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Makeup Wars: Favorite Mascara

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The Makeup Wars group looks at favorite mascara this week. Mine was mentioned back in our Most Expensive Face Challenge, where I used  Le Metier de Beaute Mascara $34 (read my previous Le Metier Mascara review).

BGC0EKZ mx thumb Makeup Wars: Favorite Mascara

I first received my Le Metier mascara from a representative of the company, and it happened to be in blue. At first I was not sure what I thought of that, but it turned out that I loved the blue mascara look. The mascara is simply amazing in that it glides on smooth, gives nice fullness and length and there is never a clump in sight.

Here is my photo from the previous challenge wearing it.

LeMetierdeBeauteMascaraSwatch thumb Makeup Wars: Favorite Mascara

I also want to name a runner up. I used Clinique High Impact Mascara for the first time recently and really liked it, so I figured I would give it a shout out as well. It gave me a nicely defined and clump free look.

s711267mainLhero thumb Makeup Wars: Favorite Mascara

Below is a picture. The eyeshadow I am wearing comes from the awesome Disney Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette. (see my Cinderella Eye Palette Review and Video).

CliniqueHighImpactMascaraSwatch thumb Makeup Wars: Favorite Mascara

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  1. I adore LMdB Mascaras! They look flawless and feel so light. Clinique High Impact is a good one too, though I haven’t used it for awhile this post is making me want to go buy another lol

  2. Looks good for you!

  3. I’ve used High Impact but never the LMDB. I need to look at that brand more. Looks great!

  4. We don’t have a place around here that even sells LMdB, so I’m going to have to go play with this next time I am in NYC.

  5. OK Everyone seems to love the LMdB mascaras. I must have received duds. I had a feeling that is what happened so I never actually reviewed them. They were so dry I could barely get any product off the brush. Maybe I’d better try them again. I do adore the Aubergine shade!

    I also really liked the Clinique High Impact when I tried it a couple years ago.

  6. I haven’t tried their mascara! I need to do that, stat!

  7. This looks like a good one!

  8. I forgot about Le Metier mascara. I haven’t had it in a long time but it is an excellent choice. Clinique mascara and I don’t seem to get along though.

  9. Oooh, I need to check this one out!

  10. I have a sample of Clinique High Impact I haven’t used yet, I’ll have to break it out!

  11. I originally got High Impact as a sample too! Then I bought a tube of it!

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