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About That Urban Decay Electric Warning: Not Safe for Use in the Eye Area

The new Urban Decay Electric Palette looks to be everything you would expect classic Urban Decay to be-bright super pigmented shades packaged together in an exciting new palette. But, if you buy this palette, at least in the United States, you will see a fine print warning on the back that the shades Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are “not intended for the immediate eye area.” Keeping in mind that most will think of these as eye shadows, what the heck is up with that? Further, why isn’t this warning made clear before you buy? Is the Urban Decay Electric Palette safe or not?

Urban decay electric safety About That Urban Decay Electric Warning: Not Safe for Use in the Eye Area

Why the Urban Decay Electric Palette Has That Warning

When it comes to pigments, some are approved by the FDA for the eye area and others are not. In particular, neon shades are not approved for use in the eye area in the US, although they are approved in other countries. Thus, the UK version of the palette does not contain the warning, and Urban Decay has taken the position that the palette, at least in the US, is an “artistry palette” not just an eye palette. (learn more here).  Now here is what gets interesting with that. The palette also contains ultramarines (in the shade Savage) and Chromium Oxide Greens (in the shade Freak), which as far as I know are not lip safe (but are considered eye safe), so if it is meant to be a body palette, perhaps that warning should have been added as well? It makes me think Urban Decay is not particularly sincere in their labeling this as an “Artistry Palette.”  As you will see below, I believe they fully intend people to use it as an eye palette and are fully marketing it as such.

Urban Decay electric About That Urban Decay Electric Warning: Not Safe for Use in the Eye Area

Is Urban Decay Hypocritical in Their Marketing?

Here is what bugs me about this palette. Urban Decay can state that they are not marketing it as an eye palette, but their website would say otherwise.  On their sales page are eye looks using the shades that “are not intended for the immediate eye area.”  There are also photos of bloggers sporting eye looks that involve those shades.  So Urban Decay’s marketing of the Electric Palette flies in the face of the warning and I would say seems to thumb their nose at the FDA.   Further, as I noted above, other shades in this are not lip safe, so if this is a palette meant for other areas of the body, that warning should be on there as well. Here is a screen shot of one of the eye looks advertised.

Urban decay electric eye look About That Urban Decay Electric Warning: Not Safe for Use in the Eye Area

What bothers me most is that the warning does not appear on the sales pages. Nor did it appear in the PR email I was sent.  If I purchased this palette, it would be thinking it was an eye shadow palette and I would be mightily pissed to then read the warning.  I’m glad I saw the issue in the Sephora reviews before I hit the buy button.

So, is the Urban Decay Electric Palette Safe?

Heck, I don’t know! It apparently would be viewed as safe in most countries. But given that certain shades are not approved for use in the eye area in the United States, I say proceed with caution. If you tend to have sensitivities to dyes, you might was to be particularly wary.  Temptalia also reported that a couple of those shades stained the skin, even when using primer (see more here). I do tend to be sensitive to some dyes, so I am not touching this one no matter how gorgeous it looks. I do admit that it looks beautiful.

With all that said, it is a beautiful looking palette that is getting rave reviews. If you are not worried about the warning, you can buy it here at Sephora. Because of the warning,  I decided to pass on it and might pick up a Smashbox Santigolden palette instead.

Update: Phyrra has a great dupe list of other brands that match the Urban Decay Electric shades. You can see that here.

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pixel About That Urban Decay Electric Warning: Not Safe for Use in the Eye Area


  1. I remember reading a review when it first came out and saw the disclaimer in the photos…what a disappointment. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen – how can a reasonable person not think it’s meant to be used as eyeshadow?!

  2. I think anyone browsing the product online would certainly think it is an eye palette. The online stores I looked at do not seem to mention the warning. I caught it by reading the consumer reviews that mentioned it. I think UD really should make it clear up front so people can know about it before they buy.

  3. I see no problem with their marketing. Since the FDA hasn’t tested neon colors, they legally HAVE to include the warning in their packaging. That’s them covering their asses in case anyone gets the bright idea to claim they had a reaction and then could claim that they weren’t forwarned that the FDA had not tested said pigments… That being said, the pigments are deemed safe in europe and other countries… This is strickly a “paper” conflict, nothing more, so ud can protect themselves.

    As far as their looks on the website, or at least the one you posted, savage/urban is not used in the “immediate eye area” but above the crease.

    I feel like people are making thing a bigger deal than it actually is.

  4. I view above the crease as immediate eye area, but obviously the meaning of that term can be rather subjective. Yes, the pigments probably are safe, but I wish UD would be more up front about it in the online marketing.

  5. I am not buying their explanation or their product. This is a prime example of ‘read that label’ before using anything, especially if it concerns your eyes.

  6. Hi! I’m wondering where you got that look book image? Do you have the rest of the images from the look book? If so could you please please pretty please email them to me? That would be so amazing! Thanks so much!

  7. Beth, I took a screen shot of it when it was still on their website. I don’t have the rest of them, sorry!

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