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Makeup Wars, Beauty Resolutions


What do beauty bloggers do for new year resolutions? Find out in this edition of Makeup Wars!  I usually am pretty good with resolutions, at least for a few weeks, lol! Let’s see if I can stick with these this year. (1) Take Better Care of My Nails I love nail polish, and when my […]


The Nail Biters Guide to Beautiful Nails

Nail Biter

I have a confession. It’s not pretty, but I have been a nail-biter since I was about six-years-old. For twenty years I have been a victim of horrible short nails with painful hangnails that don’t look nice, and funnily enough they don’t taste too good either. When I started blogging just over two years ago, […]


Get Beautiful Nails


Many people say that they can judge a person’s health by their hands, so if your nails are dull and constantly broken, what does that say about you? If you want beautiful nails and you are tired of going to a manicurist, make sure that you take a moment every day to care for your […]


St Patrick’s Day Nail Polish Ideas


For those who are seeking cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas for nail polish looks, here are a few designs and options to consider, in order to celebrate the day, and show your pride or appreciation for the holiday. Shamrock Vines: A Shamrock vine nails design is one to consider. Only white and green […]


The Best Non-Toxic Nail Polishes for Winter


One of the best times of the year to experiment with manicures is during the winter. Because most of us cannot show our toes, decking out our hands can be fun and add some extra interest to our wardrobe on a daily basis. Also, getting a smooth and sexy manicure is the perfect way to […]


M. Asam Classic Beautiful Hand and Nail Set


The M. Asam Classic Beautiful Hand and Nail set has everything that you need to do your own perfect manicure. It includes the following: Hand Scrub –This scrub contians sugar crystals soaked in grape seed oil.  I loved this item and the way it gave a light exfoliation and conditioned at the same time. OPC […]


Guest Post: Dazzle Dry Nail Kit Review


Today’s guest post is from Sam Radakovitz who tried out a Dazzle Dry nail polish kit: Dazzle Dry is a quick dry nail polish system that was designed to cut the time you put into doing your nails. I’d like to describe Dazzle dry as a nail polish miracle. The kit I received included three […]


Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Polish


I grabbed a bottle of Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Color because I loved the bright summer pink shade (pink splash, number 822). Turns out that I also love the polish in general. Maybelline Salon Expert covers really well. You can get away with only one coat of this stuff, but I went ahead and did […]


Olay Definity Foaming Moisturizer and Protective Lotion


When I first started writing Beauty and Fashion Tech, I reviewed Olay Definity. I loved it then and I still love it. Now I have had the opportunity to try both the Olay Definity Foam Moisturizer and the Olay Definity Facial Lotion. Each are excellent companion products for the cream. Olay Definity works on skin […]


Thymes Gardener Sink Set


I was sent a lovely sink set from the Thymes Company Gardener Collection to try, and I found it rather unique. first, unlike the standard soap and lotion sink sets out there, the Gardener set includes a nail brush, something I made good use of after planting flowers last weekend! It also has a fresh […]

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