have dark brown, curly hair. I love neutral and corals and orange makeup colors

  34. elizabeth p says:

    Right now my hair is dyed red, but I am naturally a brunette with curly hair. I have combination skin but am very light skinned, I burn easily. I love browns and greens for eye shadow, pinks, peaches and mauves for lips and cheeks.

  35. My skin tone is med tan brown, am hispanic. Skin type is oily and I have mild acne. My hair type is straight and is colored burgundy. My fav shades are blues, greens and plums. Thank you for the chance to win!

  36. I am fair with normal skin. My hair is very short and dyed dark blonde. It would be gray if I let it.I like bronze, browns, and purple shades of makeup-actually, I love all shades!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  37. Cindy Ray says:

    My skin tone if light/fair I have combination skin type. I have short and kinda thin hair, I dye my hair all the time its never the same color for very long. At the moment it is dark brown, but I am hoping to change that very soon :) As far as makeup shades honestly it depends on my mood, I truly like just about any shade :)

  38. Wow! Thanks for the chance! Skin tone: light, normal skin type, long, wavy brown hair color, blue-green eyes, favorite makeup shades: just about everything! I don’t think I look good in brown eye shadows or orange blushes though.:)

  39. Heather McDonough says:

    My skin is fair and oily/combination. My hair is reddish-brown and super curly/frizzy. And I prefer muted shades but don’t have a preference for cool or warm. Mostly neutrals.

  40. My skin tone is fair and oily, my hair color is dark brown and thin/wavy. My favorite shades for eyes are purples and browns/golds, and for lips nudes and light pinks.

  41. my skin: light and oily/combination. hair: light brown and thin. shades: nudes and bronzes for face, pinks and peaches for lips and cheeks

  42. skin tone – tan skin type – combination oily and wrinkled haha
    hair color – brown
    and type – dry, frizzy and straight
    and favorite makeup shades – neutrals..particularly shades of brown

  43. fair/combination skin
    brown hair with blonde highlights and black underneath
    hair is thin and lack volume
    favorite shades are bright colors and dark colors.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  44. Fair skin
    Thick, curly dark brown hair
    I like mostly neutrals with light plums for makeup shades

  45. Marilyn Kay Banister says:

    Fair skin…prone to breakouts..even at the age of 50…yuck
    mousy blonde hair…Thick and straight…short and spikey
    I like the natural look…browns for my blue eyes

  46. I have light skin that is a little acne prone
    medium-long blonde hair that is thin
    favorite shades are purples/browns to go with green eyes and black and silvers


  47. stacy roberts says:

    medium-tan skin tone
    dark brown straight hair
    love eaerth tones

  48. My skintone is light/fair and combination/oily
    My hair color is light brown and straight
    My favorite makeup shades are neutral and pastels

  49. I have light/fair skin that’s mostly oily.
    I have wavy, colored, auburn hair.
    My favorite colors are mostly neutrals, but I love, love, love golds and purples too.

  50. Charlsia Davenport says:

    I am brownskinned, I have brown hair with blonde highlights and I am open to all shades of colors.

  51. Ashley Whitfield says:

    Olive complexion and combination of oily T-zone and dry.
    Dark brown/black hair that is straight.
    I love purples, browns, and golds!

  52. Leanne Johnson says:

    Auburn hair, porcelain complexion, combination skin, I usually use purples, greens or nuetrals

  53. i have lite skin darkbrown hair but i die it darkalbern and i like useing brown eye shows, pinks,almost any color that would go good with my green eyes and skin color and hair color .

  54. skin tone: Fair
    type: normal
    hair color: blond
    type: straight
    makeup shades: Light colors

    love to win! thank you

  55. skin tone:ivory
    skin type: oily/combo
    hair color and type: dark brown (curly or straight depending on my bood)
    favorite makeup shade: i love browns, golds and olive greens

    I want to win! I need some new beauty in my life ;)

  56. Carol Bryant says:

    My skin tone is fair, by hair is brown, and shades are brown, light brown and blue.

  57. Fun giveaway. I always love trying new products. I have fair skin and live in the sunny southwest so I try to use sunscreen and products with SPF almost every day. I have dark blond thick hair (colored). Thanks.

  58. I have combination pale skin and wavy golden brown hair. My favorite makeup shades are berries and nudes for lips, purple, brown and gold for eyes.

  59. Phyllis P says:

    Light Brown short curly hair, light skin, love all colors but usually don’t wear bright metalic colors. Thanks

  60. Light/Dry; Dark Blonde/very fine/straight; natural looking colors unless I am glamming it up then anything goes.

  61. Skin tone: Light/Peach
    Skin type: Dry
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Type: Thick and waxy
    Makeup shades:Neutrals


  62. This would be AWSOME!..I love suprizes..never good at winning anything..lol, but hey its deffinetly worth a shot..and fun anyway :) Im very fair complected, with combanation oily/dry skin.. very very long blond hair, :) brown-hazel eyes. hope that hepls if I get lucky..lol. just a hint to my shades.. ..as far as lipsticks..neutrals and browns do best..pinks never work in my favor..but hey its the mystery box!..so im not picky :)

  63. Lucy Schwartz says:

    Skin tone is light with normal to oily combo skin type, Hair color Dark brown. Hair is thick but fine limp and straight.and I keep it short. eyes brown. . make up preference – brown, beige green or blues.

  64. Allie Sansing says:

    light-medium skin tone, dry/oily combo, light brown hair straight sometimes dry, i like neutrals and gold with nude lips

  65. I have fair normal to dry skin, and blonde fine hair. Right now I’m loving peach-y, apricot, coral type shades for summer. Thanks!

  66. my skin is the whitest shade mac makes (nc15… just call me casper!) and is normal to dry most days. my hair is pretty much straight but could use some extra volume… and it is naturally orange! think alicia witt or the daughter on castle. it is oily most of the time so i have to wash it daily.

  67. susan sudano says:

    My skin color is light. It is dry to oily. My hair is blonde. Hair type fine.
    Makeup shades neutrals

  68. susan sudano says:

    My skin color is light. It is dry to oily. My hair is blonde. Hair type fine.
    Makeup shades neutrals

  69. Candy Darr says:

    I have blonde hair and blue eyes ~ Fair to Medium Skin Tone, and Like Browns and Beiges for eyes, pinks, corals and reds for lips ~ Rosey Brick for Blush ~ and I love bronzer! Thanks for the fun offer!

  70. My skin tone is light, and I have oily/combination skin. My hair is medium blonde and fine. I like greens, purples and browns for eyes, and darker berry colors for lips.

  71. Brown hair – combination skin and medium skin tone! I like all shades! This is awesome!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  72. Light skin, dark brown, curly hair with frustratingly dry skin. I like neutral shades the best. Thanks!

  73. Jill Myrick says:

    I have a medium sin tone with combination skin, blonde hair that is fine and needs volume and prefer browns and tans for eyshadow and wear onyx eyeliner.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  74. I have very fair combination skin. My hair is dirty blonde and straight. I wear natural, light makeup.

  75. Alison T. says:

    My skin tone is fair and I have combination skin. I have blonde hair that is straight and fine and I like makeup in neutral tones. Thanks for the chance.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  76. Fair skin, combination. Blonde hair, long(ish) and straight but kind of fine.
    Tans, neutrals mostly for makeup, for heavier makeup I use dark plum, smoky dark blue-grey colors.
    Thank you for an awesome giveaway.

  77. Margaret Jordan says:

    I have fair, combination skin, fine, blond hair, and I most appreciate the neutral makeup shades that create shadow and light.

  78. Fair skin tone
    Uneven type
    Hair color med brown
    Thin, unattractively wavy
    Favorite makeup shades include blues, browns, greens, purples

  79. Jennifer Calhoun says:

    I have fair skin tone and combination. I have dark brown straight hair. I like natural looking makeup for everyday.

  80. Diane Baum says:

    Fair complexion, light brown hair-prefer-mauve, browns and purple.

  81. Sarah Burke says:

    I have tan, oily skin and dark brown, curly hair.

  82. Light/Far skin, dry. Long brown curly hair!

  83. elizabeth says:

    Fair skin and combination. Dark brown straight hair. Natural, peaches and light pinks.

  84. Hello,

    I have a fair complextion with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

  85. kristen mcclary says:

    my skin tone is oily and ivory my hair is brown and wavey and a little dry and my favorite makeup shades are neuturals

  86. Pauline M says:

    I have combination skin with brown hair that’s a bit curly and I tend to use neutrals and plums

  87. I have combination skin with medium skin tone, brown color treated hair and I like neutral shades of makeup

  88. Sherry Turner says:

    I have normal olive skin with yellow undertones. I have black wavy hair and use all shades of makeup depending on my clothing!

  89. Angela Winesburg says:

    Fair/Normal skin, hair – thick/brown/dry – I love brown shades for eyeshadow, thanks for the chance

  90. my skin tone is medium skin type is t-based. my hair color is light brown my hair type is thin straight and dry. i like neutral shades of makeup..pinks and browns.

  91. Blonde hair, very fair skin and I usually wear neutral shades of makeup.

  92. Jennifer C says:

    I have fair/light tone combo skin (t-zone slick). I have med. blond hair that is on the fine side. I stick to neutral, natural looking makeup but do like fun nail color.

  93. Heather Garcia says:

    My skin tone is fair. Hair color is straight color treated black, and i usually wear the neutral tones for makeup

  94. I have fair skin, medium brown hair, and I like neutral shades.

  95. I have combination , light skin and have fine, medium blonde hair. I usually stick to neutrals.

  96. I have combination/oily skin, normal hair and I love taupes and browns and grays. I have light skin and medium brown hair. Thanks!

  97. Skin tone/type: fair, combination/oily and acne prone
    Hair color/type: dark brown, naturally curly though I straighten it often
    Fave makeup colors: don’t have any, I wear all colors from natural to dark

  98. blonde hair,dry,fair skin,oily,winter colors

  99. Catherine L. Petersen Peters says:

    skin tone – fair, combination oily and normal
    hair – blond – fine, good body
    makeup – fair – lipstick – all colors

  100. Patricia Edwards says:

    I could use this since I have no money to buy make up right now.
    Skin Tone: Medium Beige with Cool Tones
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Type: Oily to Normal

  101. Jessica Maskell says:

    thankyou for the opportunity to win!
    skin tone: fair skin
    skin type: dry
    hair color: brown
    hair type: long and straight
    fave makeup: i usually go for natural colors

  102. Tara Woods says:

    My skintone is medium-dark. I have black hair.
    My favorite makeup shades are black mascara and eyeliner.
    I wear caramel foundation and any lip colors.
    I have normal/dry skin.

  103. Lightest Skin, Sensitive, Blue Eyes, Dark Blonde Wavy Hair, Thin/ Chemical Treated, love golds/ browns/ purples!

  104. I have a medium skin tone, a bit oily.
    My hair is a dark brown, and my makeup shades, are pinkish.

  105. ami klinker says:

    skin tone, skin type, hair color and type, and favorite makeup shades.

    fair complected
    oily skin
    blonde hair and curly
    neutral colors

  106. Bonnigene says:

    I am a brunette with light blue eyes and medium light skin…I have combiation skin and like neutral colors

  107. Peggy Snyder says:

    Hello. I have a light skintone that is combination. I have straight brown hair that I highlight. My favorite makeup shades are fall tones. Thanks and have a great day.

  108. Jason Simmons says:

    For my wife: she’s cute. I don’t know what a skin tone is, so surprise her? Is that a good idea?

  109. I have light skin tone, normal; brown hair that is straight or permed; and my favorite makeup shades are pink and neutral/natural, but I venture out from time to time on bolder colors if I’m going out.

  110. Amanda S. says:

    I have fair oily skin, dark brown wavy hair and I like browns/plums/purples.

  111. serena ames says:

    I have fair skin that sometimes get dry, brown very curly hair and I like green/brown makeup shades

  112. Marsha Hembrick says:

    I am a very fair skinned African American with very sensitive skin. I have medium brown relaxed hair.

    I tend to use natural tones that highlight my hazel eyes.

  113. Fair skin type, brown straight, browns and pinks.

  114. Annemarie says:

    I have light skin, combination skin type and black hair. I love blues, purples and silvers!

  115. fair skin (usually a light beige or so), combination type, brown hair (thick and frizzy) I straighten it. I love golds and silvers and shimmers.

  116. Mallory Nichols says:

    My skin tone is fair and I have combination skin tone. My hair is colored black and is fine. I love silvers, blues, smokey greys and blacks, bronze, and purple. Thanks!

  117. medium tan skin tone a little on the oily side, black hair, and usually into the pinks and purples

  118. Dottie L Hubbard says:

    medium reddish, dry flaky skin, brown with gray mixed thin flyaway, smokey,greys, browns, dark greens.

  119. Stacey M. Signor says:

    Brown crazy curly hair, medium skin tone cause I’m out in the garden alot lol, hazel eyes with huge dark circles that I would love to fix lol :) I like earth tones.

  120. stacy mulford says:

    my skin tone is medium. my hair is brown.i love purple,browns,maroon

  121. Lisa Moscoso says:

    Great idea!

    Blond hair, blue eyes, light to fair complexion. Normal skin tone. Prefer shades in neutral – peaches, brown liner, black mascara. Can’t wait for the mystery box..Pick me!

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