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What to Expect At Your First Waxing Appointment

A person’s first waxing appointment can be a little awkward and nerve wracking. Most estheticians do everything in their power to make the experience as comfortable, gentle and painless as possible. However, there’s no getting around some definite moments of discomfort. Here is what can be expected on each different type of waxing procedure.

What To Expect When Waxing

Waxing legs


Eyebrow Waxing

For women, be sure to have a clean brow line before going to the waxing appointment. For the esthetician to clearly see one’s natural eyebrow shape, the skin must be clean of make up. For men and women, it is best to not use heavy moisturizers before the waxing appointment.
The esthetician will ask how thin the customer wishes to have eyebrows. If unsure, ask the technician to just clean up the natural brow line. A thin brow is very stylized and causes one’s face to look fuller. A thicker brow brings youth to one’s face and appears much more natural.
The esthetician will spread warm wax on the customer’s skin and then lay a small sheet of muslin clothe over the wax. Then, in a flash, (s)he will literally rip off the muslin sheet. Most estheticians will follow up by using tweezers and scissors to shape the brows perfectly.

Lip Waxing

This procedure is not as involved as having eyebrows waxed. If a customer is wearing make up, it is fine and will not get in the way of waxing. Three strips of muslin/wax are usually used to get the entire mustache area of a man or woman. This procedure takes under 5 minutes.

Waxing Arms, Arm Pits & Legs

These three areas require much more preparation and time to successfully wax. To begin with, one has to allow their leg, arm and arm pit hair to grow out about a half an inch. Otherwise, the wax cannot grab the hair and waxing efforts will be futile. This growing out process must also be endured between waxing appointments.

Once one has sufficient growth, the waxing appointment is rather easy. Long strips of wax are applied along with long strips of muslin clothe. Just as the esthetician rips off the clothe from the lip or eyebrow area, (s)he will do the same on the legs, arms and arm pits. Because this skin is less tender than facial or bikini area skin, there is much less pain.

Bikini Waxing

Now the discomfort element is added to the waxing appointment. If one is getting a traditional bikini wax, (s)he should not have to remove his/her underwear. In fact, if one is asked to remove their underwear, be sure to clarify that the esthetician knows that only a standard bikini wax is desired. A person will, of course, have to remove their pants or shorts.

There are several different ways for the esthetician to reach this area without getting too personal. Some estheticians tie a ribbon around the loops in each leg hole of one’s underwear and thus pulls the top of the underwear together. This gives direct access to each side of the bikini line at once. Another way is to have the customer hold their underwear over to one side so the technician can reach the bikini area.

Exotic Bikini Waxing, aka Brazilian Waxing

This is definitely as awkward and uncomfortable as it can get. However, a good esthetician will put the client at ease. This is, after all, as personal as one can get with a stranger without going to a gynecologist. Underwear usually must be removed, just to protect it from dripping wax and such. Warm wax is spread in all intimate areas of a women’s pelvis and buttocks. Section by section, the hair is removed. Yes, it is quite painful for most women. However, the results are fantastic and hair will not grow back for a couple of months. In addition, once the hair does grow back, it will be much more fine and thin. Thanks to this reduction of toughness in the hair follicle, each exotic bikini wax appointment afterward will be less and less painful.

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