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Silk’n Flash and Go Review, Home Laser Hair Removal

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Silk’n Flash and Go Review

Update: Not sure which to get, the Tria or the Flash and Go? See our quick comparison here: Tria v. Flash and Go. Until now, home laser hair removal for the face for was not available as an approved use in any home devices. The new Silk’n Flash and Go home laser hair removal device, available at the Silk’n Website, changes that. The Flash and Go is designed to treat a smaller area with each light pulse, and it is FDA cleared for use on facial hair. It also can be used on the legs, bikini line, underarms etc, but it will take a bit longer to use than the larger standard Silkn device or a similar device such as the Tria laser (my personal favorite). The upside though is that the Flash and go is also cheaper at $299, so if you don’t mind a few extra minutes of time when doing treatments, it can be a way to save a bit of money over one of the more expensive devices.  So far, the early consumer Silk’n flash and Go reviews have been favorable. SilknFlashandGo thumb Silkn Flash and Go Review, Home Laser Hair Removal

How The Silk’n Flash and Go Works

The Flash&Go uses Home Pulsed Light(HPL) technology to target pigment in the hair shaft. Over multiple uses, the pulsed light laser will deaden the hair follicle and result in permanent hair removal.  Because pulsed light targets pigment, it is only safe for use by those with lighter skin, and the ideal candidate will be a person with light skin and darker hair. As a safety precaution, the Flash and Go includes a skin color sensor that is built into the device which measures skin complexion before each treatment session and at occasional points during each use. The sensor enables the device to be used on only the appropriate skin tones. If you have dark skin and are looking for something safe to use for permanent hair removal, take a look at the Verseo eGlide instead (here is our Eglide Review). The eGlide is not as easy to use and is not as effective as a laser, but it is safe for all skin tones and also can be used on facial hair. It also is significantly cheaper (normally around $89). All home laser hair removal devices take a number of treatment sessions in order to show results. Typically, a user can expect to see permanent hair loss after a period of around 6 months, but the time may vary. Do not expect immediate results with either home of salon/spa laser hair removal.

Benefits of the Silk’n Flash and Go

The primary benefits of the Flash and Go over other laser devices is its ability to be used on facial hair and its lower cost. Because lasers can damage the eyes, most home devices are not approved for use on facial hair. The Flash and Go, however, has been FDA cleared for that use. Because it treats a smaller area with each light pulse, presumably it presents less risk to the eyes. Be sure to follow all safety instructions included with the device. Overall,the Flash and Go will be much cheaper than salon or spa laser hair removal treatments and it runs about $100 less than the popular home lasers- the Tria and the standard Silk’n Sens Epil.

Downsides of the Flash and Go

The Flash and Go treats a smaller area with each light pulse, meaning that for larger body areas, such as the legs, it will take longer to use. For body use, the top recommended product is still the Tria laser, which has had good proven results. But the Flash and go certainly is a viable alternative.

Where to Find It

Get it at the Silk’n Website:  Shop for the Flash and Go

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pixel Silkn Flash and Go Review, Home Laser Hair Removal


  1. Hallo dames, (heren (?)

    Ik gebruik die Silk’n Flash & Go van blokker, ik kocht hem al in december van het vorige jaar.
    Ik heb mij precies aan de gedruiksaanwijzing gehouden. Ik ben er nog steeds mee bezig maar er is nog niet één haartje weggebleven.
    Nog geen klein kaal plekje onder mijn armen en mijn “snor” is nog steeds mooi vol.

    Ik hen een berichtje verzonden aan Blokker dat hun apparaat niet werkt en ik mijn geld terug wilde. Toen kreeg ik een mail terug waarin mijn werd verteld dat ik de handelingen niet vaker dan
    één keer per twee weken moest uitvoeren.Dit had ik ook helemaal niet gedaan en ook niet aan hun geschreven. ik had niet de indruk dat ze mijn verhaal écht gelezen hebben.

    Geld terug vragen was niet mogelijk daarvoor moest ik de fabrikant maar aanspreken.

    Hieronder hun verhaal.

    Geachte meneer, mevrouw
    Inzake uw mail van 17 februari jl. waarin u vraagt voor het terugnemen van uw Flash en Go, willen wij graag het volgende mee delen.

    Wij hebben uw klacht neergelegd bij onze afdeling inkoop. Zij geven aan dat de leverancier in de gebruiksaanwijzing adviseert, dat de gebruiker de behandelingsplan hanteert om een goede lange termijnbehandeling te bereiken. De behandelingsplan geeft ook aan dat men wel een langere tijd bezig kan zijn om een gewenst resultaat te bereiken. Merk op dat de ontharingsresultaten niet verbeterd worden als u hetzelfde lichaamsdeel vaker dan eens per twee weken behandelt.
    Wij moeten u dan ook teleurstellen daar wij het artikel niet retour kunnen nemen. Wij raden u aan contact op te nemen met de leverancier, telefoonnumer: 0180-330550. Zij kunnen u allicht verder adviseren met het gebruik van de Flash en Go.

    Wij vertrouwen erop u hiermee voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Blokker BV

  2. Hi Pluck. I had to run your comment through Google translate, which isn’t perfect, but from what I can tell, you bought your Flash and go in December. It can take a full year of regular treatments to see results. Some see results quicker, but I would say that the average is 9 months or longer. It took that long for me to see results with my Tria Laser.

  3. I love my Flash & Go! 5 treatments and my underarms are ready for summer! No more stubble. No more razor burn. So happy I purchased it.

  4. Hi Andrea! Thanks for that update. I have been hearing more and more good things about the Flash & Go as time goes on.

  5. ValerieH says:

    I have found this has helped greatly reduce the amount of hair on my legs and getting rid of those troublesome ingrown hairs! Worth looking into if you hate shaving.

  6. I bought my Flash & Go from Sephora and have been really impressed with it. No complaints here! And I agree with Valerie, was great for the pesky ingrown hairs I had on my bikini line.

  7. Rachel B. says:

    I am really satisfied with the Flash & Go. The results I’ve seen on my legs and face definitely made me happy that I purchased this product. Having to shave less in the summer is always a wonderful feeling!

  8. Thanks for the info Rachel! I think I’ll add the Flash and Go to my laser hair removal buyer’s guide as a recommended product.

  9. i m thinking about buying silk n flash and go , but i ve some questions i wud be so glad if you can help , i wanna know does it work for all skin colors i m nt white and i am nt dark so its kind of i wanna know will it work for me ?
    Also i wanna know for how long does the 2 cartridges work ?? And how much does it cost replacing it ?

  10. Hi Eman, lasers work best on people with pale skin that have dark hair and they can be dangerous for people with dark skin. When you are in between, I would be cautious if you are darker than a medium tan. The product should have a test function so that it won’t work if you are too dark and then it will allow you to return it. The Tria laser, which is what I regularly use, has that anyway. Flash and go cartridges reportedly last for 1000 flashes and replacements are around $45. The Tria lasts longer than that, so you might want to look at it since it also won’t work if your skin is too dark and will allow you to return it. Here is the Tria site: http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com/Buy/Tria

  11. Thank you Carleenp for your help , i m nt darker than medium tan but i was worried that it doesnt work and i wont be able to return it back as i live in Egypt , but anyways i ll check the tria .
    Thank you

  12. I have this product and I love it!!!! So much more convenient than having to go to the clinic and it’s effective too! It does take a long time on the legs but it’s still worth it because pretty soon I won’t even need to use it because I’ll be completely hairless!

  13. Tria was a real piece of garbage. The treatment area is as large as a pea and is not tobe used on the face. I received no benefit after a couple of months of treatments.

  14. Hi Viki! Treatment area size is indeed fairly small with the Tria, although I could do my legs in abut 15 minutes, so it was OK with me. It is slightly larger with the Silk’n Sens Epil I think. The Flash and Go is about the same size but can be used on the face. Keep in mind that if you have only done a couple of months, that you probably did not give it long enough. It can take up to a year of regular use. Also, any laser hair removal will work best for those with light skin and dark hair. It worked great for me, but I do meet the ideal requirement of light skin and dark hair.

  15. None of these products state the actual strength of the light sourse. Until one of them actually has any real power for hair removal do not write to me any more. The size of the surface area could be as large as a hair brush but if the light sourse is inadequate you wasting my time.Also my girlfriend had the exact same experience as I did. People save your money.

  16. Viki, as a clarification, I did not write to you. You received an email notification of my reply in the comments here because you left the box checked that asked for those. I did not answer your email to me on this as it came across as slightly abusive. I have added your name to the unsubscribed list for email notifications, so hopefully you will no longer receive them. (Update: I have turned off the entire reply notification system at the moment as the unsubscribe does not seem to be working properly).

    I’m sorry that you did not have the desired results with the Tria. However, I am not a direct representative of the company, so you might wish to also send your concerns to them. As I noted previously, I had good results with the Tria, although it did take close to a year or so. I know others who have also had good results with the home laser products, some of whom have also posted here and on other review sites. At the same time, some such as yourself have not had desired results. I know of another beauty blogger who also saw only thinning and not complete removal over 9 months. Meanwhile, I know of people who also did not get results from professional salon laser treatments, yet know of others who did. My point being that the products, whether home or professional level, are not perfect for everyone. However, I do think they are good for those who are the ideal candidates (light skin, dark hair) and who will use the product consistently for up to a year. So, I stand by my recommendation of the products. As with any product though, I suggest that consumers read reviews and comments from people such as yourself when making their purchasing decisions.

  17. can you see changes in hair growth with just a couple treatments of the Flash N Go?

  18. Hi Stephanie! It is unlikely that you will see changes in only a couple of treatments. I don’t want to say that it is impossible, but it isn’t likely. When I used the Tria, it took a maybe 6 weeks to a couple of months before I really started noticing results.

  19. I’ve been reading some of the reviews and I am curious as to why results may be different because of skin color. Maybe someone can clear that up for me?

  20. Hi Tam, the results vary by skin color because the laser targets pigment. When a person has light skin and dark hair, the laser then works the most effectively because the pigment contrast between the hair and the skin is so high. This is also why people with dark skin cannot use the laser at all. With those people, it could burn them. The home devices have sensors that won’t allow them to be used on people with too dark of a skin tone. Anyone with tattoos should also be careful and not operate the laser over the tattoo.

  21. Cynthia says:

    Can you continue to shave while using the device until permanent hair loss has been attained?

  22. Cynthia, yes you can continue to shave as normal. No problems with that at all!

  23. I am thinking of buy the Flash n Go but I was wondering how often do you have to do the treatment? I am very pale with blonde hair on my body so would that make my results faster?

  24. Melody, you should do the treatments once per week or every other week. It can take up to 6 months or more to see results. The device works best with light skin and dark hair. If your hair is as light as your skin or lighter it can take longer to see results or the results might not be 100%.

  25. I am white with brown hair. I was wondering if the flash and go is less or more painful than the tria. I used to have it but it was stolen and I’m interested in buying it.

  26. Ashley, the two devices are about the same in terms of the heat sensation. I don’t find them painful at all. I just notice a little bit of heating.

  27. Does it work on blonde hair?

  28. Laser hair removal devices do not work very well on blond hair. It isn’t impossible for them to work but it often takes longer and is much less complete. The lighter the hair, the less likely it is to work. The best candidates are those with dark hair and light skin.

  29. I’m worried about the laser. Is this a real laser??? Can this laser damage your eyes? And has a ophthalmologist check this out as well? It’s important to know. Thanks!

  30. Tania, yes, it is a laser and yes it could damage your eyes if you shined it into them. While the Silk’n is approved for use on the face, it should not be used right at the eye area. For example, you could not use it on your eyebrows. However, you could use it for hair on your chin. Most people actually use it for leg, underarm, and bikini hair.

  31. Hi Carleen,
    I have been reading various reviews, but one thing that seems unclear about the Flash and Go, is whether it is permanent or not. The description on the Nordstrom website says it is, but I know Tria advertises itself as the only FDA approved permanent hair removal system.

    I have light skin and dark hair, so I appear to be a good candidate, and I hate shaving as I always get razor burn and stubble right away. However, I don’t want to be buying those refills forever. Does the Tria also require a refill cartridge?

  32. The Flash and Go is permanent just like the Tria. They both tend to be equal in effectiveness. The Tria does not advertise that they need a refill, but I have seen reports of people needing to replace the lamp. I never needed to replace it on mine though before I saw results. You would likely be happy with either product.

  33. Sabah Alfieh says:

    It does heart?

  34. Are you asking if it hurts? No it does not. It just has a slight heating sensation and that is all.

  35. i have a question can u use on ur private part is it safe just wondering

  36. Katie, the laser removal devices state that they should not be using in the immediate genital area. However they can be used along the bikini line. So for a basic bikini look it would be fine, but you would not want to use it for a Brazilian look.

  37. I’m wanting to use the Flash N Go weekly. Has anyone had any problem doing that? My skin is not sensitive. Thanks.

  38. I used the Tria bi-weekly and sometimes weekly with no problems. I’m not sure how much (if any) it hastens permanent removal though.

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