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Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Products


Beauty bloggers try a lot of products, and we see tons of both the good and the bad. So, when a beauty blogger has a favorite makeup, hair care, skin care, or beauty product item, it well worth taking notice! 30 Days of Beauty, Day 30: The Best Beauty Products, What The Bloggers Use Below […]


Self Tanning Made Easy


With summer just around the corner, the perfect accessory to go with that cute bikini and over sized sunglasses is a natural tan. However, UV light from indoor tanning beds are harmful and wreck your skin, while laying out in the sunlight can cause a nasty sunburn. Many salons offer a self tanning service but […]


How To Make The Most of Your Spray Tan


Airbrush spray tans are a great alternative to sunbathing. Harmful rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin including premature aging and certain types of skin cancer. With proper care, airbrush tans can last up to two weeks. Learn how to prep your skin before the tan and take care of it after […]


The Best Sunless Tanners


A Review of the Best Sunless Tanners Sporting a great tan makes you feel more attractive. Your legs and arms will look great, as well as all of your favorite outfits. However, getting that marvelous tan isn’t always the healthiest option. It’s a well-documented fact that damage from the sun will cause your skin to […]


Fake Bake Sunless Tanning


Fake Bake is a line of sunless tanning products that is a favorite of various celebrities such as Kelly Ripa and Britney Spears.  I gave three products a try with generally good results. These are overall quite good self tanners, but they do require using them at night and allowing for full drying before bed […]


Holiday Shopping Special at Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is running a couple of Black Friday and Black Monday specials. Here they are: For Black Friday:  November 28th only get Free US Standard Shipping with $25 purchase at Benefit Cosmetics. Enter promo code BLAKSHIP For Black Monday: December 1st only get Free US Standard Shipping with $25 purchase at Benefit Cosmetics. Enter […]


L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Pro-Perfect Self Tanner


Last year, I wrote about how impressed I was with L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Spray (Read Review). Now L’Oreal has updated the product with ProPerfect Sublime Bronze. I gave it a try and interestingly, I liked the old version better. This one came out more orange on me than the one I tried last […]


Sunscreen Week at Beauty and Fashion Tech


This week is sunscreen week at Beauty and Fashion Tech! I have posted in the past about The importance of safe sun. Sunscreen was also my number one product in the list of top five kinds of skin care products for every skin type. Not too long ago, I also took a look at the […]


Small Correction to Yesterday’s Self Tanning Post.

If you read my L’Oreal self tanner review yesterday, please take note of the update a the bottom, which I will also include here. I had used both the L’Oreal self tanning gelee and lotion, and finding them quite similar in use and effectiveness, meant to review just the shimmery one in order to conserve […]


L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review

Loreal tanning gel

Awhile back I posted about my displeasure with Aveeno Continuous Radience Self Tanner and my preference for Neutrogena Build a Tan. I mentioned there that I was going to try a L’Oreal self tanner and I have since tried both a spray and gel from L’Oreal and I really liked both of them. I also […]

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