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The 10 Greatest Places on Earth to Shop

If you love to shop, you will love visiting various countries and cities in search of a bargain. From beautiful designer clothes to jewelry, handbags and shoes, the chain and boutique stores all over the world offer every woman a chance to shop until she drops.

Champs-Elysees, Paris

Paris is known for its designer shops and the beautiful street of Champs-Elysees is where you will find the big names such as Dior, Channel, Gauthier and a selection of boutique stores where you can buy just about anything. After a day of retail therapy and your arms overflowing with shopping bags, sit down at one of the coffee shops and watch as the shoppers bustle past.

If you prefer, head to the Champs-Elysees Day Spa for some European pampering; a picturesque setting to unwind and relax after a day of retail therapy.

Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills


This famous Beverley Hills shopping stretch is where you will bump into the celebrities out shopping for a new wardrobe or something for the home. This street is by no means cheap, but they offer a superior selection of fashion and other items in their boutique and chain stores. It’s an experience, even if you prefer to just do some window shopping.

The day spa at the Luxe Hotel in Rodeo Drive is the perfect place to relax with massages and facials at this world famous spa. Take advantage of living well packages or enjoy the skin and body treatments on offer; just what you need after a hard day shopping.

New York


New York is considered the fashion capital of America and when in the area, you must head down to 5th Avenue where you can enjoy a selection of shops that offer you everything your heart desires from designer clothing to handbags and beautiful shoes.

While shopping on 5th avenue, stop at the day spa set between 5th and 6th avenues for a few hours of hydro treatments, massages and facials. An ideal way to spoil yourself while out and about in New York.



Moscow has become big when it comes to fashion. They have huge malls with awe-inspiring architecture, filled with boutique stores offering fashion, accessories and home décor.



If you are after a bargain, then Vietnam is where you need to go for your next shopping spree. Vietnam is filled with clothing stores at bargain prices. These colorful shops offer you a range of well-known name brands at a fraction of the cost.

Vietnam also has no shortage of Asian Spas. The day spas here offer detoxification treatments, stress management programs, facials, massages and skin treatments; a wonderful way to spoil yourself while holidaying in Vietnam.

Hong Kong


Walking around Hong Kong is like walking around a technology section of a department store. They are very technology orientated and their shops are lined up and jam packed with the latest gadgets, tablet pc, mobile phones and accessories and all at affordable prices.

While your partner enjoys the technological stores in Hong Kong you can head off to one of the many day spas where you can spend an afternoon relaxing and indulging in aromatherapy, reiki, facials, body wraps and body scrubs. Other treatments available at these spas include food and hand treatments and a few hours in a relaxing and detoxifying steam room.


Bangkok in Thailand is a shopper’s paradise with designer brands such as Armani at affordable prices. Be sure to check the labels carefully because there are lots of knock-offs of your favorite brands. You will love the bargaining and bartering over the price and when you walk away with a bargain you will love the feeling of achievement that overwhelms you.

Thailand has some of the most beautiful day spas, perfect for relaxing during your stay. Unwind surrounded by tropical trees and gardens as you enjoy the pampering you receive with everything from facials and massages to aromatherapy treatments and body wraps.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is filled with chain and boutique stores in the Downtown area. This area is popular for high quality leather goods so if you’re after a new pair of shoes or a stylish handbag, this is where you need to shop. Find all leather goods at fantastic prices at the many shops that line the streets of Downtown Buenos Aires.

Indulge yourself while in Buenos Aires with a trip to a day spa. Some of these spas offer different treatments such as chocolate facial masks, skin peel and cellulite treatments. Feel glamorous and beautiful as you step out the spa and start your day of shopping in the Downtown area.



The Danish capital has increased in popularity for shopping with local and international designers having beautiful stores throughout the area. You can buy anything here from home décor to stunning fashion. Buy some of your favorite brand names such as Prada and Chanel.

Denmark is filled with superior day spas where you can enjoy some relaxation while being pampered as you should be. Take some time out from shopping to experience these fantastic wellness centers available throughout the area.


Now you may not have considered Marrakech as one of the greatest places in the world to shop. But lining their cobbled streets are loads of stores that offer everything from jewelry to fashion and perfumes. The shopping here is an experience with bargaining taking place at every store.

Marrakech is famous for its steam bath treatments, so while out shopping be sure to stop in at one of the many day spas to experience this rejuvenating treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft and you feeling like a princess.


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