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How to Choose The Best Dress For Your Body Type

How many times have you loved a dress only to hate the way it looks on you? The biggest reason behind this issue is usually women’s inability to understand and work with the body type they were born with. Now there are four basic body types: circle, triangle (aka pear shape), hourglass and rectangle. Each of these defines how your body looks like and ultimately what you need to wear to accentuate your curves and hide some imperfections.

How to Get the Best Dress for Your Body Type

If you’re unaware of how to dress according to your body type, read on to fix this issue once and for all.

Circle Problem Area: Hiding Your Waist

If you have a big waist, say ‘no’ to baggy clothes and look for wide leg pants or bell bottoms to create a slender effect. To further cover the middle area of your body always, go for light colors while selecting your tops. Moreover, do not stick to short buttoned jackets as they will draw attention to your waist and make it appear bigger. Go for the dresses with a drop waist as they will redefine your waist-line for sure.

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Triangle Problem Area: Balancing Your Bottom

Wearing broad neck t-shirts or shirts creates a balance between your lower and upper body. You can even go for horizontal stripes, wide leg pants, tailored jackets, A-line skirts and boat neck tops to even out your lower body proportions. Look for dresses that wrap around your waist and cover the hips with a flare that could hide the heaviness. Also give away any ankle straps and wedges you have in your closet as they make your legs appear shorter.

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Hourglass (Curvy, Balanced body)

If you have a curvy yet evenly proportioned body type, you have the luck of balance on top and bottom. You can grab those evergreen knee cut dresses or look for popular belted tops. Even stylish short jackets along with full length pants will draw eyes to your thinner middle. A causal pair of jeans and t-shirt will also complement your body type.

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Rectangle (Broad Shoulders)

Your straight up and down body type can grow a little curvier through tank tops with flare at the end and full length pants. Try peplum tops! While you can wear almost everything, avoid empire waist tops and unstructured dresses like the plague to look your best.

 Purple Peplum Dress

So, make sure to shop according to your body type or else your money will go to waste.

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