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Essie Plumberry and A Cut Above Nail Polish Swatches

I did a manicure recently with Essie Plumberry polish and Essie Luxe Effects glitter top coat in A Cut Above. I love the Plumberry shade, but the top coat with it was just OK fro me. I liked my look with Bikini So Teeny and A Stroke of Brilliance top coat much better.

Here is just the Plumberry shade.

Essie Plumberry Polish Swatch

And, here it is with the luxe effects top coat added.

Essie Luxe Effect A Cut Above Swatch

Something I have noticed about using these top coats are that (1) the polish wears longer with them. The glitter seems to help keep things from chipping and, if they do chip, it doesn’t show as much, and (2) It can be hard to remove the polish! It took me forever to get this particular pair removed. That glitter really sticks!


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