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Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

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I love BB creams and have a number of favorites. Currently, I often find myself wearing Skin 79 products, in part because I got a kit with samples of 4 of their different creams. At $15 for this sample kit, it is a great value way to try a few quality BB creams. I got my kit at YesStyle, which is my absolute favorite store for Asian makeup and fashion (they are awesome for cool handbags and shoes too)!

Skin79BBCreamKit thumb Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

The BB creams in the kit are:

Skin 79 Super BB (VIP Gold): Formulated for anti-aging.

Super BB Plus (Hot Pink): formulated for skin brightening and hyperpigmentation.

BB Diamond Prestige: A BB cream formulated for oily skin.

BB Diamond Pearl. Another good one for oily skin with light illuminators.

Skin 79 is a Korean company and these BB creams are the real deal, as opposed to the many drugstore brands popping up that claim BB in their title, but really are just tinted moisturizers. A real BB cream will be thicker and can often be worn alone in place of foundation with fairly decent coverage. It normally will also include treatment actives to address various skin concerns. The idea is to have a multi-function product all in one package.

Skin79’s products are tinted and they blend well, making it easy match your skin if you are in the fair to light range. Basically, once blended, they tend to look OK across several skin tone ranges. Where this brand it doesn’t work well though is for those with darker skin. The Asian companies have not done a lot to cater to that unfortunately. The US companies have done a bit better with that, but their products are often inferior. Look at the Bobbi Brown BB cream as an option for medium to dark skin (although they still lack a very dark shade) . The creams wear OK with my oily skin, but I do often apply a mattifier first, even with the creams that are meant for oily skin, as they still tend to leave me shiny at times.

Skin79BBCreams thumb Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

Below are Skin79 swatches in the following order: Super BB (VIP Gold), Super BB Plus (Hot Pink), BB Diamond Prestige, and BB Diamond Pearl. All of these blend to match my skin pretty well despite looking different right out of the tube.

Skin79BBcreamswatches thumb Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

For example, here it is after I blended my arm. I was left with a smooth, skin tone matching surface. Coverage is quite good from them too.

skin79BBcreamphotoswatch thumb Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

Here is a goofy self portrait. I’m wearing BB Diamond Pearl, which is the lightest of the four. I put powder over it, which mattes it up more, but I think if you can avoid the powder (ie you have normal or dry skin), you can get a better look from it.

371 thumb Makeup Wars: Best BB Cream

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  1. WOW I love the idea of sampling for BB Creams… I am going to check this out for sure <3

  2. So interesting! I love Asian skin care lines, so this is definitely on my list to check out! Glad you showcased this brand!

  3. You look great in the BB cream :) I really love multi-functioning products and they are a life saver if you’re short on time!

  4. I need to check out this Skin79 line.

  5. Wow, I’ve never heard of this company but what a great way to try several BB creams at once, thanks for the review!!

  6. I love your taste! Having others choose my BB Cream at a favorite too makes me think I have found my HG and I should just stop trying other products… LOL as if!

  7. I picked Skin79 VIP too. It goes on totally gray on me and then magically blends in seamlessly. I paid about $15 for my huge jar of it but I’d have definitely tried your sample pack if I’d seen it. Good choice!!

  8. Ooooh! I must try this site for sampling Skin 79! I have been intrigued by this brand and that sample kit is an amazing deal. Thanks for the tip! The products look amazing on your skin! You always have such a genuine smile in your photos!!! :) I bet you and I are near the same shade in products. I must follow ALL of your foundation/bb reviews!

  9. More love fir Skin 79! I’m going to have to try this brand.

  10. Hey Meredith! Good to see that you still have power! (or a cell phone?)

  11. You look good Carleen. I think it’s wise too to try the sample size before taking the plunge and splurging on the full size tube. There’s just too many types out there! I skip powder too when I wear BB creams, they have relatively good coverage.

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