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Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands

There are numerous indie cosmetic and beauty brands. This week, Makeup Wars looks at our favorites.

Makeup Wars Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands

I have three favorites that I am sharing for this makeup wars. You can see more at the links that I give here for them. First is Darling Girl (link is to my previous review). Which is my favorite for indie eye shadow. I have tried a number of indie shadows and I like many of them, but Darling Girl’s shadow formula is my favorite. It applies smoother for me than a lot of other brands and I have a couple of shades that are all time favorites for me.

Darling Girl Eye Shadow Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands

Next, I really love Fyrinnae (link is to previous review). For bright and interesting loose shadow shades, they can’t be beat. Fyrinnae also makes Pixie Epoxy, which is an awesome shadow primer for glittery shades. Finally, I love their Lip Lustre, which is an incredibly long wearing lip stain. Below I am wearing Fyrinnae eye shadow and lip lustre.

Fyrinnae Look Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands


Finally, I recently got a press sample of Darshana Indian Hair Oil and boy do I love it! I haven’t written my full review yet, so watch for that coming soon. The short version is that this mix of a number of oils is perfect as a deep treatment. It killed my frizz, left my hair incredibly soft for days, and it smells amazing as well. It is the easily best hair oil I have ever used. I’m already planning to buy more and it will almost assuredly be on my best of 2013 list as well.

Darshana Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands

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pixel Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brands


  1. I just started using Darshana! And I’ve never heard of Darling Girl – I need to get on that, stat! Good suggestions! Thanks!

  2. Definitely going to check out Darling Girl!

  3. Yay! Happy to see the Darling Girl Love!

  4. I’m excited that I’ll soon be trying Darshana. Between you and Phyrra I guess Darling Girl is on a list now too.

  5. I have heard a lot about Darling Girl lately! Looks like a great brand! Darshana looks nice too!

  6. YAY! Love Darshana. Love Life! I’ll have to check out Darling Girl too!!

  7. I should have included Darshana

  8. I should have included hair products, so I could talk about Darshana!

  9. Thanks so much for the shout out. I’m so glad you have been happy with your products!

    - Susan xx

  10. I just got my Darshana today and can’t wait to try. You girls have given it such great reviews!

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