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Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review

As soon as the Urban Decay Vice Palette came out, I knew that I wanted it. With 20 new shades, it is a must have for any Urban Decay eye shadow lover. My palette arrived yesterday, so here are photos, swatches, and a review with video.

The palette itself is a fairly substantial, attractive box. It isn’t exactly travel size. I consider it something that will stay in a  drawer for home use.

UrbanDecayVice thumb1 Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review

Inside are 20 new highly pigmented shades. The palette has a large mirror in the lid and a two-sided brush that is actually useable. One end is a small shader and the other is a blending brush.

The shades in the Vice Palette are, from left to right:

  • Top Row:  Desperation, Muse, Jagged, Blitz, Penny Lane
  • Second Row: Junkie, Chaos, Occupy, Unhinged, Black Market
  • Third Row: Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, Armor
  • Fourth Row: Nevermind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Freebird, Laced

UrbanDecayVicePalette thumb1 Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review

Below are swatches of the Urban Decay Vice Palette. The swatch order doesn’t perfectly match the order of the palette, so I labeled the shades.

In the top two rows:

UrbanDecayViceSwatches thumb Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review

And swatches of the bottom to rows:

UrbanDecayVicePaletteSwatches thumb1 Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review

All of the shades have excellent pigment. A few of the glitter shades had high fallout for me, in particular, Freebird, Provocateur, and Jagged.  Plus to some extent, Rapture. I expect some fallout from glittery shades, but these were particularly high for me. Jagged did not swatch well without a primer, but that doesn’t surprise me. These really should be used with primer.

In the video, I note that Laced didn’t show up well. It does look OK in the photo, but I had to build it a bit to get it to show as well as it does. My favorite shade is Junkie. It has a beautiful mix of turquoise, blue and gold, and the photo does not do it justice. Penny Lane and Blitz are quite nice as well and Chaos is a wonderful vivid blue for fans of such shades.

Overall, this is a must have palette for any Urban Decay fan or collector. It is pretty hard to pass up on 20 new shades!  The Palette is $59 and should be available at least through the holidays.

Below is my video review of the Urban Decay Vice Palette:

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pixel Urban Decay Vice Palette Swatches and Video Review


  1. Great post and pictures:)

  2. Thanks Aurora!

  3. I’ve been trying so hard to not buy another palette until I see the Christmas collections, but your Vice swatches are so gorgeous. I can see why Junkie is your favorite!

  4. Moxie, my shopping list is getting huge! I might order the Too Faced holiday palettes today and I really want Dior as well. And then there are tons not out yet! My bank account is going to be hurting!

  5. As much as I don’t need another UD palette, I need this one. For sure!

  6. Oh Carleen, now I totally want this palette too! I have such a hard time resisting UD Palettes even though I already have so many. The shadows look just beautiful! Great post!

  7. This is one of the best UD palettes in quite awhile in my opinion, so it is well worth the money. Although I think I kind of like the Fun palette better simply because it happens to have my favorite types of shades and it is so cute!

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