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Creating Bold and Bolder Makeup Looks

Makeup doesn’t have to be a constant neutral look of nude shadow and natural lips. Sometimes livening it up can be fun.  A bolder makeup look can range from simply using brighter and more interesting shades to all out creativity and lots of color, which works great for special events, nights out at a casino, or hitting the nightclubs. Photo below courtesy of Emma J of The Journey of an NY Actress.

Emma J bold makeup

30 Days of Beauty, Day 29: Let’s Get Bold!

Many women are afraid of color and really should not be.  For example,  Adrienne Vendetti from How To Be A Redhead says:

Don’t be afraid to wear color: Most redheads, like myself, are born with blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. For years, makeup artists would tell me to not wear black mascara or pencil in my eyebrows. I have discovered that this is wrong! I tell all of the redheaded women I meet the opposite; wear a flattering, dark mascara and fill in your eyebrows with a color that will enhance your features. Red hair looks gorgeous with a brown mascara, black eyeliner and a great eye pencil.

You can also start slower with color if you are feeling a bit shy. Heather Adessa: *Gloss & Tell, Makeup By Heather A. suggest this:

If you love the bold lip craze, but think you may look like a clown
if you put it on yourself? Use bold lip glosses instead. They are the
stepping stones to getting to the bold lip. Glosses are more sheer,
letting you get the color your looking for, but in a non-intense form.
Have fun with color, you’ll get there!

For those looking to liven things up without looking silly read on. Or skip to the end for tips for even bolder and super creative looks.

How to Use Bold Eye Shadow Without Looking Like a Clown

bold pink eye shadow

Playing with colorful makeup can be fun. Whether it be young college girls or career women, there is no reason that they cannot still use color in their makeup routines. Colorful eye shadow is one way to do so. Whether it is bold blues or vivid purples, wearing bright colored shadow makes a statement. The tricky part of wearing it is to not look clown-like when doing so. There are a few tricks that help to keep from looking too over-the-top when wearing bold eye shadow.

1. Apply a neutral wash of eye shadow over the entire eyelid and up to the brow bone. This sets the stage for the brighter eye shadow. This color should match the color of your eyelids or as close as possible.

2. Dust on two shades of the colorful eye shadow. If the main color is a bold hunter green, enhance it by also using an olive or metallic green with it. This softens up the color and helps it blend in better. Have fun playing with color and get creative!

For a great look based on these ideas, Brooke Pakulski from Blushing Noir notes:

Anyone can wear bold eye shadow, you just have to know how to neutralize it to suit your needs!  Pick neutral shadow shades that compliment your skin tone and coordinate well with the bold shadow you’re dying to show off.  The result can be something wearable and amazing.

Below is an an eye Brooke did using Make Up For Ever Orange Aqua Cream. You can read her tutorial on it here: Make Up for Ever Orange Aqua Cream Swatches and Look.

Make Up Forever Orange Eye Swatch

3. When you apply the eye shadow, do not extend it far above the crease of the eyes if you prefer a lively but not super bold look . Bold eye shadow starts to look clown-like when applied too high and up towards the brow bone. Instead, go just above the crease and either cover the entire eyelid or even just apply it to outside edge. If you go high up on the brow, try lighter shades the higher you go.

4. Unless you are going for a multi-color sharp creative look, Blend your shadow well with an eye shadow brush. Vivid eye makeup will look sloppy and garish if not blended well.

5. Apply a thin line of liquid or gel eyeliner to the top lash line of the eyes. A thick line is usually too much. Use brown or black, whatever works best on the eyes. At the end of the eye, wing the liner out very slightly. If the line looks harsh, use a small eye shadow brush to blend it to the eye shadow a bit.

6. For “safe” bold looks, if emphasizing your eyes, avoid wearing pigmented lipstick. To keep from looking like a clown, use the lightest of pink colors and preferably in sheer lipstick or lip gloss form. There should not be two focal points on the face or it looks too over-the-top. Keep the focus on the bold eye shadow and off of the lips.

If you are braver, try a matching lipstick for a pinkish eyeshadow or a bright contrasting lip (see the photos above and below). But still keep cheeks subdued.

7. Wear sheer foundation and very light or no blush. This is also important as too much color on the face will also look heavy and clownish. Brush on the very lightest pink or nude blush when wearing bold eye shadow. A sheer foundation and dusting of powder is ideal.

8. Brush on two light coats of dark brown or black mascara. The eyelashes should still look natural and not overdone.

Getting Bolder, Creative Looks With Shadow

candy color makeup

For extra bold looks, apply contrasting shades of bold eye shadow with one shade on the corner and another on the rest of the lid. Or get very bold and go for three, four, or more.

Ready for ultra bold lips? You can also try the Lime Crime Cosmetics look that is hot right now  Amanda Raye of Broke and Chic provides this tutorial for bright color lip looks:

Lime Crime Cosmetics are the hot item right now. With Celebs such as Lady GaGa and Ke$ha rockin’ blue and lavender lipstick, many young girls want to try the trend but are afraid of purchasing a lipstick they may never wear. This tutorial is a great way to try out the trend for a night out by using the stuff that’s already in your makeup bag.

What You’ll Need

Eyeshadow primer

Your favorite eyeshadow


1. Apply eyelid primer to your lips. I personally like the e.l.f. eyelid primer ($1) as you can apply it like a lipgloss.

2. Once dry, take a clean eyeshadow applicator and apply the eyeshadow of your choice to your lips. I’d stick with a blue, green or lavender to get that Lime Crime effect!


Read Amanda’s full tutorial and see pictures here: DIY Off Beat Lip Color.

Tomorrow: Day 30. Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Products!

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