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Tips On How To Wear White Jeans

Everyone knows that wearing white jeans can be a much more difficult ordeal as compared to regular denim, because they are so much harder to pull off in style. However, when worn correctly, then can make a statement and look beyond chic. Here are a few tips and recommendations to get you started.

how to wear white jeans

The first thing that you have to be careful about is the color of the undergarments you wear underneath your jeans. Nothing looks tackier than black or red panty lines showing through. Make sure you choose soft pastels for the lower layers. Also bear in mind that wearing white undergarments will not make those lines disappear! This is just a myth.

white jeans mistakes

A really great way to bring attention to your jeans is to go all white, and then bring a splash of color to your attire by choosing just ONE colorful accessory. It will look extremely distinguished if you wear a white top, white shoes, and add just one boldly colored clutch, say for example the color of lavender or lapis. Kloe, one of the Kardashian sisters, is famous for this type of attire, and paparazzi have taken many classy photos of her rocking white jeans in this way!

If you aren’t that daring, then you can play it down a little and choose some colorful tops to go with your jeans. You can try matching your tops with the same colored heels too. High heels look great with jeans and give you an amazing posture. Polka dots and animal print tops will complement your jeans too!

  white jeans tips

White jeans can look incredibly formal too. Pair them with a dark colored blazer such as navy, or tuck in a striped collared shirt, such as one shown below, and you’ll have a great outfit to wear to the office!

wearing white jeans

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