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Little Black Bag Open, Nila Anthony Doctor Bag Review

I did a video review of another Little Black Bag opening. You can learn all about little black bag in my original post on this fun shopping and trading experience here: Little Black Bag Review.

In this bag, I received a Nila Anthony Doctor bag that I initially loved, but then quickly encountered problems with. Full details are in the video, but the quick version is that, after I got the bag into better light, I noticed that it looked a bit discolored and distressed. I was not a fan of that, but decided to keep the bag. Here is a photo, but I think the problem shows up better in the video.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only problem with the bag.

NilaAnthonyDoctorBagReview thumb Little Black Bag Open, Nila Anthony Doctor Bag Review

After I carried the bag for one day, the magnetic clasp broke. The casing around the magnet came apart and then the magnet could not stay put. I had a fair amount of stuff in the bag, but I don’t think it was overloaded. I was on vacation, so I was stuck using it, and now I can’t return it because of that. So, that all left me rather unhappy about a bag that I initially was very excited to get.

Oh, and bag came with this rather scary and odd tag as well:

NilaAnthonylable thumb Little Black Bag Open, Nila Anthony Doctor Bag Review

Anyway, I did get two more little black bags after this one and they were OK, and I liked the jewelry that I got in this current bag. So I’m sticking with the service for now because it is so much fun, but this Little Black Bag was quite a disappointment in the end because of the problems with the handbag.

Here is my video review for the full bag opening experience:

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  1. You mention that you can’t return it, but I would sure check that out with Little Black Bag, since it broke the first time you used it. That shouldn’t be. It is a cute bag, too.

  2. I had an issue with my nila bag as well, different style. I really haven’t heard good things about this brand since I posted my an review. Time to chuck em!

  3. My concern is that I carried it for a week after it broke. I’m sure I could have returned it it if I hadn’t done that, but I was on vacation so I had no choice. I might check with them on it though.

  4. Interesting that you had a problem too Brooke! I think I’ll avoid the brand in future bags. I have had other bags from LBB that I liked quite a bit.

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