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The Best and Worst Celebrities Who Endorse Weight Loss Plans

Would a celebrity endorsement entice you to try out a particular weight loss program? For many of the most popular companies, they’re banking on the fact it would. Sales numbers and statistics show that having a well-known celebrity behind a product leads to bigger numbers. After all, when you see a celebrity claiming success with a specific diet plan, it makes long-term results seem more possible. All you have to do is turn on the television and it won’t be long before you see one of these celebrity-based commercials, and some are more effective than others. There are ones where the celebrity and product is perfectly matched while other stars may seem like a poor choice. Here is a list of some of the best pairings in current commercials – and some of the worst.

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The Best

Carrie Fisher (Jenny Craig) – she is a relative newcomer to the weight loss scene, and a really good choice. Everybody loves an underdog story where somebody comes back from the throes of defeat. If you name some kind of emotional or relationship problem, chances are Carrie Fisher has experienced it. People seem to really root for this start to get back on track and more in line with the image she so heavily associated with. She also has a good sense of humor about herself that makes her even more relatable to common people.

Valerie Bertinelli (Jenny Craig) – this endorsement has led to wonderful things for both Jenny Craig and Valerie Bertinelli herself. Since getting back into the limelight, she’s had more acting opportunities and gone on to star in “Hot in Cleveland”. She’s always been on the periphery of stardom without really being an A-list actress, but these days she seems to be at the top of her game. People like her for her friendly smile and demeanor, and she’s been a perfect spokeswoman since taking over from Kirstie Alley.

Marie Osmond (Nutri System) – this endorsement deal no doubt came about due to her involvement with Dancing with the stars. She’s another example of someone who’s relatable despite leading a rather extraordinary life. She’s also gone through her fair share of hardships which makes people cheer for her even more. And quite simply, she looks great for her age and continues to maintain her appearance really well.

The Worst

Jason Alexander (Jenny Craig) – this is just an odd choice all around. When you think about the target demographic for Jenny Craig, you don’t really think of fans of Jason Alexander. While he’s perfectly affable and relatable to some, this choice is just so out of the blue and it’s hard to ignore. Maybe Jenny Craig was looking to expand their list of male clientele with this choice, but even then, there seems to be better people out there for the job.

Kirstie Alley (Jenny Craig) – for a time, Kristy Alley was considered the face of Jenny Craig and one of the most successful spokespeople around. She inspired legions of women to join up with the program so that they could enjoy similar success. The main problem with Ms. Alley is her inability to keep the weight down. It’s perfectly understandable, and many people have emotional reasons that need to be addressed as well. But if you’re going to pick a spokesperson, it has to be one that can use your program for long-term results.

Jennifer Hudson (Weight Watchers) – this choice for one of the “worst” is highly debatable and you’ll find plenty of people who would disagree. But it just seems that right now, her ads are everywhere and you can’t get away from them. Not to mention the fact that her voice isn’t really something you want to hear five times a day while watching television. There’s no doubt she has singing talent, but she needs to turn down the volume just a notch so that she isn’t shouting throughout the commercial. There’s no doubt she looks great after some pretty fast weight loss but there has got to be a way to express yourself without screaming at the top of your lungs.

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