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MAC Hey Sailor Swatches


The MAC Hey Sailor collection offers nautical themed bright shades which MAC seems to like to put out in summer collections. It is a good sized collection with something for everyone. Below are swatches of some of the items in the collection. The three eye shadow swatches below are the shades Feeling Fresh, Nautical Navy, […]


Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Products


Beauty bloggers try a lot of products, and we see tons of both the good and the bad. So, when a beauty blogger has a favorite makeup, hair care, skin care, or beauty product item, it well worth taking notice! 30 Days of Beauty, Day 30: The Best Beauty Products, What The Bloggers Use Below […]


Creating Natural Makeup Looks That Are Not Boring


Generally, most women will look best with a natural makeup look. Natural looks enhance your existing features without detracting from the real you. A natural look is also the most appropriate for daytime and work and for many social situations.  But understated and natural looks also don’t have to be boring, there are ways to […]


How To Choose and Use Blush


Blush should be a staple in every woman’s makeup collection. A little blush can warm up your complexion and make you look beautiful. Blush also only takes a few seconds to apply. Applying blush, however, can be a little tricky if you’re a beginner, and applying too much can make you look like a clown. […]


Beauty Products for a Natural Look


Guest Post: If you spend hours in the morning getting ready, you are not alone. Many women take hours to style their hair and put makeup on in the morning. While it’s okay to be concerned about your appearance, you should not have to spend such a long time getting ready. You will spend a […]


L’Oreal True Match Matchmaker App and Makeup Review


L’Oreal has come out with a free iPhone app to help you select the correct shades of makeup in their True Match makeup line. If you are not familiar with L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable foundation, the line offers 33 shades of foundation across cool, warm and neutral tones, making it easier to find a […]


MAC Vera Swatches Pearl Matte Face Powder


The MAC Vera collection is perfect for flowery spring looks and includes two pretty pearlmatte face powders, Sunday Afternoon, and Flower Fantasy.   Below is a photo of my Sunday Afternoon powder. Here is a swatch of MAC Vera Sunday Afternoon. This is done sweeping across the entire pan to pick up all of the […]


Daphne Guinness for MAC Swatches


The Daphne Guinness for MAC Collection has some rather pretty shades in it.  I received some of the items in the collection for review and below are my Daphne Guinness for MAC swatches. MAC Daphne Guinness Swatches First up is the pigment in Nebula (on the left) and the Daphne Guinness eye shadow quad. The […]


MAC Me Over Swatches


Items from the MAC fall 2011 collection, MAC Me Over, arrived! So, here are MAC Me Over swatches from the items that I received. I must say that I have been anticipating this collection. It is full of just the types of shades that I like and tend to personally wear—pretty neutrals and soft plums, […]


Lorac Croc Palette Swatches and Review


Lorac Croc Palette Review The Lorac Croc Palette is one of those cult classic items that has been around in some for or another forever and that always gets rave reviews. The Lorac Croc reviews are generally good for a reason too—this palette simply rocks! It has wonderful neutral shades with good pigment that can […]