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Bad Business, When Chi Called a Blog Review Trademark Infringement


UPDATE: On August 21, the PR Manager at Farouk Systems/Chi called me and offered a very sincere apology. She said that a third party contractor is used to send out trademark notices in order to tackle web spam and that bloggers were never intended to be included in those efforts. I let her know that the […]


New FTC Guides For Endorsements: A How To Guide for Bloggers

The FTC has updated its Guides concerning endorsements, which has an effect on bloggers who receive free products from companies or PR firms for review. I have written a full length article on the updates, complete with the pertinent text of the Guides, Examples, and FTC Commentary, followed by suggestions for implementation.  That article is […]


Vote for Beauty and Fashion Tech in the Glam Network Awards!

Both Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss are eligible for the Glam Network Awards. It is an honor to be included, and I hope that you will consider voting for one of my sites!


Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss in On Makeup Magazine


I am honored to be among a list of 52 suggested beauty bloggers in the summer 2008 issue of On Makeup Magazine. Both Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss are listed, along with a whole host of other wonderful beauty bloggers and their sites. If you are not familiar with On Makeup Magazine, it […]


Follow Fashion Week with MAC Cosmetic Senior Artists and Twitter

MAC Cosmetics have set up their senior artists on twitter for micro blogging during New York fashion week and fashion weeks in other cities. If you look down the right sidebar a bit (look below the blogroll), you will see that I have added a widget that will run a feed of their tweets. Note […]


Beauty and Fashion Tech in the August Issue of the Beauty Ideal


If you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out, look at the August edition of The Beauty Ideal, the magazine of the Beauty Blog Network. I have a short feature in there: Don’t Let Your Makeup Age You!

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