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Three Great Eye Makeup Tips for Any Photo Shoot

Want to look fabulous for a photo shoot?  Focus on the eyes to stand out from the average portrait!

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Seek eyes that  look natural, but still defined:

Use a wet angled eye shadow brush like MAC’s 266 dipped in dark brown eyeshadow (Darkhorse by Urban Decay, in the Naked Palette, has a nice deep shimmer to it) to line eyes instead of the usual black stick or liquid eyeliner. This will give your eyes definition without being very harsh. If the eyeliner still looks too harsh, smudge it a little with your finger.

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Stop eyes from looking too small in photos:

Skip dark liner the waterline and line along your bottom lashline instead or skip dark eyeliner on the bottom lid altogether. Use a white or peach eyeliner like Stila’s Kajal Topaz Apricot Nude on the waterline to make eyes look bigger and brighter. Opt for white only if you are quite fair skinned, otherwise choose peach.

Don’t be scared to go with false eyelashes:

You may be uncomfortable to break out the full-on glam effect of false eyelashes for a party, but popping on a pair for pictures will help your eyes look larger and more feminine, and they look more subdued in photos than in person.


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  1. I think the eyelash tip will help me “get my feet wet” with wearing false eyelashes – I’ve always felt too conspicuous with them. Thanks for posting this, Yara.

  2. This is awesome for my upcoming family Christmas pics!!

  3. Can you recommend types of lashes are big enough to be noticeable, but not too big?

  4. Jen, here is a set of lashes that are more understated: http://www.sephora.com/flirt-it-lash-duo-P47072?skuId=699975

    You can also look for basic sets of lashes. Nothing fancy with lots of multiple lengths, and then trim them as desired. Most basic lash sets are pretty easy to trim.

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