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10 Skin Care Tips for Teenagers

The teenage years are often a time of stress, peer pressure, and change. Unfortunately, for some teens this means a change in skin. Puberty and other factors often leave the skin looking and feeling unappealing. It can also leave your teen with low self esteem and on the search for skin care products to take care of the problem. The following 10 skin care tips for teenagers can help your teen avoid those dreaded break outs. Share these tips with them today!

Teens with clear skin

1. Cleansing frequently. The cleaner your face is, the less prone you will be to breakouts. Cleanse your face and cleanse it often. It is especially important that the face is cleaned thoroughly after a long day. Make it a part of your nightly regime to wash and clean your face thoroughly.

2. Avoid greasy foods. What you eat will have an impact on your skin. Avoid greasy foods that can cause the breakouts to become worse. The grease from food will escape from your body and can show up on your skin causing ugly breakouts.

3. Don’t squeeze or pick your face. You may be tempted to squeeze the bumps or pick them but this will only make them worse. Use a blemish cream on the instead of try to squeeze them. You don’t want to scare your face.

4. Use oil free make-up. Make-up is also another common reason why teenagers’ faces succumb to blemishes. Any make-up you use should be oil free. If your face is too bad, you may want to avoid using make-up all together. If this is not an option, choose a make-up that is formulated specifically for skin that is prone to break-outs.

5. Eliminate stress. Stress if often a huge factor in the lives of teenagers. From peer pressure to hormone changes, many teenagers stay stressed. Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in the breakouts. Do your best to eliminate the stress.

6. Avoid lotions that may cause breakouts. Putting lotion on the face will also cause an increase in the breakouts. Avoid lotions with fragrances or moisturizers that can leave your face shiny and oily. You are trying to eliminate the oil from your face that causes breakouts, not put the oil on your face. Say no to lotions.

7. Watch out for scams that promise clear skin! Some people want clear skin so badly that they are willing to pay good money for products that will help. Before you fall victim to a scam, make sure that you thoroughly research the product that you are purchasing. This can help you avoid being let down when you don’t get the expected results. It can also save you money. Find a product that actually works before you spend money. Ask your friends what they are using to keep the breakouts under control.

8. Shower immediately after physical activity. Teenagers and physical activity go hand in hand. It is very important that the face is cleansed thoroughly after physical activity. Leaving sweat and dirt on the face will lead to more breakouts. Go straight to the shower once your finish exercising.

9. Don’t smoke. Smoking can also cause a change in your skin as the toxins are released from the body. To avoid breakouts, don’t smoke. Smoking is not only bad for your skin it is bad for your entire body. Don’t get hooked on this habit for your skin’s sake!

10. Be cautious when shaving. Shaving can be very difficult if you have an ugly breakout. Use a shaving cream made for sensitive skin and a good razor if you are going to shave. Cheap razors are likely to make the breakout worse. Shave as least as possible. Wait for your face to heal before you try to shave.

Breakouts are common among teenagers but can be very difficult to deal with. Teenagers must realize that the skin problems will get better as their hormones stabilize. Use the tips above to help your teen get through these tough times. Find ways to build his self esteem. While it will be difficult to overlook the breakouts, it is beneficial to build him up during the times his self-esteem is low. How will you help your teenager overcome these tough times?

Marina is freelance writer and co-owner of specialty decorative mirrors website located at DecorativeMirrorsBoutique.com

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