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One Handed Balm: Vault Tinted Lip Balm

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Vault Tinted Lip Balm

Vault Tinted lip balm serves a unique need. You can easily open and close it with one hand.  The balm has a spring and flip top cap. To open, you simply pull down on the tube while putting your little finger under the base. It will pop open and lock into place.

Vault Balm

Once open, you can apply the balm and then it is easily closed, again with just one hand, by pushing the tab on the back of the tube.

Vault Lip Balm Open With One Hand

The balm itself is lightly tinted. It feels nice, is made with natural ingredients, and has SPF 15. The company also makes a sport balm that I might buy. I could sometimes use the ability to apply balm one handed when running or cycling.

Open Vault Lip Balm

I think this is totally cool! You can get it here at the Vault site or here on Amazon.com.

Disclosure: This review is based on a product provided to me by a representative of Vault Lip Balm.

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