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Tria Laser v. Silk’n Flash And Go

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Thinking of buying a home laser hair removal device? The two top choices are the Tria Laser and the Silk’n Flash & Go. Both are quality items that come with money back guarantees, but they have their slight differences. So, when deciding on the Tria v. Flash and Go, read below for more information!

Tria Laser v. Silkn Flash n Go Tria Laser v. Silkn Flash And Go


The Tria was the first quality home laser to the market. It may be used on body hair only. I have personally tested it and achieved good results from it. It is sturdy, I have not had to replace the lamp, and I just overall love it.  ($395)

The Flash and Go can be used on facial hair as well as body. It takes slightly longer per treatment, but is equally effective and is the more affordable product. It gets great reviews. It will require lamp replacement more often. ($299)

Both products are comfortable to use. The only sensation is a slight heating feeling. There is no pain at all. At the highest setting some think the heating is more intense. I have not personally had any issues at all with the Tria with that.

Keep in mind that both products, because they are lasers, cannot be used on dark skin. The best candidates for permanent hair removal are those with lighter skin and darker hair. Both products include sensors to test whether your skin tone is too dark. Both can be returned if that is the case. In fact, both come with a full money back guarantee.

It typically takes 6 months to a year of regular treatments (normally bi-weekly) to see results. It took me over 9 months. But once you have achieved hair loss it is permanent. Buy using a home device you can save thousands over the cost of having laser hair removal done in a salon.

You can see more about the products on their websites here:

See the Tria Laser

See the Flash and Go




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  1. Congratulations for a well-written article. As a fashionista, I would definitely recommend these two products for women who desire to take care of their own body, especially when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body hair.

  2. Not sure if I’ll get a response since this was written 2 years ago, but I’ve been wondering…I’ve seen a lot of used lasers, both Tria and Silk’n Go on ebay…and I’m wondering is it sanitary to buy one used? Are we talking like sharing razors? Or is it just the cartridges that shouldn’t be reused? Or perhaps both are fine to reuse, after all once you’ve permanently gotten rid of the hair you shouldn’t need it anymore, right? So is it a good idea, in the sense that you’re saving money, or a bad idea for sanitary/safety reasons?

  3. Hi Tammy! I think it would be fine to get a used one or sell one once you are done with it. The laser doesn’t physically penetrate the skin or anything, nor does hair or anything stick to it like a razor would. It could be cleaned and disinfected really easily by simply wiping it with a swab of alcohol. The only concern I would have with a used one is if the lamp/light on it has gotten too weak. Those do give out or need to be re[placed after time, especially on the Silk’n. But replacing that would still probably be less than buying a new one.

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