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Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Tips

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Black Friday is one of the most profitable days of the year, but it could also do one of the most dangerous and uncomfortable. Black Friday deals, while irresistible, can come with a lot of risks if you are not prepared. Here are six essential tips to not only survive Black Friday, but come home happy!


  1. Dress comfortable- Black Friday is not the day to leave in your Sunday’s best. Opt for comfortable tennis shoes, flats or loafers. Wear some jeans and a t-shirt. Remember, you might be standing in long lines, and you do not want sore feet.
  2. Bring some water and snacks- Again, you face the risk of standing in come very long lines. Bring a bottle of water or pretzels so that you don’t end up hungry. A hungry shopper is an angry and anxious shopper!
  3. Have a game plan- with lines literally hanging out of every door, it’s going to be impossible to hit every store. Create a plan with a large big box retailer that has everything you need if you are indecisive about what you want. Otherwise, create a plan with the top three stores you want to visit, and what they are offering.
  4. Bring a friend, or two- With it being so early in the morning and so many people around, safety is in numbers. Bring a friend, a spouse, or a family member. Bring more than one if you wish, but have someone by your side. Shopping will be easier with someone right there to talk to you!
  5. Be aware of the time- It is very hard to keep a schedule during Black Friday, but being aware of the time means not missing out on deals in more important stores too!
  6. Think: ‘They can have it’- It’s going to be a lot of hungry determined people out there that want the good deals just like you. There will be a lot of running, pushing, shoving, bullying, and trying to get ahead of the line. Tell yourself, ‘I can wait’, ‘They can have it’. At all costs, avoid confrontation and have a safe and productive Black Friday!
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