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JustGoGirl for Athletic Women

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OK, so this isn’t a problem for everyone, but it is for many women: slight urinary incontinence while exercising.  I have been fortunate enough to not have experienced it often, but I have run with a few women who battled athletic “leaks” fairly often. It can happen particularly among mothers. The women I know would often wear a menstrual pad or panty liner while working out, but those are not really formulated for the problem. Now there is a product designed especially for it.


The JustGo Pad from JustGoGirl is a uniquely shaped pad that not only is shaped to catch leaks efficiently, but also to be unobtrusive.  It also is extra absorbent. The pad was developed to not show up even under tight workout clothes or thin yoga pants.  Here is a look at its shape, which allows it to catch leaks without being super bulky at the sides.


Something I love about this product was that it was designed by a woman who was experiencing problems first hand and who decided to take it upon herself to design a product that would work and not show up under workout clothes. A lot of dedication based on personal experience went into formulating the JustGo Pad.


I put one on for a  six-mile run just to see how it looked and felt. The pad itself really feels no different from a menstrual pad, but its slim front shape is better suited to catching leaks and it indeed was not noticeable under my running tights. I was perfectly comfortable wearing it.  I would recommend this to any active woman who experiences leaks while exercising.

You can order the JustGo Pads on Amazon.com

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