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Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

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This time around for Makeup Wars we are all looking at different colors. I took blue, which is interesting because blue is a color that I adore looking at, and I keep buying blue eye shadow pigments, but it doesn’t always actually look good on me. I have to use it in small doses.

I decide to put my focus on some of my favorite blue nail polishes and my two favorite brands for blue eye shadows, Urban Decay and Fyrrinae.  So, here we go! Up first are the nail shades.

BlueNailPolish thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

From left to right are swatches of Butter London Artful Dodger, Dr’s Remedy Brilliant Blue, Zoya Skylar, and my two favorite blues ever, Chanel Riva and Chanel Blue Boy.

BlueNailPolishSwatches thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

I previously covered Chanel Blue Boy here. I simply adore this polish! It was limited edition.

LesJeansdeChanelBlueBoySwatch thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

For shadows I love the blues in my various Urban Decay palettes.

BlueEyeShadow thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

Below are swatches of Urban Decay Peace (from the Deluxe Shadow Box Palette), Shattered (from the Shadow Ammo Palette), Evidence (from the Urban Decay Smoked Palette, see previous review), and my favorite matte blue ever, Chaos (from the Vice Palette, see previous review).

UrbanDecayBlueShadowSwatches thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

My next favorite brand for blues is Fyrrinae (see my previous review here).

FyrrinaeBluePigments thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

Below are swatches of the shades Hypercool (which id duochrome and can also appear as a more teal color in the right light), Lorem Ipsum, Bitterboi, and Digital Faerie.

FyrinnaeBlueShadowSwatches thumb Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

What colors did the other Makeup Wars bloggers select? Click through the icon below to find out!

 Makeup Wars Color Wars Blue

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  1. Zoya Skylar is one of my fave blues as well. I love your polish choices.

  2. Glitterboi is one of my all time favorite shades from Fyrinnae :)

  3. Wow those blues are so gorgeous. I’ve never tried Fyrinnae but between you and Phyrra I might have to!

  4. I need Zoya Skylar now. Wow is that pretty. You have a lot of beautiful blue eyeshadows, I think I’d have had trouble with blue other than polish.

  5. Those hypercool shadows are amazing! Great nails choices too–very flattering

  6. I wasn’t able to purchase Blue Boy when it was available – I’m still kicking myself!

  7. You are making me want to whip out my blue polish collection to paint my nails! I just love blue polish. Great choices!!! :)

  8. I seriously don’t need any more blue polishes but I’m falling in love with Chanel Blue Boy. It looks amazing on you.

  9. Please give me those pigments. I swoon over them!!

  10. Love Shattered. That is one of my long time go-to shadows!

  11. I’m right there with you. I love looking at blues but I don’t think they look all that great on me either. I do love your nail polish choices!

  12. Lorem Ipsum is my fav fav blue shadow ever! I love all your picks!

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