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The Most Luxurious Spas in the World

For some people the definition of a grand luxurious holiday is to spend a week in a luxury resort and their in-house spa. Make no mistake; the world’s best spas are destinations unto themselves that cater to guests’ every need. If you can afford it, it’s not a bad way to spend a holiday. We’ve taken a look at some of the world’s most luxurious spas and listed our top five below. Enjoy!

best luxury spas

5. Soneva Gili & Six Senses Spa – The Maldives

Even without luxury spas the Maldives is one of the most inviting destinations in the Indian Ocean region. But one of the finest attractions are the private island resorts boasting luxury spas whose only purpose is to overwhelm you in complete relaxation and sensual pleasure. The Soneva Gili & Six Senses Spa does just that with treatment rooms built right on the lagoon. Their signature treatment is called the Soul of Six Senses which combines a simultaneous body massage with a facial.

4. Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort – Saturnia, Italy

When we think of luxury spas, the Caribbean or Indian Ocean regions are the first that come to mind. But we’ve chosen the Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort for our list because it is one of the few places guests can experience a traditional spa similar to what ancient Rome would have enjoyed. The Terme di Saturnia includes a traditional Roman bath complete with travertine stone, ancient massage therapies known for their anti-aging benefits, and many other treatments designed specifically to restore balance to both body and mind. They specialise in natural skincare products that will make you look and feel fantastic.

3. Hayman Island Resort – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia is another country not normally associated with luxury spa holidays. But the Great Barrier Reef provides both stunning natural surroundings and the Hayman Island Resort. The spa at the Hayman Island Resort offers relaxation lounges, “wet” treatment rooms, and exquisite well-being treatments from therapists trained at the world-famous Champs Elysee Guerlain Institute. Between the location, the spa services, and the exquisite accommodations, this is definitely a spa destination that should be on your list.

2. Four Seasons Resort – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Four Seasons hotel chain has always been known for luxury and pampering, and their Thai resort in Chiang Mai is no exception. Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s favourite tourist destinations, only made better by a spa experience at the Four Seasons. Here you’ll enjoy unusual oriental relaxation treatments, rain showers, aromatherapy, and open-air facilities that provide a sensual experience like none other.

1. Beau Rivage Palace – Lausanne, Switzerland

The Beau Rivage name is synonymous with luxury spas regardless of which resort location you’re referring to. In Lausanne, Switzerland the Beau Rivage Palace offers you a spa experience set in the midst of the Swiss Alps and all their beauty. You’ll enjoy the world-renowned Cinq Mondes spa complete with Japanese baths, Balinese massage therapies, and even a Turkish hammam.

Written by Elizabeth James, who writes for Maisondanu, a natural skincare company.

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