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Proper Attachment and Removal of a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs have become so valuable in both hairstyling and addressing hair loss problems. These wigs are affixed on a mesh lace around the front portion; it is a fine lace that blends well with a person’s hairline. As long as it is attached properly, the lace front wig will look so natural on the head that it would be almost impossible to distinguish it from the wearer’s real hair. They are also available in a wide array of shades, styles, and qualities that would fit with any hairstyle requirements a user might need. Because of its versatility and stylishness, lace front wigs have grown so popular with celebrities and ordinary people alike. More significantly, these wigs have helped individuals who are suffering from hair loss by providing them with an easy way to bring back a beautiful crowning glory.

Buying this wig is an investment and to get your money’s worth, it should be properly attached and removed. Below are some helpful guidelines in using a lace front wig. If you follow them carefully, you will protect your natural hair and at the same time enjoy your wig much longer.


A lace front wig can be attached using liquid adhesive (glue) or tape. Any of these adhesives can firmly hold your lace wig as long as it is attached properly; whichever you want to use is up to you. The important thing is to apply the adhesive correctly so you won’t have problems in removing the wig later on. To secure your natural hair, put a wig cap on and ensure that all the areas where your real hair grows are covered. The color of the wig cap should match the color of your skin for a more imperceptible look. If you want, you could use a scalp protector to safeguard your skin from the glue or tape.

The lace base on the front part of the wig will be attached to your head just right below the hairline, so you have to ensure that this portion is clean, hair-free, and oil-free. Apply a little alcohol in a cotton ball and wipe your hairline until all the oil and dirt are gone. Wait for 30 seconds to let the alcohol dry before applying the adhesive.

Using Glue or Liquid Adhesive: Most liquid adhesives for lace front wigs have an application brush but if it doesn’t, you can use other small brushes like a makeup brush. One very important thing to remember is to apply the glue thinly and evenly; it should be spread one inch beneath your hairline. After the glue is applied, carefully put the lace base of the wig on top of it. Let the glue dry for 15-20 minutes and your lace front wig should be firmly attached. You can also use a blower to hasten the drying process.

Using Tape: This application is closely like using the liquid adhesive. Wig tapes usually come in a roll or in strips and are double-sided, which means that the adhesive is on both sides. Peel off the first side of the tape strips and stick them around the skin just below the hairline. Once the tapes are in place, unpeel the other side and gently place the lace base over the adhesives. You need to make sure that lace front perfectly meets with the edges of the tape strips. Press the lace base onto the adhesive for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. The application is the same for the nape but you may have to use a mirror to be able to do see the whole process.


You can use isopropyl alcohol to remove the lace wig but if you want to preserve your wig and protect your skin, a wig solvent can aid in dissolving the adhesive. Spray a generous amount of wig solvent along the lace front but be sure that the solvent does not get to your eyes. If you don’t have a wig solvent, dab some alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe the lace base. You will know if the solvent or alcohol has softened the adhesive because the lace will begin to peel off from the skin on its own.

Try to take the lace base off from your skin slowly; if a portion of the lace still sticks, never force to take it off. Apply more solvent or alcohol until the lace peels off totally on its own. When the lace base is completely detached, take the wig off of your head and remove any remaining adhesive by wiping the lace base across a mirror. The mirror’s glossy surface should take out any residues without harming the lace. Put the lace front wig back on a wig head or any other safe storage. You should then wash your face to get rid of any excess dirt or adhesive.

Shyxter Tagapulot is a Filipino writer and internet marketer. She has written travel, do-it-yourself, home improvement, beauty, and other creative articles since 2009. She is now a site author at lacefrontwigsweb.com – a website that provides quality information about lace front wigs, particularly on wigs from human hair and for black women.

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