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L’Oreal Nail Polish and Marble Look

I picked up some of the L’Oreal nail polish summer shades. then for fun I did a marbled nail look with two of them. It came out only OK for me. I don’t hate it, but don’t love it either. However, I do love these polishes individually.

Loreal Summer Nail Polish

Pictured are the shades crazy for chic, orange you jealous?, new money, and lilac coolers.

Here are swatches of each shade on a nail wheel.


L'Oreal Nail Polish Swatches


I did a marbled look using the crazy for chic and orange you jealous shades. The crazy for chic overpowered it though, so I ended up with it looking less marbled. It ended up with more texture than I like too. but that is not the fault of the polish. It is user error! To marble shades, but a few drops of each over a solid base color that is completely dry and has a clear top coat. Then spread it around with a small brush dipped in pure acetone. If you don’ use enough acetone or it starts to dry, you end up with too much texture. That was my problem on this one. But here is the result anyway.


L'Oreal Marble Nail Art

You can get L’Oreal polish at any drug store or big box retailer. I got mine on sale at Walgreens.

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