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Summer Hacks with Veet

Summer is in mid-swing. It also means that it is time to think of ways to easily deal with summer’s little beauty emergencies, such as frizzy hair and lots of sweating.

Summer Beauty Hacks Summer Hacks with Veet

Veet offers one way to simplify your summer routine. Using a Veet makes product makes hair removal quick and easy, plus it is long lasting. I tried out the Veet in-shower hair removal cream, which is super easy to use, and it got me perfectly hair free legs in about 5 minutes. Because the product is meant to be used in the shower, there are also no worries about making a mess with the cream. It is formulated for sensitive skin, which is important to me.

veet spray on cream Summer Hacks with Veet

Here are a few more of my favorite summer hacks:

(1) Put your eye cream in the refrigerator: Nothing feels better on a hot day than opening the fridge and putting on cold eye cream. It instantly depuffs the under eye area and it feels really good!

(2) Carry moist wipes: I carry a small pack of moist wipes in my purse. They provide a perfect fix for freshening up when you find your self overheated and sweaty.

(3) Tame frizzy hair with olive oil: Olive oil is a great home remedy for frizz-free hair. Use it as a deep treatment in the shower, or smooth a slight amount in the hair to add shine and control fly aways.

(4) Apply deodorant at night: Applying your deoderant at night gives it extra time to go to work to keep you fresh the next day. During summer, I often apply it both at night and again in the morning. Also, if you apply antiperspirant to your feet and thighs it can help with sweating there as well.

(5) Embrace beachy waves: Going to the beach? Salt water helps create a beachy wave hair look, so if you around going swimming, play it up by occasionally scrunching your hair as you dry off out in the sun. If you want easy beachy waves without the beach, mix up your own salt water solution, spray in on your hair, and scrunch your hair as you blow dry.

(6) Make the heat your hair’s friend: For extra deep conditioning, put a hair mask or oil on your hair, tie it up under a hat or bandana, and go sit in the sun. The heat will help the product better penetrate your hair. I like to do this while out doing yard work.

What are your summer hacks?

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  1. I have never understood Veet and what makes it different. So it’s a chemical hair remover? Do you have to use their razor without a blade thing? Is it just for legs? You can tell I’m a complete Veet newbie, but very curious.

  2. I’ve been using and loving Veet for years!! And AMEN to embracing beachy waves!

  3. Applying deodorant at night doesn’t work for me, but I love other tips, especially the one about the hair masks :)

  4. I apply deodorant twice a day – I feel it is kinder to the husband to put some on before bed! Lol

  5. I second carrying moist wipes. I hate having sweaty face lol

  6. I have used the olive oil trick before! It really works – as long as you don’t use too much. Found that out the hard way ;)

  7. I’m a hippie who wears “alternative deodorants” but I totally wear it at night. Love that tip!

  8. Applying deodorant at night is a great tip!

  9. I always forget about the eye cream in the fridge trick, though I’m sure a metal spoon or two in the freezer also works well! I tried the deodorant at night trick and man it changed my life during the hot summers

  10. I haven’t tried Veet in a long time! Perhaps I’ll pick up a bottle!

  11. My hack is a hair-friendly ponytail holder! And, I’m not afraid to wear braids.

  12. I’ve actually never even tried Veet!

  13. The in-shower Veet is super easy to use. It comes with a rubber spatula looking thing that you use to help facilitate the hair removal, but I bet it would work fine just wiping it off. The who process took about 5 minutes. I tested it higher up on my legs since I did laser removal on my lower legs.

  14. Great tips!

  15. OMG what great tips. I totally never thought about the deoderant the night before tip. Good to know, I totally am trying it.

  16. Thanks for the tips! I need to try veet.

  17. I think tip number 4 is VERY important for the summer months!


    I like all your hacks, the eye cream one is a great eye de-puffer.

  19. great hacks! So many things I didnt know before!

  20. Great summer tips esp eye cream on fridge!

  21. Great tips!

  22. I’m all about the beach waves.

  23. Awesome tips. I’m such a huge fan of veet.

  24. Super great tips! I’m gonna share them with my friends.

  25. I seriously almost bought Veet today! I’ve tried a few others but my hair is so coarse… eeee =\

  26. I’ve bought so many bottles of the spray-on version and not a single one has worked when I get home to use it. I’ve given up trying but I wish they would not break for me!

  27. Wipes and olive oil don’t work on me for the summer… any other good mattifying and balancing products do you suggest?

    Do you have a review of Vain Pursuits? I’d love to read what you have to say… my girlfriends are all talking about it.

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