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Why I Love My Glasses

 Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glasses.com through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Glasses.com, all opinions are my own.

love your glasses 600x448 Why I Love My Glasses


I have worn prescription glasses since I was in 6th grade. Given that I am now 47, they have been a part of my life for a long time. I have seen many things through my lenses and the look they have given me has changed many times through the years. But one thing remains. They are a part of me.

Glasses.com recently released a charming commercial portraying the things experienced  through a pair of prescription glasses from childhood through life as a young adult. It resonated with me because I had not really contemplated before just how much a part of myself my glasses are. This is true not just in the sense that they allow me to see and go about daily life, but they are a part of my sense of personal style, and hence, personality as well.

glasses 2 Why I Love My Glasses

For example, my current pair of glasses have a thick chunky black frame on the outside, but they are lined with a delicate light blue on the inside. The chunky look in black stands out. You can’t miss that I am wearing glasses with them, and I like that. I think they signify my business-like manner and intelligence. They show my serious side. But that hidden flash of blue shows my girly, fun, and fashionable side. It is a like a hint at a surprise side of my personality. They are designer frames, and that adds to my sense of fashion when wearing them. I love these frames so much that I have reused them through several prescription changes now.

Here is  the Glasses.com video. Watch it and see how it resonates with you! By the way, I did some browsing, and Glasses.com has some awesome designer frames, including some similar to mine. The overall selection there is also huge!

 Why I Love My Glasses

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  1. Love your thought process on your glasses. I have something similar. They are big round frames that are dark brown, but they have a chartreuse inner frame that makes them unique. I need to check out glasses.com because I need a back up pair of frames!


    Glasses say so much about someone’s personality. I hadn’t heard of Glasses dot com but definitely will check out in the future.

  3. I love the glasses you have. The ones I wear now are similar except the inside is purple.

  4. I love glasses but they are always so hard for me to find the right fit because of my flat nose!

  5. Jess Scull says:

    Those glasses are cute!

  6. Your glasses are too cute! I, too, wear glasses and like to have a little character to them so I opted for purple glasses. LOL

  7. Your glasses are adorable!

  8. Glasses can be a great accessory even without a prescription!

  9. I SO need glasses. I was straining to read the menu last Friday. I def would want the classic black Chanel frames.

  10. Those glasses are awesome. I need glasses I love them for style and to see.

  11. Super cute glasses!

  12. Finding frames you love is so hard!

  13. I love your frames. That video is so cute

  14. I love your glasses, they’re so cute!

  15. I love your frames. I don’t need to wear them, but as a young girl I dreamed of wearing hipster-ish frames.

  16. I’ve worn glasses for most of my life. I don’t mind them, but some day, I would love to have corrective surgery. Probably then I’ll need reading glasses anyway! lol. I’ll have a million pairs of funky fresh reading glasses, then.

  17. Your glasses are adorable.

  18. I love your glasses too! I’m on the hunt for a new pair!

  19. I don’t wear glasses now, but I used to in HS, and I loved playing with different designs. Great post!

  20. I wear glasses! Love them.

  21. Finally, your page loaded. Yes it was indeed slow. I wear Rx glasses myself (alternating w/ contacts). I’m keeping this website in mind because Lenscrafters is a total ripoff, lol!

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