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Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App

Do you like shopping, browsing fashion photos, social sharing, and finding cool new  iPhone apps? If so, Swirl is for you! Learn more below and also enter to win a $50 H&M gift card!

SwirlLogo thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App

The free Swirl shopping app for iPhone has reinvented the experience of shopping by bringing all your favorite brands, fashion inspirations, and style-savvy friends together in one place and always available in the palm of your hand.

Swirl Collection thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App

Use the app to see items from over 200 retailers. Browse items, save things you like as clips, organize them into folders, share them with friends, and find them nearby. Based on your current location, Swirl will show you a list of stores nearby, current offers, any personal clips from brands carried at those stores, and it will give you directions and a phone number for the store. You can even receive alerts when prices drop on your favorite items! Everything is also accessible online and will sync to your iPhone.

Swirl ShopNearby thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App

My Fall Fashion Wants On Swirl

I played with the app and found these 5 items for fall. As you can tell I love purple and plum shades!

photo1 thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App photo2 thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App
photo3 thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App photo thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App
photo thumb1 Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App Swirl AppStore thumb Win a $50 H&M Gift Card with the Swirl Social Shopping App

Overall, it is a pretty fun app and quite useful! I love how you can easily browse so many store in one place.

Get Swirl for Free at the iPhone App Store

Win a $50 H&M gift card

H&M is one of the many retailers available on Swirl. Here is your chance to win a $50 H&M gift card-a perfect way to try out Swirl and then shop!

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what fashion item you want most this fall and then use the Rafflecopter form below (give it a moment to load or refresh the page if you don’t see it). The contest will run for one week. On September 6, 2012, a winner will be drawn and the prize will be fulfilled by One2One Network. Open to US residents ages 18 and over, one entry per person, void where prohibited.  See our contest rules and disclosures for full details.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for the One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. vanessa martinez says:

    I want a pair of super cool boots! =)

  2. I’d like a set of boots

  3. I want a little black dress.

  4. Mary Happymommy says:

    I entered on the rafflecopter form with my Facebook name, Mary Happymommy.

    I would like a little black dress this fall.

  5. Nicole L. says:

    I really want a nice leather belt.

  6. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d love a stylish pair of boots

  7. Adrienne gordon says:

    a nice sweater dress

  8. a new denim skirt and boots

  9. A Burberry wool trench, but I would simply settle for the perfect pair of non-black pants to wear with boots.

  10. skinny corduroys in grey!

  11. colleen boudreau says:

    A tall pair of brown leather boots.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  12. I need new boots.

  13. Shannon Baas says:

    A nice dress.

  14. i really want some new boots

  15. michelle w says:

    A leather jacket

  16. Tiffany Hearn says:

    I’d like a new pair of back leather boots. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. James Nickerson says:

    For my fall wardrobe would be a comfy shirt from h&m!

  18. I most want a Chanel jacket but that is out of the question!

  19. I want new leather jacket

  20. A nice coat that doesn’t make me look fat

  21. A chocolate brown sweater dress.

  22. Elizabeth J says:

    anything in cobalt blue!

  23. I want some Chelsea boots.

  24. The item I want most this Fall is a great pair of burgandy skinny jeans! :)

  25. Kristy Thiel says:

    I’d love a great pair of fall shoes!

  26. I want a new coat.

  27. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Brown leather riding boots!

    entered rafflecopter as amanda sakovitz

  28. Mary Calabrese says:

    I need some funky yet comfy shoes. Is there such a thing????

  29. ryan minton says:

    a new winter coat


  30. I want a new swing coat

  31. ELIZABETH C. says:

    A nice pair of black heels or a some black boots.

  32. Pea Coat, Scarf & High boots :) That would be lovely

  33. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i want a new sweater this fall

  34. I want a long sweater coat.

  35. Linda Lansford says:

    I want a new purse

  36. i want boots!

  37. I want a pair of boots.

  38. Thomas Murphy says:

    I need some new dress shoes.

  39. I need a pair of cognac boots!

  40. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says:

    I need a new pair of black boots that will go with everything

  41. I need a nice shirt.

  42. Rebecca Graham says:

    I want a floral blouse.

  43. new handbag for my daughter

  44. I am always in the market for a great pair of shoes EVERY season.

  45. a colorblock dress!

  46. A pair of knee high boots!

  47. Steve Stone says:

    a new jacket for me. thanks for the chance.

  48. Kim Henrichs says:

    I want a really good quality cardigan

  49. Casey Everidge says:

    comfy cool jeans

  50. I want a colorful, lightweight scarf that will brighten my face and the more overcast fall/winter days.

  51. Jennifer B says:

    Dark skinny jeans to wear with boots

  52. some new booties

  53. Kyl Neusch says:

    boots that are in season!

  54. Jessie C. says:

    A pair of tall boots

  55. Tabathia B says:

    I want jeans made for curves and with tummy control

  56. I want a good pair of winter boots

  57. short black boots!

  58. A new coat.

  59. Love some brand new black ankle boots

  60. I want to start wearing fashion scarves

  61. Matt Van Mantgem says:

    Really I think a nice pair of shades upgrades the whole outfit, so, yes, shades

  62. Matt Van Mantgem says:

    comment duplicate for the form- Really I think a nice pair of shades upgrades the whole outfit, so, yes, shades

  63. Renee Concolino says:

    a new pair of ankle boots

  64. Chrissy Nestor says:

    A new pair of boots!

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  65. Stefanie Gladden(ann lyfe) says:

    I want a new pair of boots!

  66. I want a pair of oxfords.

  67. Monique Rizzo says:

    Maybe a nice Pea Coat.
    Thanks for the chance.

  68. I want a new hip dress… Something that screams ‘fashionista’ even as a mommy of two

  69. I am digging bib necklaces

  70. I’m with you – in absolute LOVE with that Tory Burch Ella Tote. I need another purse like I need another hole in the head, but I wants my precious!

  71. Misses Giveaways says:

    I would like a nice jacket.

  72. I need a new pair of jeans

  73. I need a new cardigan.

  74. Diane Baum says:

    I would like a pair of funky boots

  75. I want to get a pair of cute oxfords.

  76. i like new booties!

  77. denim skirt and ankle boots

  78. A new dress (all I have is sun dresses cause I live in Fl.), flats to go with, and a scarf too!!

  79. Hutchinson says:

    I need a pair of jeans badly!

  80. i would love a new pair of boots!

  81. A sexy pair of leather boots!

  82. pair of boots

  83. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    new booooooooots !!! and a leather jacket!

  84. I want a black leather ankle boot!

  85. This fall, I would love to get some boots or dress that I can pair with tights and my jean jacket.

  86. I’d like a pair of dark brown knee high boots.

  87. I want a perfectly fitted jacket/blazer.

  88. I need a great pair of mid heel camel color ankle boots

  89. Katie Rose says:

    Cognac Riding Boots!

  90. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Simple black dress hoes

  91. I would love that Jil Sander sweater with the whale on it!

  92. I’d like a fabulous winter scarf.

  93. I’d love a high-low skirt.

  94. Chrystal J. says:

    I would love a new leather jacket.

  95. I seriously want a new fall jacket.

  96. Denise Donaldson says:

    I would love the chelsea boots

  97. A new handbag.

  98. A cashmere turtleneck!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  99. Mindy McCrea says:

    I would love to buy some sleek black boots!

  100. some new boots

  101. Jessica Fox says:

    I want a new peacoat!

  102. tia beverly says:


  103. Lori Williams says:

    A new pair of knee high black leather boots.

  104. I want a stylish fall cape that also keeps me warm

  105. Lisa Friedman says:

    I like free clothes!

  106. Lisa Garner says:

    This fall I would like to find the perfect light weight jacket.

  107. Richard Hicks says:

    Want a new fall sweater

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  108. Derk Thomas says:

    More boots please.

  109. A pea coat in emerald blue or black!

  110. julie hawkins says:

    I want tall black boots

  111. jeannine s says:

    a new bag in a jewel tone

  112. I want ankle boots.

  113. I want a new bag – big and in a bold color

  114. Jackie Bennett says:

    A red peacoat. I have wanted one for a while now I just can’t find the right one!!

  115. I want a new pair of jeans

  116. fringed boots that hit just under the knee no feel in a nice deep chestnut color zipper up the inside of the leg

  117. new sweaters
    Awesome giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  118. riding boots with knee highs underneath!

  119. I need a new leather handbag
    CalifKitties {at} Aol {dot} com

  120. Carolyn Daley says:

    I like the new black jacket they added this fall

  121. Dark blue skinny jeans!

  122. Hutchinson says:

    A great new pair of boots!

  123. Jessica Carnaggio says:

    I want a pretty scarf.

  124. laurie nemeth says:

    would love boots & a cardigan

  125. I want lots of boots, and chunky sweaters, and tights in all different patterns, knits and colors!

  126. christal c w says:

    I need a new fall handbag

  127. Tammy Mauk says:

    I want a new “little black dress”.

  128. Caitlin McClure says:

    I’d love a new dress

  129. I’d like a new dress for work. Like a shirt dress or something.

  130. I want some new fall jeans.

  131. robyn paris says:

    i would like to get boots

  132. Ashley Morrissey says:

    A whole new wardrobe! I am having my first baby this month and I would love to revamp my wardrobe! Skinny pants, preferably. Here’s to hoping I will be skinny again! :)

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  133. I want some new boots!

  134. New fall jeans and a couple light weight sweaters

  135. amy deeter says:

    a pair of boots

  136. Ann Council says:

    A new purse.

  137. Allie Dole says:

    I would love a pair of brown knee-high Minnetonka fringe boots! They are so cute and would look fantastic in the fall, with all the Autumn foliage colors. Plus they’re warm!

  138. I would really love a pair of cute suede booties!

  139. I would love a new sweater dress

  140. Ash Johnson says:

    I’d love some boots

  141. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    I need some cute sweaters and maybe a hoodie that I can wear outside when it’s a little chilly

  142. susan smoaks says:

    i need some jeans that fit, i recently lost 75 pounds and nothing fits anymore

  143. I am dying for a new pair of boots!

  144. I want a cute skirt.

  145. I always like to get new boots

  146. jules mcnubbin says:

    i love boots!!!

  147. i would love a nice jacket

  148. Tina white says:

    Boots! Any boots!

  149. carol lewis says:

    I need a jacket for over jeans.

  150. Laurie Emerson says:

    A new blazer.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  151. Claire McKeon says:

    I want some new boots!

  152. I could really use some new boots!

    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  153. I’d like some boots

  154. Tanya White says:

    I would like to have a trendy pair of new boots for the fall.

  155. Car0le Ingram says:

    I want tall leg boots, probably black. I go through a pair every three years or so… last year, my heel broke so, I need a new pair of boots.

  156. Victoria R. says:

    I really want to get some heeled ankle boots for Fall!

  157. I want some cute new sweaters.

  158. I want a wool jacket.

  159. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Some Fall/Winter boots would be nice

  160. Trisha McKee says:

    I definitely need a black dress!

  161. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    I really want a nice pair of boots.

  162. Marit Anderson says:

    This fall I really want a cute pair of wedge ankle booties. I am in love with the look of them paired with leggings and a cute dress or even skinny jeans and a cozy sweater. I can’t wait for fall :) it’s my favorite!

  163. I want a pair of really cute boots.

  164. I need some new jeans

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