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Makeup Wars Favorite Hair Tools

 Makeup Wars Favorite Hair Tools

Makeup Wars this week looks at our favorite  hair tools!

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T3 Featherweight Or Hair Dryer: Top of the line and expensive, but worth the cost. I have had a T3 for years, while every cheap dryer I ever bought did a lesser job and broke within a year. Over time, the value is actually greater buying a top dryer to begin with.

Sedu Revolution Flat Iron: This is another product that I have had for years (the link is to a 2007 review) and it keeps going strong. I love the curved sides of this iron for creating flips and the easy to use heat control

Vented Brush: The brand matter little to me here. I use a vented brush to blow my hair straight. It allows air to flow through and I can flip the ends up or under with it.

Ghd Ceramic Vented Round Brush: This brush is great for doing a true self blow out. The ceramic aids in straightening.   Other brands of round ceramic brushes will work well too.

Instyler: I don’t actually own an Instyler, but I have used one and I want one!!!! Awesome for creating a mix of straightening and curl.

Shower cap: I wash my hair every other day, so a shower cap is a hair tool for me! It keeps my hair dry while I shower.

Wide comb (Eva Argon Oil comb Pictured): I like a wide comb for parting my hair, detangling, and spreading hair oil.

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  1. I want an instyler too! For some reason I do not have a shower cap. I do the same thing as you do but just put my hair in a pony tail.. shower cap is much better though!

  2. I live for my InStyler. Mine went missing for a while and my hair was devastated.

  3. I totally forgot to mention the wide comb I keep in my shower! The blow dryer looks awesome :)

  4. Great list – I could never get that InStyler to work well for me.

  5. I think I may need an InSTyler too!

  6. You definitely need an InStyler! I don’t use mine much, but I love it for “special” nights!

  7. A good shower cap is should never be underestimated!!

  8. The InStyler does great things!

  9. Shower caps are so essential! I use mine all the time! :)

  10. Shower caps are a must! Mike hates the way they look…lol

  11. Vakind Hair Curlers were Recommended on The Dr. Oz Show Today. I wonder whether you think they are worth a try.

  12. I haven’t personally used the Vakind curlers (yet), but I have heard good things about them. Some Irish Dancers that I know swear by them for good ringlet type curls. I actually have some but haven’t gotten around to trying them yet!

  13. I should add that I actually have the Curl Formers brand, but the Vakind are exactly the same as far as I can tell.

  14. I have never owned an Instyler but now I want one :P I am currently using babyliss flat iron and remington blow dryer. Both of these have been working pretty well for me :)

  15. Nice collection…. I’ve never used an Instyler before but I really wouldn’t be able to live without my hair curler, and the shower cap too!

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