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Makeup Wars Summer Foundation


 Makeup Wars Summer Foundation
 Makeup Wars Summer Foundation Makeup Wars Summer Foundation

This round of Makeup Wars looks at summer complexion fix ups. I always focus in summer on powder foundation and tinted moisturizer. I have a couple of clear favorites in this department. In summer I often switch to a very light foundation. Tinted Moisturizer is often perfect for this. Even though I have oily skin, I usually don’t have problems with them feeling greasy. If I do, I just add powder on top, or switch to a powder only foundation.

SummerFoundation thumb Makeup Wars Summer Foundation

Nars Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Alaska is my absolute favorite. For a more affordable and super high SPF one though, I also really like Physicians Formula Healthy Wear in light natural. You can see my previous Healthy Wear review here.

I also love to wear powder foundation in summer. It can really cut down on the shine. For that, my two favorites are Make Up For Ever Pro Finish in golden ivory and Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation in translucent light.

I often will combine my favorites as well by wearing a tinted moisturizer with a powder foundation over it to add coverage while still keeping things relatively sheer.

Want more ideas for summer makeup? Click on through the logos below to see picks from other beauty bloggers!

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  1. I love that NARS tinted moisturizer like there’s no tomorrow! Such a great product!

  2. Totally agreed on the NARS and MUFE! I need to check out the others!

  3. I always forget to check out Physician’s Formula. I really need to do that!

  4. That NARS Tinted Moisturizer is so good. I go back and forth between that and the Clinique Cc Cream, but more so because I don’t think I have the “right”match with NARS. I need to get be better matched because I really do like it.

  5. I like your choices but the Make Up For Ever Pro Foundation is too heavy for me in the summer. I am the hot flash queen so I need that in cooler weather. I still haven’t tried the Nars and I need to!

  6. In the summer I try not to use foundation, I feel my skin suffocated. I only use a moisturizer cream and of course with sunscreen. Although in the summer I don`t use it when winter comes foundation is essential for my skin and definitely I`ll try this one. Thanks for the tip :)

  7. Great picks! Totally reading your Healthy Wear review next!

  8. I forgot about my NARS! I haven’t pulled out out lately.

  9. I adore powder foundations, too! I love both the Physician’s Formula and the MUFE Pro Finish! Great products!!!

  10. just looooove the MUFE Pro Finish!

  11. MUFE Pro Finish is great!

  12. Yay for the NARS love!

  13. love NARS Sheer Glow – must try the TM!

  14. MUFE is my all time favourite :)

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