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Nerium Age Defying Treatment

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Nerium is an anti-aging treatment sold through independent representatives. It enjoys a pretty high level of popularity, with generally good consumer reviews.


Nerium is based on the properties of Nerium Oleander, an Asian and Mediterranean plant. While the plant is known to be toxic, the Nerium formula is touted as safe and effective.  I have read a few who were skeptical or critical of this, but have not seen any actual proof that the toxic nature of the plant is of any real concern. Instead, most report good results with the product with no issues.

The product itself is of a lotion consistency and has a fairly strong smell. It absorbed fine when I tried it and I generally liked it during the brief time I was able to test it. I was unable to give it a long term test, so I can’t really report total results. However, browsing online reviews, I found that the majority of users reported that it worked well on fine lines and wrinkles and was particularly effective on sun spots and sun damage.

Given that Nerium is a rather unique product in terms of ingredients, anyone who has not had luck with other anti-aging products, might be interested in giving it a try.

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