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Summer Beauty Do’s and Dont’s

summer dos and don'ts

The summer sun is out and the sky is clear. Who doesn’t want to leave her house looking perfectly polished? This is especially true during the summer months when fashions are more revealing and more skin is exposed. Here are a few tips about what to do and what not to do in order to look one’s best when the heat is on:

The first and most important tip is to never leave the house without applying sunscreen! Not only does sunscreen protect the skin against skin cancer. It also helps prevent burns. Play it safe and wear that floppy hat and lots of sunscreen.

Spray on tans and self-tanners, when used in moderation, can give a nice sun kissed look. Overdoing it with tanning beds, however, can cause one to look like a piece of dried shoe leather (plus it’s not safe). Remember, when it comes to tanning, “Less is more.”

No one wants to look stuffy in her chic summer fashions. It is best to avoid wearing expensive, delicate jewelry such as necklaces with thin gold chains or sparkly, expensive diamonds or gemstones when in a casual beach or other casual summer environment. Fancy jewelry can look out of place and make you look overdressed. This summer, chunky fashion jewelry is in style, and the bigger the better. The natural look of large wooden beads or an armful of colorful plastic or glass bracelets can give you a chic look.

Mineral makeup can be a great addition to your summer makeup collection. There is no better way to even out skin tones and add a touch of color than with the powdery goodness that is mineral makeup. Overall, summer makeup should be kept to a minimum to allow one’s own natural skin tones to compliment her looks. A little sheer lip-gloss and a swipe of waterproof mascara can go a long way.

Too much makeup, such as heavy foundation, can run and look messy in the summer heat. A fresh, natural, minimalist look is much better for summer than a heavy look that has obviously been applied with lots of beauty products.

Appropriate shoes are a must during the summer months. Forget about the spiked heels on the beach, regardless of the occasion. If heels are a must for a beach wedding or other occasion, try wedges. Foot jewelry is all the rage right now, too, and can provide an elegant look that is unique and pretty, without getting sand in your shoes!

My Beauty Bunny Jen Jen Mathews is the Editor-in-Chief of My Beauty Bunny, an award-winning cruelty free beauty blog. She is also the President of Top Tier Media, a boutique social media agency specializing in beauty, health, fashion and lifestyle brands.

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