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Ten Head to Toe Tips for Glowing Skin


After a long, hard winter, many people experience rough, dry, or dull skin. With summer just around the corner, a rejuvenation program to revitalize your skin may be in order glow. Try these tips to get yourself glowing from head to toe and ready for the warm weather that lies ahead. 1. Exfoliate Exfoliation is […]


Eco-Friendly and Organic Beauty Salons

Photo credit: Flickr Creative commons: ppacificvancouver The trend toward embracing things that are “green”; eco-friendly, and organic is extremely popular and growing every day. This is wonderful news as the more people who jump on board the effort to respect and care for our planet, the better we’ll all be in the long run. What […]


Spa Destinations–New Year, New You


Spa Destinations   Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: F. Montino Want to get away from it all and face the New Year with renewed energy and focus? Looking for the ultimate spa retreat for a post-holiday pound reduction? Are you tired of the hamster wheel of life and the never-ending cycle of holiday parties? Magnificently […]


Guest Post: 5 Ways To Reconnect With Your Body & Soul


Around my thirtieth birthday, I became very ill. My energy and wellbeing took a very sharp downward turn. It was as if my immune system simply gave up, raised its hands and surrendered to any and all sickness that came my way. The months to follow were unrelenting with illness after illness. As a result […]


Rejuvenate Your Skin with Dry Skin Brushing


Dry brushing is an exfoliation technique that not only brings new life to your skin but can also improve total health and wellness. You may be familiar with some exfoliation methods already, such as using a loofah in the shower to help remove dead skin cells. Dry brushing is simply a way to perform the […]


The Most Luxurious Spas in the World


For some people the definition of a grand luxurious holiday is to spend a week in a luxury resort and their in-house spa. Make no mistake; the world’s best spas are destinations unto themselves that cater to guests’ every need. If you can afford it, it’s not a bad way to spend a holiday. We’ve […]


The Best Hand Creams

I am almost as addicted to hand cream as I am to lip balm. I also am always searching for the best hand cream. The article below, syndicated from Total Beauty includes a couple of my old standbys in Kiehl’s, Eucerine, and Aveeno hand creams and then also includes a number of top hand creams […]


Top Techie Personal Health Care and Beauty Gifts


Need gift ideas? Techie type gifts always go over well at the holidays. For some great choices in unique gadget and gifts, I really like Hammacher Schlemmer and Verseo.com. Both stores stock some unique items, so you can find the  perfect gift for the person who has everything! Here are a few suggestions: Wellness Infrared […]


Hello Kitty For Etude House!

This is a must have! Hailing from South Korea, Etude House is one of my favorite, but fairly hard to get cosmetic brands. Well, they now have a line of mini Hello Kitty items and, being a fan of Sanrio and all things cute, I must have them! I am definitely getting a balm, gloss, […]


DIY Beauty Products and Recipes

I love do it yourself beauty. At some point I plan to launch a line a lip balms and scrubs over on Girl Gloss, but that is a bit in the future. I also had quite a bit of fun with the Bramble and Berry Mineral Makeup Kit (link is to previous review). Making your […]

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