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Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Products


Beauty bloggers try a lot of products, and we see tons of both the good and the bad. So, when a beauty blogger has a favorite makeup, hair care, skin care, or beauty product item, it well worth taking notice! 30 Days of Beauty, Day 30: The Best Beauty Products, What The Bloggers Use Below […]


Creating Bold and Bolder Makeup Looks


Makeup doesn’t have to be a constant neutral look of nude shadow and natural lips. Sometimes livening it up can be fun.  A bolder makeup look can range from simply using brighter and more interesting shades to all out creativity and lots of color, which works great for special events, nights out at a casino, […]


Creating Natural Makeup Looks That Are Not Boring


Generally, most women will look best with a natural makeup look. Natural looks enhance your existing features without detracting from the real you. A natural look is also the most appropriate for daytime and work and for many social situations.  But understated and natural looks also don’t have to be boring, there are ways to […]


How to Choose the Best Mascara


Looking for the right mascara? Follow our tips for the best mascara choices and application. 30 Days of beauty Day 27: All About Mascara Examine Your Lashes Choosing the right mascara starts with an evaluation of your eyelashes. Before you can even begin to research the many different types of mascara available today, you need to have a […]


Top Eyeliner Tips and Tricks


The thought of eyeliner can evoke a lot of visual responses. There is Cleopatra with her lavish, smoky eyes drawn out in thick black ink. Then there are the images of the Hollywood starlets from the Golden era, with their thick eyelids and luscious lashes. With such glamorous expectations to live up to, it’s no […]


Tips For Perfect Eye Shadow


Your eyes are the windows to the soul. So the way you accentuate them is  important. 30 Days of Beauty, Day 25, Eye Shadow Tips Choosing a Shade When choosing an eye shadow, it is most important to consider eye color and skin tone. In most cases, it is important to opt for natural shades […]


Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Lipstick Shades


Putting on lipstick is like putting the finishing touches on a work of art. If you leave those last touches undone, the masterpiece looks unfinished. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to applying this last step of make-up. A beautiful make-up job can be completely upstaged and ruined by bleeding lipstick […]


How To Take Good Care of Your Lips


Perfect, kissable lips do not begin with color, they begin with care! Lip care is just as important as skin care, so follow these tips for keeping them soft and beautiful. 30 Days of Beauty, Day 23, Lip Care and Treatment Exfoliate Your Lips Just as skin benefits from exfoliation, so do lips. You can […]


How To Choose and Use Blush


Blush should be a staple in every woman’s makeup collection. A little blush can warm up your complexion and make you look beautiful. Blush also only takes a few seconds to apply. Applying blush, however, can be a little tricky if you’re a beginner, and applying too much can make you look like a clown. […]


How To Get Your Glow on With Bronzer


A sun kissed glow is an excellent way to put your best face forward and look healthy and youthful. UV rays from the sun and tanning beds, however, cause damage to the skin and, with continued exposure, can lead to numerous problems. By using bronzer, however, you can have the appearance of having just returned […]

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